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                    avatar peanutsponge
                    Level 7 : Apprentice Miner

                    List of features

                    • An adjustible crank which can pose an armorstand is every possible way
                    • An adjustible crook which can move an armorstand is every possible way
                    • Arms that can be attached to an armorstand
                    • 5 Potions that have an effect on the armorstand
                    • A glass bottle that can remove the last applied effect
                    • A water bottle that can remove all applied effects
                    • A key which can lock an armorstand making it impossible to interact with


                                          There are general instructions in the advancements on how to use this datapack.


                                          See the pickture in the media.
                                          blueHead along x-axisHead along y-axis
                                          light blueArm along x-axisArm along y-axis
                                          purpleArm along z-axisHead along z-axis
                                          yellowBody along x-axisBody along y-axis
                                          orangeLeg along x-axisLeg along y-axis
                                          redLeg along z-axisBody along z-axis
                                          greenEntire stand along y-axisSwaps the slots of the armorstand
                                          The y-axis point up in the air, The z-axis is where the armorstand is looking. The x-axis is along the arms of the armorstand.

                                          Don't be intimidated by this big table as this is just to help you along. The best way to discover the zones is of course by just trying it out for yourself.

                                          List of current issues:

                                          • Clickdetection does not work for small stands.
                                          • Clickdetection is not accurate for stands with x or z rotation in their body.
                                          • It it easy to destroy an stand when using this pack in creative mode.
                                          CreditWolf Cloud for the simple raytracer, Vanilla Tweaks for inition inspriration and yosho28 for some math functions.
                                          CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

                                          1 Update Logs

                                          Update #1 : 11/30/2020 3:17:04 pmNov 30th, 2020

                                          -Added the possibility to edit small armorstand.
                                          -Made it less easy to accidentilly destroy an armorstand whilst in creative mode
                                          -Fixed bug due to typo
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