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EconomyPlus Plugin - [Claims]

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ZyRail avatar ZyRail
Level 49 : Master Miner
!!!Requires Core Data Pack!!!
EconomyPlus Core Pack

To get the standalone version of this data pack go here.

(EconomyPlus not required on standalone version)

To get this data pack plugin for Minecraft v1.17 go here.

To get this data pack plugin for Minecraft v1.16.5 go here.

EconomyPlus v8.0 Plugin - [​Claims]

Minecraft v1.19.3 (February 2, 2023)

Only Works in the Overworld in Minecraft 1.18+

How To Get Claim Stake
Chat Command
/trigger SAC_Get_Stake

Block Protection By Claim
A data pack that will change players into adventure mode if not authorized to edit your claimed area. As soon as they leave the area, they will be back into survival mode. You can lock your chests, doors, gates, buttons and more. TNT and TNT Minecarts are removed next to a claim. Your mobs on your claim can also be protected by damage. There are 1,160,290,625 (65 to the power of 5) possible combinations for your ID Key!

How To Use
First get two claim stakes by typing /trigger SAC_Get_Stake. Put items with any amount in the first 5 slots on the bottom row of your screen. Then drop one claim stake on the ground to start the claim menu. I added the command "/trigger SAC_Menu" to be able to open the menu without the Claim Stakes if you so choose. Right click on the text to navigate the menu. Go to [​ID Key], then [​Generate ID Key]. Numbers will appear on your screen. The numbers are exactly the quantities of items in the first 5 slots of your item bar and will be your claim "ID Key". You can change this key to the same as your friends to share claims as well.

Get some coin by selling crops or seeds by puting the crop or seeds in your off hand slot and using the [​Sell/Buy Items], then [​Sell Items] menu. Right click on the amount you would like to sell.

To create a claim, use the menu, then click [​Create Claim]. The claim will be one Minecraft chunk (Press F3 + G To See Chunk Borders). Everyone that doesn't have the same ID Key will be stuck in adventure mode on your claim.

Give your friends the same combination you used in your "ID Key" to share a claim. To get your ID Key to display again, start the menu. Go to [​ID Key], then [​Review ID Key]. Let your friends know your "ID Key". Your friend then can put the same quantities in the first five slots in the bar at the bottom for their screen and then have them [​Generate ID Key] like before.

Get A Lost Claim ID Key
[​Request Claim Key] in the ID Menu, you can recall your claim's ID Key if you forget it. You can also just change the claim's lost ID Key to your characters current ID Key in [​Claims/Plots], then [​Claims], then [​Manage], then [​Set Key To Claim].

Lock Doors, Chests, Or Other Objects!
You can lock doors, chests, levers, buttons, etc... in your claim. Use [​Lock Block Options], then [​Lock Blocks] to set protection barrier blocks around your position.

Animal And Item Frame Protection On Your Claim
You can toggle item frame and mob protection. Navigate the menus [​Protect Mobs], then [​Protect Mobs] to toggle protection on or off on any item frames and mobs within 4 blocks of yourself if you are in your claim or plot. If you hold the claim stakes in your main hand then the protected mobs will glow so you can keep track of the ones you have protected. They only stay protected in plots or claims.

How To Create Plots
Then use the menus to create a plot. [​Claim/Plots], then [​Create Plot]. The plot will be 1 Minecraft chunk within your claim. Plots are used as a sub claim so you can rent them out to other players within your claims. Plot owners will only have access to their plots within your claim.

Claim And Plot Upkeep Cost
Now get out there and work the land YOU PEASANT! Get Coins for selling Wheat, Wheat Seeds, Carrots, Potatoes, Poisonous Potatoes, Beetroots, or Beetroot Seeds. Put the item for sell in your off-hand slot. Coins are required to keep claims and plots active, up to 64 days. Claim owners will receive rent from the plots as players capture them or add more days. I also added the ability to turn your "Coin Balance" into physical "Coins" in your inventory so you can trade with your friends or setup a server shop. If you run out of time on your plot upkeep, it will turn back to an unclaimed plot. If you run out of time on your claim upkeep, it will turn into an unclaimed claim with an 8 day timer left on it. If no one claims it in 8 days, it will get deleted. A claimed plot on a deleted claim will also be deleted so the plot owner should try to claim it before the time runs out.

Rename Claims And Plots
You can create and then rename claim and plot signs. To create a sign, use the menu [​Claims/Plots], then [​Claims], the [​Signs], then [​Create Sign]. To rename a claim sign, use the menu [​Claims/Plots], then [​Claims], the [​Signs], then [​Get/Use Renaming Book]. You will receive a Book and Quill with some text inside. Change Name_Here to the name you would like your claim. JSON text works too. Example is replace all text in book with ["",{"text":"Zy","color":"green"},{"text":"Ra","color":"yellow"},{"text":"il","color":"blue"},{"text":"'s","color":"red"},{"text":" Cl","color":"gold"},{"text":"ai","color":"aqua"},{"text":"m","color":"light_purple"}] to see ZyRail's Claim in different colors. Then click the Done button on the right to close the book without signing. Then hold the book in your off hand and go back through the menu to [​Claims/Plots], then [​Claims], the [​Signs], then [​Get/Use Renaming Book] again to set the name. If you are within 2 blocks of your claim or plot's floating text sign, the name will change.

Cancel A Claim For Sell
To cancel a claim for sell, set the price of the claim to zero.

Admin Menu
The Admin menu will show for players in Creative Mode. There, you will find server options containing the cost of upkeep per day and the cost to create a claim. Creative players can also change the time left on claims in [​Timers]. [​Zero Out Timer] is to reset the closest claim's timer is zero. When the timer is set to zero the claim becomes unclaimed allowing others to take ownership. [​Max Out Timer] is to set the closest claim's timer to almost max, adding 1,179 days to the claim.

To Install
Just place the *.zip file at \AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves\*world*\datapacks\ You do not need to extract the files from the zip.

To Uninstall
Remove all claims by hand first by using this command in chat at claim locations in your world.
/execute as @e[​type=minecraft:area_effect_cloud,tag=SAC_Claim_Spot] at @s run fill ~-8 -63 ~-8 ~7 -63 ~7 minecraft:bedrock replace

Then run the uninstall function
/function claim:uninstall

You have the right to share, use, and build upon this data pack for anything you wish, ENJOY!
CreditEconomyPlus - https://www.planetminecraft.com/data-pack/economyplus/
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18
toMinecraft 1.19

5 Update Logs

Claim Border : by ZyRail 02/02/2023 10:58:27 pmFeb 2nd

Fixed it so a player can't destroy blocks in your claim from outside your border looking in again.

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12/15/2021 11:10 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Pieront avatar
doesnt work 1.18.1
12/19/2021 11:47 amhistory
Level 49 : Master Miner
ZyRail avatar
It worked in 1.18 so in 1.18.1 it should be ok. Let me know otherwise.
11/28/2021 6:11 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Admiral_Alpaca avatar
So ran into a bug, but it's not really a bug..... I have a mod that extends my world limit to -65, you can imagine that cave gen below 0 gets a bit funky when things get filled in with bedrock and stairs. Is there any way to edit the generation of this to be lower so that I can use it? Everyone on my server loved it, but when it was discovered by a player who's home was at Y zero he wasn't very happy that a lot of his progress and items got lost due to being replaced. I would edit it myself since I'm kinda knowledged in this stuff but I'd rather ask you how to do it so I don't break anything. Much thanks if you can help.
12/02/2021 10:55 am
Level 49 : Master Miner
ZyRail avatar
Sorry I will update over the weekend. Right now I have just overworld working in my pre-release.
12/02/2021 11:49 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Admiral_Alpaca avatar
No problem man. I know it wasn't something foreseeable due to not many mods altering world height and all that. Is it possible to get a 1.18 port? I love this mod and recently updated my server to 1.18 and everyone loves the way it works. Much thanks if you can do anything like that. I appreciate the work you did and are doing.
12/02/2021 2:22 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Admiral_Alpaca avatar
Also if it can be done I recommend setting a height/depth limit to it given that a lot of caves tend to crisscross each other in the new update and would make a lot of sense to have a configurable height/depth limit if possible so that people could go at the very least, underneath people's houses to explore caves
12/02/2021 11:31 pm
Level 49 : Master Miner
ZyRail avatar
Sorry the pack is designed to work with the chunks from bottom to top. Updated for Minecraft 1.18!
12/03/2021 10:11 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Admiral_Alpaca avatar
Awesome. Thanks, I appreciate the work you put in.
06/25/2021 1:57 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Dragon
ZinkBot avatar
Please make a version without any claim upkeep. This is cool!
07/02/2021 8:32 pm
Level 49 : Master Miner
ZyRail avatar
I wouldn't recommend having everyone on the server have claims without an upkeep. Their claims will continue after they have abandon the server and there is no way to remove their claims without being an Admin. The best way is to set the upkeep cost to zero and just have them actively add days as needed. They will be able to add up to 64 days of upkeep. If you need a longer claim duration as an Admin, then you could just max out the claim timer for yourself. This adds like three years to a claim.
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