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N83 avatar N83
Level 51 : Grandmaster Engineer
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Add 4 new enchantments-like to Minecraft:
For trident: Meteorology / Hydromagmatism / End Teleportation.
For sword: Radiance (from MC Dungeon).

A full notice is available in the zip file in English and French.

How to install?
Drop the DataPack file into :C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves\(save_name)\datapacks\
This DataPack also use a ResourcePack, drop it into :
C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\resourcepacks\ResourcePacks allow to make different textures for datapacked items and (in that case) translations for different languages.

How to use?
To add new enchantment-like to your sword and trident, you need an anvil, placed over a crying obsidian!
Now you just have to throw required items onto the anvil and.... ready!

Online compatible: This DP is online compatible.


Radiance (Sword): Experience bottle + lapis lazuli + melted prismarine shard + golden apple + golden carrot + glistering melon slice + undying totem + a sword
(Work only on Golden sword, Diamond sword and Netherite sword)
Meteorology (Trident): Experience bottle + lapis lazuli + melted prismarine shard + wet sponge + meteorologic stick.
Hydromagmatism (Trident): Experience bottle + lapis lazuli + melted prismarine shard + magma cream + hydromagmatic cream.
End Teleportation (Trident): Experience bottle + lapis lazuli + melted prismarine shard + ender pearl + endermite pearl.

Melted prismarine shard can be obtained when a guardian or an elder guardian die because of fire. You can also go in the nether and throw a prismarine shard, a lava bucket plus a coal block to melt the prismarine shard, but it has 80% chance to be destroyed… Also, throw a melted prismarine shard in water to harden it, but you will not be able to use it anymore.

To found meteorologic stick, you must kill a drowned who hold a trident, during thunder.
Hydromagmatic cream can be found when killing a magma cube in water.
Endermite pearl can be obtained by killing an endermite.
Loots are rare (more details in notice file).

Enchanted book:
Enchanted book ara available, with the 4 new enchantments. You can get them in Desert temple and jungle temple for Meteorology, in Bastion Remanent for Hydromagmatism, and in End Cities for End Teleportation.
Enchanted books with Radiance as stored enchantment are only available with command.

Command to get enchanted-like book:
/function enn:more_enchantments/flamboyance/give_enchanted_book
/function enn:more_enchantments/meteorologie/give_enchanted_book
/function enn:more_enchantments/hydromagmatisme/give_enchanted_book
End Teleportation:
/function enn:more_enchantments/teleportation/give_enchanted_book

More details:
- Radiance: give to you and the nearby players 2 heart when you hurt an aggressive entity with 20% chance.
Aggressive = creeper, zombie, ender dragon, etc.
- Meteorology: allow to call rain or thunder, depending if you have Channeling on your trident or not, by throwing it on a bell attached to the ceiling.
- Hydromagmatism: transform lava under the throwed trident into magma for ~7 seconds (or Blackstone), and magma block stay if the trident is near and still in ground.
- End Teleportation: teleport to the trident location when you're crouched, but it have side effect (nausea, blindness and sometime teleport nearby ennemies). Also, it come back to you if you throw it in the void!
(Sometimes, you can be teleport in the nether by throwing your trident in a nether portal ...)

How to uninstall?
Because the enchantment [​End Teleportation] for trident is nominative, only the player who made the recipe is teleported to the trident location, when crouching down. That's why they are many commands to enter depending on what you want to do:

If you plan to re-use this datapack later, simply type this command to delete useless scoreboard:

/function enn:more_enchantments/me1-unload
If you plan to uninstall definitively this datapack, type also this command to delete nominative scoreboard:

/function enn:nuuid/uninstall_nuuid
To update trident owner, or set again the owner (in case you enter the 2nd command but you finally re-use this datapack), just throw the trident with an ender pearl on a anvil (placed over a crying obsidian).

If you want to uninstall this datapack and delete all "new" enchantments:
You must firstly throw your weapon over a grindstone with a glass bottle (empty) => It will be disenchanted from the datapack enchantments. (Why a glass bottle? idk).
After you can type the previous command to uninstall this DP.

New advancements:
This DP also add 7 trophies (5 advancements, 1 secret challenge, and 1 secret advancement)
The first one is to have an anvil and a crying obsidian (root advancement).
[(i) This DP share the same root advancement as [MoreLife] DP.]
The second is to have a melted prismarine shard in your inventory.

How to use this resource pack
Resource Pack: English and French translations are in the Resource Pack !

Depending on what you want you should :
... to see customs assets for items and custom names / translations :Set this resource pack above all others datapack (less important in your opinion).
... to see custom names and translations, but you're not interested in custom assets for items :Set this resource pack under the default one you use (Minecraft default resource pack).
... don't want to see custom names / translations and custom assets for items :Don't enable this resource pack in your settings.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.18

9 Update Logs

Version 1.6b (21w39a+) Improvment : by N83 11/07/2021 1:16:50 amNov 7th, 2021

[CHANGE] Make the meteorologic stick easier to get: No longer need to kill a drowned with trident during thunder, simply kill them and you'll have 30% chance of loot (+10% per looting enchant). Of course the drowned still need to have a trident in his main hand!
[CHANGE] Make the Melting Prismarine Shard harder to success in the Nether. By throwing a lava bucket, a coal block and a prismarint shard in the nether, you now have only 10% chance of success (90% of destroying the prismarine shard) instead of 20% before.
[CHANGE] Also make the Hardened Prismarine Shard transformation in water harder to success. By throwing a melted prismarine shard in water, it will harden with 10% chance, or destroy in other case (90%). Before the rate was 20%/80%.

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07/31/2021 3:00 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
imbluedabadadoreeee avatar
can you make it so you can craft the stuff like the motlan prizmarin and the meteorologic stick please cuz its hard to get the items
11/01/2021 11:32 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Engineer
N83 avatar
I planed to make the mateorologic stick easier to get.
For the melted prismarine shard, you can :
  • kill a gardian,
  • kill an elder gardian, or you can
  • throw a prismarine shard with a lava bucket and a coal block in the nether (the lava bucket and the coal block will be destroyed). It will have 20% of chance to meld and become a melted prismarine shard, and 80% to be destroyed with the lava bucket and the coal block.
07/19/2021 11:32 am
Level 1 : New Miner
User3718106D avatar
comment faire un éclat de prismarine fondu pour la réponse si c possible je la voudrais en mp discord voici mon identifiant 🆔

11/13/2020 2:54 am
Level 1 : New Miner
The_Knightmare45 avatar
Does it work in 1.16.4?
01/23/2021 9:03 pmhistory
Level 51 : Grandmaster Engineer
N83 avatar
Sorry for late reply!!
It should normally work in 1.16.4, and even in 1.16.5, but I will check that to be sure!

EDIT: I check all the DP, the last version (1.2a for 20w46a) work fine for 1.16.4, even for 1.16.5 (even if Minecraft say "This Datapack is made for a newer version of Minecraft")
08/27/2020 8:02 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Engineer
N83 avatar
- Fixed: video can't be played, sorry --".
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