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EconomyPlus v8.0 - A Realistic, Versatile and Fun Datapack. With Many Exciting Features!

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Fendoran avatar Fendoran
Level 50 : Grandmaster Modder
We're looking for dedicated coders for our EconomyPlus team, contact uss for more info EconomyPlus v8.0 - A Realistic, Versatile and Fun Datapack. With Many Exciting Features! Minecraft Data Pack

EconomyPlus v8.0 - A Realistic, Versatile and Fun Datapack. With Many Exciting Features! Minecraft Data Pack
What is EconomyPlus, and what does it mean for you? EconomyPlus is a datapack that offers a huge variety of features such as Money, Admin Created Shops, Player Created Shops, Banking, Loans, Debts, Bounties, Auctioning, Trading, Payment and so much more! these features have been made for the ultimate player experience, we're always working on making the datapack better in every way, shape or form! so.. what are you waiting for? download it now, it's free, so why not? :)

EconomyPlus Plugins

EconomyPlus v8.0 - A Realistic, Versatile and Fun Datapack. With Many Exciting Features! Minecraft Data Pack

Installation Guide
Here's how you install the datapack

1. Download the .zip file
2. Extract/unzip the file
3. Drop the unzipped file into .minecraft/saves/world_name/datapacks
4. In the world, type /reload
5. Then, type /function admin:settings

Here's how you update the datapack

1. Install the new one
2. In the world, type /reload
3. Then, type /datapack disable [​old_datapack]
4. Delete the old one

User Guide
Settings Guide

1. Open settings.html.
2. Personalize your settings.
3. Click on bottom right icon, follow instructions.
4. In the world, type /reload.

Operator commands

• Use Functions
• Use OP Settings
• Place OP objects

General Information

Want to check what settings are Enabled?
/function directory:get_config

You can view Money Drops Spread Sheet here!

You can find more information, as well as useful commands in the EconomyPlus datapack, click ReadMe.txt and look through it.

Note: You can't place down Shop Signs within a Spawn Protected area, players will not be able to interact with the Shop Signs (Only OPs)

EconomyPlus Basic Features Information


Your Bank account act as a secure deposit for your money, depositing your money into your Bank account makes it so it can't be touched, lost or otherwise disappear,
having $1000 in your bank account triggers the Interest feature, this will give you 1% Interest of your total Bank Balance every 1 hour of active game-play.

Loaning money is an alternative way for you to buy something right then and there, to loan
you need to have a total of 15% Equity, once you have taken a loan, you will then be prompted every hour to pay off a minimum amount of x% of the total value of your loan,
you can also set up a automatic payment plan from a Bank sign or if enabled /trigger bank, failure to pay off your loan when prompted, will result in a decrease of your Credit Score each failed payment by 5 and each successful payment will increase your Credit Score by 1.

- Deposit: Let's you put money into your bank account
- Withdraw: Lets you take money out of your bank account
- Loan: Let's you borrow money
- Credit: Let's you pay back borrowed money
- Auto Pay: Let's you set up a automatic payment system towards debt
- Bounty: Let's you pay off your bounty (only shows if you have an active bounty)

Credit Score

The higher your score is, the better off you are, the lower your score is, the higher percentage you get when you're in a debt, once you reach 0 you'll be blacklisted from most activities that is server operated, excludes buying/selling to/from Market Shops & Trading

CS: 76-100 (Debt Rate is 1%)
CS: 51-75 (Debt Rate is 2%)
CS: 26-50 (Debt Rate is 4%)
CS: 1-25 (Debt Rate is 8%)
CS: 0 (Debt Rate is 0%)


These shops are server operated and can only be made by a OP, these shops have infinite items and can if the setting is enabled, have infinite money, there's 3 types of Shops:

- Normal: Which has no limits and has infinite uses.
- Max Use: Which has a limit and can only be used a certain amount of times before a timer appears and can't be used again until the timer is over.
- Dynamic: Which increases/decreases in price each use and a timer will appear indicating when it resets back to the original price.

Market Shops

These shops are player operated and can be made by anyone, Shops cost $100 to make, if you at a later date decide that you no longer want the shop,
you can reset it to a normal sign and you will get 90% of the cost back, the other 10% is a fee to the server Vault.

- Buy Shop: The owner must insert the item(s) they want to sell.
- Sell Shop: The owner must insert the money they want to buy for.

Once a player has used your shop, you can collect the money/item(s) from the respective shop.


You can either be the Auctioneer or the person bidding, once a Auction is up, there will be a 1 minute bid round, after the timer's up, the person with the highest bid wins, to ensure a fair bidding, the timer will increase to 10 seconds if the bid almost finished and someone decided to be cheeky and bid at the very last second. The server Vault will claim 5% of the winning bid as a fee


You can pay other players, but.. for now it's very limited, you must be within 10 blocks of the player that you want to pay, in addition to this, the person you wish to pay must be the closest player to you, meaning that if there is another player closer to you than the player that you wish to pay, that other player will receive your money.


You can buy/sell items to other players, but.. for now it's very limited, you must be within 10 blocks of the player that you want to trade, in addition to this, any player within this area can buy that item being sold.


When you die, you will lose 15% of your total Wallet. 10% can be picked up (within 5 minutes in a loaded chunk) the other 5% is lost indefinitely. In addition, other players can pick up the money that you lost, like any other item that you lose.

Most of the mentioned features here is a default setting, they can be changed to any value or disabled by the server owner. (If you're on a server using this datapack, be sure to ask what settings the server is using and what they're set to.

/trigger commandsGives you a list of all commands.
/trigger payPays the closest player within 10 blocks.
/trigger balanceDisplays your Balances. (Wallet, Bank, Credit Score, Play Time, Reward, Bounty & Debt)
/trigger statusDisplays your Statuses. (Interest, Debt, Bounty & Play Time Reward)
/trigger auction
Auctions your chosen item with a starting bid. Must be close to Auction.
/trigger bid set (amount)Bids a auctioned item. Must be above current price and close to Auction.
/trigger sellSells your item to the closest player within 10 blocks.
/trigger buy
Buys a item from the closest player within 10 blocks.
/trigger bank
Opens of your Bank Account menu. (Withdraw, Deposit, Loan, Credit & Bounty)
/trigger travel
Let's you Travel. (Home, Shop, Bank, Auction and Spawn)
/trigger market  Creates Personal Player Shops. Place any sign and look at it.
/trigger settingsOpens your personal settings.


By supporting our work, you help us create more exciting features and enables us to continue the work on this datapack, though many of you could argue that this is just a datapack, it's gotten very large and takes up a lot of time. Since it's gotten so large, it gets harder and harder to track down and fix potential problems as well as continue adding new features. With that being said, thank you all who would consider helping us out!

EconomyPlus Team, check out our YouTube channels!
Fendoran's Youtube
LegoBro's Youtube

Terms of use
This datapack is Copyright ©Fendoran and is the intellectual property of the
author. It may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use as long as it remains in its unaltered, unedited
form. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this datapack on any
other website or as a part of any public display without permission is
strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. However,
using this datapack in your publicly available videos is ALLOWED as long as
you provide a link to an official datapack page and using it in your publicly
available modpacks is ALLOWED as long as you provide a link to an
official datapack page and you do not profit from the modpacks.

CreditFendoran, LegoBro
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18

44 Update Logs

Update #44 : by Fendoran 04/03/2022 5:01:35 pmApr 3rd, 2022

Minor Updates to the Settings.

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09/19/2022 12:09 amhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
RaidenRPG8 avatar
I really like this idea and I was excited to install it onto my server with me and my friends but it was only for 1.18. Please update this to 1.19.2, it looks so good and I really wanted to use this on my SMP. I literally spent 3 hours looking for a economy mod/datapack but none of them work.
07/22/2022 2:05 am
Level 1 : New Miner
haithamx1 avatar
how to get balance
07/06/2022 12:03 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Pulse Gaming
Pulse Gaming avatar
I dont know why but its not working to put it on my 1.18.2 minecraft server.
07/07/2022 3:42 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Modder
Fendoran avatar
If it's not loading at all, then you've installed it incorrectly, please make sure it's unzipped and that you've double checked that the datapack folder has not been put inside another folder, wich is a common issue when unzipping files.
07/22/2022 1:08 am
Level 1 : New Miner
haithamx1 avatar
ok i extrated the datapack but i cant add it to datapack files in aternos server
06/14/2022 1:30 pm
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Dwarf
MrOminous avatar
how's my favorite economy datapack creator doing? 1.19 version in progress?
06/14/2022 6:35 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Modder
Fendoran avatar
It's currently a little bit on standby, but hopefully not too long til we atleast have a functioning 1.19v ready for ya'll! :)
04/05/2022 11:01 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Miner
MagicWhistler avatar
I just uploaded 1586/1589 files from extraction and the 3 files that are missing for some reason won't upload. These are: signal.mcfunction 224b, signal.mcfunction 247b and construct.mcfunction 298b , I don't know if this is my computer or something you might be able to fix. Thanks
03/07/2022 12:14 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
superwizzman avatar
This datapack is experimental for me and hightly not recommand for server owners because it's broken. When multiple people is creating shops around, when you reset your shop the items of an other shop is popping like 40 times with stacks of 64. So it's duplicating items and giving the wrong items when you reset your player shop
03/08/2022 12:56 pmhistory
Level 50 : Grandmaster Modder
Fendoran avatar
We're sorry to hear that you've had such a negative experience with our datapack, everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

when it comes to the issue you're refering to, it was 'supposedly' fixed in the current version, if this is still an issue we are unaware of this and would like to gather as much information about it as possible, so we can locate and fix the issue.

And to comment on your previous post, the settings website is in early stages of development and is bound to have issues, as neither of us is experienced coders, it takes time to make it work the way we want it to, and we've have mentioned this previousle.

Thank you for your feedback.

- Fendoran
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