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Custom Ender Dragon Fight - 12 New Attacks!

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TacoWenzdayz's Avatar TacoWenzdayz
Level 34 : Artisan uwu
The normal ender dragon fight is boring - all she does it shoot occasional fireballs, charge you, and let herself get stabbed while feebly trying to aim her acid breath at you. This datapack changes all of that, with 8 new attacks added, and 4 additional summoning spells that are performed while on the portal pedestal. Not to mention additional loot that is dropped on death!
Read below for more information about the attacks. If you want to not read them and give yourself the challenge of going in blind, that's fine too, just be prepared to die ;)

Normal Attacks (and strategies!)
Ender Fangs and Fireball Ring are twice as common as the rest of the attacks.

Ender Fangs - Summons 7 waves of Evoker Fangs from the ground to bite you. The waves start about 4 blocks away and quickly close in. My advice: Run like hell. They have a slight delay before attacking, so if you can get away before they snap at you you can avoid the attack. Stay still, though, and you'll be torn to shreds.

Fireball Ring - Summons 12 total fireballs in 3 rapid waves around you, with the final wave being dragon fireballs. You're drastically slowed for a moment before attacking, so running away will be harder. You can still manage to get away before they strike, but there is another way to avoid the attack ;)

Crystal Cage - Spawns a ender crystal about 15 blocks above the end portal. In addition to healing the dragon, this crystal will also attack you with its beam, causing a extremely damaging explosion after a short delay. There is a hole in the bottom of its protective cage that you can shoot at it with, but be sure to destroy it quickly before it heals the dragon. And if you get caught in its attack, you better hope that you have protection 4 netherite armor on.

Seeking Lightning - With a warning of a distant sound of thunder, lightning will strike you down and leave a trail of fire in its wake. Similar to the Ender Fangs, you need to keep running. You may still be struck a few times, but its a far better fate than standing still and dying by fire.

Fire Flight - Grants you a short boost of levitation followed by slow falling. Wouldn't be so bad if there weren't a ton of fireballs being shot at you from the ground. Stick to the same level that you were on the ground, keep moving and you should be fine, but try not to land early, or the fireballs will keep firing with no way to dodge them.

Blizzard - While not immediately dangerous, the sheer cold will leave you open to attack. Inflicts slowness, weakness, and a small amount of wither. Bring some milk with you, or be prepared to have the attacks be even harder to avoid.

Endermite Ring - Disguises itself as a wave of Ender Fangs, but will instead summon a dozen endermites to hound you. While they don't do that much damage, they will knock you around and be extremely annoying until they're dealt with. Good luck trying to dodge fireballs or lightning while being hit around by these guys.

Rain of Fire - Doom. Rain has come to the end, in the form of this giant mass of fireballs. They'll cause massive acres of land to be covered in fire, and will destroy any buildings that you may have built if they're not strong enough. Seek shelter under something sturdy (end stone will work!) and wait for the nightmare to be over. Be wary of the leftover fire and acid from the attack after it's over, though. And if you get stuck in the open with no cover, keep moving, because the fireballs WILL hit you if you stand still.

Summoning Attacks
Instead of breathing acid, upon landing on the portal the dragon will attempt to summon mobs. Deal with them quickly before you're overwhelmed by their sheer number or get caught by an attack while dealing with them.
There are 4 types of mobs that will be summoned:

-4 Strays, which move slightly faster than normal

-4 Phantoms, which are bigger than normal and hit harder

-5 Shulkers, which drop less shulker shells than normal

-2 Evokers and an Illusioner, thankfully the rarest, but the Evokers no longer drop totems of undying, so you'll have to deal with them without a reward. Not to mention that the Illusioner can blind you if you're playing on hard difficulty.

(These seem to be the most buggy attacks, so let me know if something goes wrong!)

Additional Info
-Getting hit while flying around has a 10% chance to teleport the dragon to a random spot on the island
-The dragon has an additional 100 health, so 300 health instead of 200
-Ender Crystals are resistant to fireballs, and rarely break to them (you'll need a direct hit to get it to explode!)
-With the acid breath attacking being replaced with the summoning attacks, the dragon no longer lands at the portal for longer than a few moments, meaning you'll have to rely on your bow to kill her
-The dragon has additional loot on death, in addition to experience:
  -12-30 Ender Pearls
  -7-20 Phantom Membrane
  -5-15 Shulker Shells
  -2-4 Dragon's Breath (as since the dragon no longer breathes acid, they would otherwise be unobtainable)
  -1-2 End Crystals
  -A 35% chance for an Elytra
-Only 1 ender dragon at a time will work, if you summon multiple with commands things will break

Nullscape compatible version courtesy of slidedrum

It's quite buggy and needs tweaking and balancing, but all around a great experience. Let me know about any bugs you find, changes you want, or any other feedback!
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.17

2 Update Logs

Potential Compatability Fix : by TacoWenzdayz 09/11/2021 1:32:36 amSep 11th, 2021

If this actually fixes the datapack compatibility issues I swear to god, because all I did was update the pack number (so it no longer says outdated datapack in 1.17) and remove an unused reference to a nonexistent function in the minecraft folder. If my theory is correct, this caused every single function that is supposed to be loaded upon world creation or /reload no longer load. This should hopefully fix that. If my theory is incorrect, well then tell me and I'll see what I can do to actually fix it. I didn't have any time to test it myself today since it's 10:30 and I need to sleep, but I will test it in the morning hopefully

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08/22/2022 10:24 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
_Zeta's Avatar
Will you update it to 1.19?
11/07/2021 5:34 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
SirPei's Avatar
Is it getting updated to 1.18?
10/30/2021 9:34 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
SticksS_'s Avatar
It finally works perfectly
03/12/2021 8:09 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Jabbar's Avatar
Howdy, I noticed a notable issue where if you were to use this datapack with any other datapacks, the other datapacks won't load. Datapacks that mostly add functions, rather than change structures - to be more exact. I think it might have somethin to do with how the datapack loads? Altho my theory falls flat since the load file doesnt display anything that could potentially go wrong.

In my case, I'm using several structure datapacks and datapacks that alter the gameplay, for example Dungeons Now Loading, Fancier Mansions, Ocean Villages, Desert Villages, CC's Improved Fletching Tables or Netherite Dungeons. From the ones Ive listed here, only Desert Villages & Ocean Villages and Fancier Mansions would work, since theyre datapacks that only change structures. All the other ones wont work if Custom Dragon Fight is installed, or theyd malfunction ( trader related ones would create wandering traders that cannot be traded with and the fletching table one would have missing GUI ). Its worth noting that nothing happens when you reload, either. Most of these datapacks are supposed to be reloaded in order to work, but upon reloading, nothing happens. No chat message, nothin. But when I remove Custom Dragon Fight, it works perfectly fine.

To provide extra details - I altered Dungeons Now Loading so that it has nothing that changes The End AND the Ender Dragon, just in case, but even without Dungeons Now Loading, all the other ones wouldnt work - and I can assure you that theyve got nothin to do with The End or the Ender Dragon. The order of the datapacks doesnt matter, either. It can be on top or bottom of the list and that wont alter much. I tested all this on singleplayer vanilla and singleplayer Forge. Ive also tried runnin half of the datapacks on multiplayer, but they appeared to not work, and in retrospect, it mightve been because of Custom Dragon Fight. Im runnin on 1.16.5. The datapack itself works ( and boy howdy is it a blessing, I love it to bits, youve dont an excelllent job of makin the dragon fight so much more thrilling ) and even when all the other datapacks wouldnt work, this one would always run. Its like it takes priority of sorts.

As I said, I have no clue what might be causing this. I looked through as many files as I can, I tried deletin some of em, like the unused folder, or changing the load function to "init" instead of "load", or "loaded", deleting the loot tables for the mage or the shulker - but to no avail. I feel like its somethin super simple Im missing and Im just making a huge goof out of myself, but maybe you might know what it is. As I said, its like the datapack its taking priority and it doesnt even let the other ones load, so it might have somethin to do with how it loads? Or how it initiates? Not sure. What I am sure of is that this datapack is one heck of a godsend and I simply cannot bear to just let it go nhahahhahaha. I REALLY, REALLY want to play with it, but I want all the other datapacks, just as equally. So please oh please find a fix for it.

Just to clutter this wall of text a bit less, Im attaching an image of all the datapacks I have here:

The list

The crossed out stuff is datapacks thatd be difficult to look up, the stuff with a green dot next to it is stuff that works with Custom Dragon Fight installed, red is not working, and blue is unsure / couldnt check.

I think thats all the details I can provide, but if youve got any extra questions, dont hesitate to ask :-) .
09/11/2021 1:19 am
Level 34 : Artisan uwu
TacoWenzdayz's Avatar
ill do my best to try and fix this, no guarantees since i have no idea what causes it and I have a terrible work ethic
09/12/2021 9:39 pmhistory
Level 2 : Apprentice Modder
slidedrum's Avatar
Updating the pack number seems to have fixed it lol. Also I have made a version that works with nullscape, I just changed a bunch of "in minecraft:the_end" to "in nullscape:end_island" and from the limited testing I have done, it seems to work! Could I upload it here? I'm not sure how to make it an option, but if you could official make it a config option in the pack, instead of a separate version that would be awesome!

And one more thing, is it possible to make it so that all attacks only target one player at a time in multiplayer? Especially the attack where the mouths come up and bite you (I'm not sure what they are called)

Another thing I would really like to get an option to change is the delay between attacks. I just did a small playtest with some friends, and it is waaaay too fast for us, I would like to set it to something like 2 minutes between attacks.
09/25/2021 4:09 pm
Level 34 : Artisan uwu
TacoWenzdayz's Avatar
You can send me the nullscape compatible version and I will add a seperate download on this page, I would also prefer a config option but it would likely require just a ton of duplicate code that would cause more lag, I still might be able to but it seems to be more effort than it is worth
You can change the attack timing manually, each attack just has a number in the code that tells how long to wait, I would do it myself but I don't know what numbers you want
1. in the datapack file, find data/dragons/functions/attacks.mcfunction and open it
2. Press CTRL + F and search for "run scoreboard players set @s attackdelay". These are the lines you want to change EXCEPT for the first two lines under the "too long without attack" section
3. Change the final number in each line to the number you want, multiply the number of seconds you want the delay to be by 20 for the number
I would dm this to you seperately but I will leave it here in case anyone else wants to
09/29/2021 5:00 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Modder
slidedrum's Avatar
I was able to edit the attack delays with your help! Thank you! And I tried to make the the attacks only target one player at a time by changing every line that calls a function from "mobs" to target @p instead of @a but I am not sure if that works in every case. Nor am I sure what player it actually will pick, I would like it to pick the player closest to the dragon.

I have also sent you a private message with most of this information. But I thought i would also put it here just in case anyone finds this later and wanted to know about it :) xkcd.com/979/
09/08/2021 4:36 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Modder
slidedrum's Avatar
Where you ever able to get this figured out? I would LOVE to use this datapack, but I'm not willing to give up half of the ones I already have for it.
02/20/2021 11:58 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Novern's Avatar
This Datapack sounds Great! just a Question? Is it okay if I use it for a Future Adventure Map (When 1.17 comes out) I will of course give credit
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