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Dyeable Armor (of any kind)!

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Bertiecrafter avatar Bertiecrafter
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Cyborg

Be protected in style!

Everyone spends some time choosing or designing a skin they like. Unfortunately, this little bit of personality gets hidden behind armor half the time. With the ability to dye any kind of armor, you are able to show a little more of that wonderful personality.

And yes, I know none of you asked for this, but I know you need it.

Wrapping in leather
Simply throw a single piece of leather on top of an armor piece to wrap it.
The armor piece will still have the same name (in your own language), attributes (armor points), enchantments and durability as the original item. After wrapping, just dye the armor piece like you would with normal leather armor.

Durability and repair
Because leather armor has less durability than any other armor, any excess durability points will be stored for use later. Whenever the armor piece is in need of repair, simply drop it on the ground to repair it using those stored points. As long as there are enough stored points on the item, the item will be fully repaired without any effort or added costs!
When you run out of stored durability points, you can always repair the armor item the old fashioned way. See the notes below.

Removing dye and leather wrap
Simply click a filled cauldron with the leather armor piece to remove its color. This is a vanilla feature you might have forgotten about. Throw the armor piece into a completely filled cauldron to unwrap it. You'll get the piece of leather back as well.

Important Notes
  • This datapack is not compatible with other datapacks that modify attributes (like armor points) of armor pieces.
  • Wrapped netherite armor loses its invulnerability to fire.
  • Wrapped gold armor does not protect you from piglins.
  • Stored durability points won't prevent the armor piece from breaking. Make sure you repair the armor piece using the stored points before it breaks.
  • Inventory/Crafting Table repair is disabled.
  • Grindstone repair is inaccessible if your inventory contains wrapped armor. Use this as a free alternative to Inventory/Crafting Table repair. Unwrap the armor piece before trying to repair it using the grindstone.
  • Anvil repair is not possible for wrapped armor. The interface is still accessible if your inventory contains some of this armor though. Unwrap the armor piece before trying to rename, repair or apply enchanted books using the anvil.

Install Instructions
This is a datapack, it can easily be used in any world or server without any difficulties.
Simply drop the downloaded zip file in the "datapacks" folder of your world save (<world>/datapacks).
Then open your world and do

In case the datapack doesn't automatically get enabled, run:
/datapack enable "file/[​datapack folder name].zip"

I encountered a bug! What do I do now?

I test all my creations, but bugs happen no matter how long you test something. Whenever someone experiences a bug, I do my best to fix the issue. You can help me by providing any useful information. You can never give me enough information, but please send it in a DM instead of placing it in the comments. You can still place a one-liner in the comments stating the issue to make the community aware, but that alone isn't enough to help me fix the issue.
  • Checklist: Are you using the right version? Did you do /reload after dropping the datapack in? After /reload, does the datapack show up green in /datapack list?
  • What is the issue? Does the datapack not seem to be working at all or is there a specific feature you are having issues with?
  • What happened? Please give me all the steps needed to reproduce the issue. The faster I can experience it, the faster I can solve it.
  • What did you expect to happen instead? This helps me understand your point of view and determine if the issue described is actually the issue I need to fix. The bug you are experiencing could just be a side effect of something else that doesn't behave as expected.

Dyeable Armor (of any kind)! Minecraft Data Pack
Dyeable Armor (of any kind)! Minecraft Data Pack
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.15
toMinecraft 1.16

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01/09/2021 11:02 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
IndigoGollum avatar
Awesome! Do you know if this works with Vanilla Tweaks armored elytra?
01/10/2021 3:43 am
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Cyborg
Bertiecrafter avatar
Nope, I don't know how that data pack works, you'll have to test it yourself. Maybe you can help other people who want to know by commenting the answer ;)
12/18/2020 9:13 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
LordGT101 avatar
It would be cool if the texture would be just recolored diamond
07/14/2020 4:15 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
AlphaSis09 avatar
You know what would be AWESOME? If you could make the armor transparent. Seriously, that would be amazing. Either way, cool datapack. I needed this.
07/14/2020 5:02 pmhistory
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Cyborg
Bertiecrafter avatar
Now THAT's an interesting idea for sure :o

Eh I thought about it for a bit and it kinda sucks that I'd want durability to keep working as expected. And one can easily just re-texture armor to be invisible in a texture pack :P Soo that isn't going to be a project for me.
05/19/2020 5:43 am
Level 1 : New Miner
RySonic avatar
This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, thank you
05/16/2020 12:14 pmhistory
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Cyborg
Bertiecrafter avatar
Thank you Luracasmus, firox39, AstroVulpix, G4stavoM1ster, Chimerabot, CorporalKeith, PersonWhoPlaysMinecraft, NinjaLaiskiainen, RySonic, Rune_Bloodstone, CreeperBM_, DrgnRcr, Night of Hunter, Krauzer, Beatso, TitoNerd, iloveflareon, AlphaSis09, NikiFlash23, PixieMax, PixelLloyd, Nattehine, Kate1902019, Myyoyo, Foxx2020, SargentMaverick, memokal, RedYoshi, unheardtable857, User3353552G and Goosdoos for the diamonds!
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