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Level 64 : High Grandmaster Hunter
Hya guys!
Sorry for not posting for a long while but I pretty much quit coding, anyways I had some time and made this datapack.
This datapack adds 5 new Custom Bows.
Please follow these steps to install the datapack into your minecraft world:
1: Unzip the file, lots of people think the datapack doesn't work and complain but make sure you do this step!
2: Put it into the datapack section of the world start up screen and click it into the right box.
3: When you start up the world, do /reload.
The game will give you a bow and warped fungus on a stick, the fungus changes your bow ability.
There are 5 bows, the Lightning Bow, the Mining Bow, the Teleport Bow, the TnT Bow, and the Ores Bow.
The crafts for the abilities are a bow surrounded with logs, cobblestone, iron, gold, and diamonds, though you cannot craft the higher-level abilities before the previous ones.
If you spam the bow too much it can get glitchy so be careful.
Check out the video that I made about this here.

Please leave a diamond and a heart, I worked very hard on this and it really helps out.
You could friend me on Hypixel if you want (ign: KILUAK).
Credit to Awakened_Gon_ for helping me a lot with this datapack.
I have a new discord server! Be sure to join here!
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.19

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