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                    Hello Planet Minecraft,

                    Recently I've been watching some parkour videos, and I noticed how a lot of the command concepts they use are actually quite simple to make. I set out to create a pack that would let you build your own custom parkour maps to mess around in. If you want to post them, just credit me with the command work. Here are the blocks you have to mess around with.

                    Marker Blocks:
                    - Diamonds mark checkpoints. They turn to gold when stepped on. Currently, they only work in single player
                    - Emerald blocks mark the end of the level. They will teleport you to the closest lapis block once stepped on.

                    Effect Blocks: (Blocks that give effects when you stand on them)
                    - Light-Blue Concrete gives you Speed
                    - Light-Gray Concrete gives you Slowness
                    - Lime Concrete gives you Jump Boost (a relatively large amount)
                    - Yellow Concrete gives you Slow Falling
                    - White Concrete gives you Levitation (for a few seconds)
                    - Black Concrete gives you Blindness (which will prevent sprinting)

                    Physics Blocks:
                    - Brown Concrete falls if you stand on it too long
                    - Cyan Concrete flashes in and out of existence

                    If you find any bugs let me know. Also, to set all nearby cyan concrete to the same rhythm, place a cyan concrete in an item frame then break it.

                    Have Fun Designing Maps!!
                    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
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