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Craftable Spawners and Spawn Eggs

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HowdyDookie avatar HowdyDookie
Level 13 : Journeyman Miner
-Adds ability to craft spawners, from there, you can craft spawn eggs, and right click the spawner with the egg to change it to that mob

-Most Spawn eggs just use the 2-3 drops the mob has, apart from some, in which photos have been added to show their recipes

-Main Goal was also to keep it some what balanced, with the Initial spawner requiring a Nether Star to craft

-Spawn eggs are also shapeless, all can be crafted from inventory, and all require one egg

~~~List of Mob spawn eggs added~~~
    -Blaze (Blaze Rod and Blaze Powder)

    -Chicken (Feather and Raw Chicken)

    -Creeper (Gun Powder)

    -Enderman (Enderpearl and Chorus Fruit)

    -Pig (Raw Porkchop)

    -Sheep (Any Color Wool and Raw Mutton)

    -Skeleton (Bone, Arrow, and Bow)

    -Spider (String and Spider Eye)

    -Wither Skeleton (Wither Skull, Coal, and Bone)

    -Zombie (Rotten Flesh, Iron Bar, and Poisonous Potato) <POTATO TYPE MATTERS

    -Zombified Piglins (Rotten Flesh and Gold Bar) (small easter-egg included in the file name for those who like that stuff ;D)

Feel free to add mobs or changes you would like to see, I did this to an extent that I felt was fair and kept close to vanilla :D
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

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04/05/2021 2:51 am
Level 1 : New Miner
User3395999G avatar
I have your datapack enabled, but the crafting recipes don't appear in the crafting book and dont work in the crafting table.
Do you know why / how to solve this?

03/24/2021 3:46 pm
Level 20 : Expert Sus
_MrSheep avatar
hey man, lets be real here. you just found xisuma's 3 yr old video on how to make craftings with that site, didnt you? :D
i havent seen a level 1 new miner just come and make something like this :DD
03/24/2021 7:17 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Miner
HowdyDookie avatar
Long as you like it 😉🤫 i didnt watch any videos however, trying to teach myself more and more, i enjoy being able to make my own changes how i like 😁
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