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Required Resource Pack
Endernice61's Avatar Endernice61
Level 72 : Legendary Engineer
This data pack allows you to leave your body with a ghost wand.

The data pack will announce when it is enabled.

While you are a ghost, you can sneak and look up to return to your body. If you have completed the advancement "Haunt them down", you can sneak and look down to exit ghost mode but remain at your position.
If your body is destroyed, you will die.
To get the advancement mentioned above, you must kill a phantom and an illusioner.
When you craft the illusioner recipe an illusioner will spawn at your position.
Traveling past 80 blocks from your body will force you back into your body.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.15
toMinecraft 1.19

4 Update Logs

Update #4 : by Endernice61 08/17/2022 6:20:16 pmAug 17th, 2022

No longer displays gamemode update message when leaving ghost mode.
Puts you back into your previous gamemode instead of survival when leaving ghost mode.

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08/24/2022 4:30 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
hitherehello's Avatar
please tell me what the recipe is in words cus it is not working, just the type of dye
if you know something else thats wrong please tell me
08/24/2022 8:03 pm
Level 72 : Legendary Engineer
Endernice61's Avatar
The ghost wand recipe requires 2 phantom membrane and one totem of undying, aligned horizontally with the totem in the center.
The illusioner recipe has a totem in the center, surrounded by 4 ink sacs, then blue dye in each of the 4 corners.
If there was never a chat message telling you that the datapack was enabled, then it was not installed correctly.
08/05/2022 1:26 am
He/Him • Level 44 : Master Sus Fish
Zulfish's Avatar

Wait this is a drop for the illusioner? Seems cool
Edit: Nvm its a craftable item
08/04/2022 8:16 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Lublock_35's Avatar
I know it says 1.15 - 1.16, but can you use this in 1.19 (and is it Multiplayer-compatible)? I think it's a great Datapack but i'd like to be able to use it in 1.19...
Also, if you would like to make an updated version, why not use a retextured Vex (more transparent, carrying a Gohst Wand instead of Sword) on the Players position that can interact with things and, well, simply show the players location.
08/04/2022 7:36 pm
Level 72 : Legendary Engineer
Endernice61's Avatar
It has now been updated to work better on servers. It does work on 1.19.
08/05/2022 12:45 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Lublock_35's Avatar
Thanks for the update, it works now.
However the only way the Player Hull can be broken is explosions because Mobs don't target it, and when it's destroyed, you die aswell and respawn. You don't stay in Spectator Mode (if changed, there should be some way to get back to life without cheats). Also, is it posssible to remove the „Your Gamemode was updated to Survival Mode“ in Chat after leaving Ghost mode? And I think the Hull Armor Stand should be invisible, but the last two points are no great deal.
Except of that this Datapack is really really good! Thanks for making it. =)
08/17/2022 6:28 pm
Level 72 : Legendary Engineer
Endernice61's Avatar
Other players can break the body. Making it invisible prevents players from hitting the body. Also, I want the inventory to drop when the body is destroyed, so killing the player is the easiest way to do that, and it also prevents players from being stuck in spectator permanently.
The chat message for leaving ghost mode has been removed though.
11/14/2021 1:16 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
midoriya7's Avatar
Mean Goat
07/06/2021 8:54 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Sheep
Mean Goat's Avatar
08/13/2020 11:05 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Toast Mage
ItsMeNeon's Avatar
i love it