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[1.16.2 Vanilla] Superheroes Core Datapack + Resource Pack

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Required Resource Pack
Flubberschnub's Avatar Flubberschnub
Level 72 : Legendary Answer

Flubberschnub's Superheroes Datapack!!

So I've created some datapacks for a few superheroes. The download file includes a resource
pack and a datapack.

Important: This download is only the core datapack, so have any real functionality please check my submissions to find the other datapacks that actually have superhero stuff in them.

How to Install:

For Mac Users:

Unzip the download file.
Put the resource pack into ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/resourcepacks
Put the datapacks into ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves/(The folder of your preferred world)/datapacks
Type "/reload" ingame

For Windows Users:
Unzip the download file.
In the run menu, type %appdata%Enter the Roaming folder
Enter the .minecraft folder
Drop the resource pack into "resourcepacks"
Drop the datapacks into saves/(The folder for your preferred world)/datapacks
Type "/reload" ingame

If you would like to use this creation in a server or in a video, you don't have to ask,
just credit me and provide a link to this page!

This creation is under copyright © 6/27/2019 by Flubberschnub.

Current Features:

Superheroes Core Datapack
- Basically just the base stuff for the other datapacks to run off of, nothing much.
- Changes gameplay in the End, causing suffocation and low gravity. Craft an oxygen helmet by throwing glass, redstone, and an empty bucket on the ground.

Daredevil (probably my buggiest datapack, still cool tho)
- I haven't yet made a survival method to become Daredevil, but run "/tag @s add dd" and you will become Daredevil. Optional: run "/tag @s add blind" if you want to possibly get a seizure from Daredevil's weird echolocation mechanic.
- Backflip by looking straight down and then straight up really quick. If you're falling, backflipping will negate fall damage. It is also an attack, if you backflip next to a mob they will get damaged.
- All mobs around you (including invisible ones) will glow and you can see them through walls.
- Enhanced strength
- Enhanced speed
- Enhanced jump height
- Sneak to stop ambient noise and hear mobs nearby. E.g. if it's raining, sneak to stop the rain sound so you can hear nearby mobs or lava or whatever.
- If your mainhand is empty, you can catch any arrows shot at you. Just make sure to drop the arrow or you'll get impaled by the next one.
- Run "/function daredevil:ddgear" to get Daredevil's suit and billy clubs. I might make a way to craft these at some point lul.
- You can block with the billy clubs like you would a normal shield. However, if you sneak and right click with it in your mainhand, you can throw the club. It will automatically curve to hit mobs, and it will always return to your hand. (If it doesn't work, try running "/reload")
- You can use the clubs as a grappling hook by holding one of them in your mainhand when the thrown club is near a block.
- For some reason, the throwing mechanic doesn't work in other dimensions. Just a heads-up.
- Run "/function daredevil:ddoggear" to get Daredevil's original gear like from the Netflix show. You will receive his black suit, two non-throwable batons, and his Muay Thai hand wraps.
- To put on the black mask, just right click with it. It's a bit buggy, so if it doesn't work, just run "/tag @s add putonmask". Now you look super cool.

Superman (unfinished)
- there is no way to become Superman at the moment. Just run "/tag @s add superman".
- Extreme durability (you can't die, I should add kryptonite at some point)
- Enhanced sprint speed
- Enhanced mining speed
- Okay, the flight system is sort of intuitive, I think, but it requires some explanation.
- You can take off in two ways. First: sprint, look upward, and jump. Second: crouch, look up, and jump.
- For the second takeoff method, the longer you crouch before jumping, the higher your initial burst of speed will take you. You
will see particles at your feet, indicating the graviton field around you warping.
- While in the air, looking upward will cause you to fly upward. Same for looking down. Looking straight up will cause you to
smash through any ceilings you might encounter. Looking straight down will cause an explosion when you hit the ground.
- Looking straight forward in any direction will cause you to just hover in the air. While hovering, you can hold crouch to fly
forward at a high speed.
- Looking upward at a slight angle will let you slowly float up, looking downward at a slight angle will let you fall at normal speed
to the ground.
- Selecting slot 9 in the hotbar will let you use heat vision. WARNING: it is a recursive raycasting function that is super laggy. Use it at risk of losing your patience.
- Heat vision sets fire to any block it hits.

- Not sure if timelords (from Doctor Who) classify as a superhero, but they're pretty cool anyway.
- To become a timelord, you first need to create the Untempered Schism. Do this by dropping a beacon and ender eye on the ground, and a portal will appear (please use the resource pack, everything looks stupid otherwise). Don't go too near the portal, or you will get teleported somewhere random and (most likely) very far away.
- Stay near the Schism for around thirty seconds, and you will experience your first timelord regeneration.
- Now for timelords' powers.
- Enhanced resistance (super resilient to heat, cold, and fall damage)
- Slightly enhanced speed
- Slightly enhanced jump height
- Slightly enhanced strength
- Immunity to poison
- Immunity to nausea
- An extra row of hearts due to the second binary vascular system.
- Looking straight down and sneaking will display your current incarnation along with remaining regeneration (chronon) energy.
- Looking straight up will bring up a list of abilities you can use: Force Regeneration, Mass Chronon Discharge, Bodily Systems Overdrive, Hold Breath, and Heal.
- Force regeneration allows you to regenerate at will (I'll get to the actual regeneration aspects in a moment)
- Mass chronon discharge causes a huge explosion, killing any nearby mobs and yourself. The explosion itself uses up 500 omegas of energy. (It's super fun to spam the explosions lul)
- Bodily systems overdrive allows a timelord to enter a state of heightened physical ability due to them being able to control adrenaline outputs, blood vessel width, and oxygen intake. It is, however, very taxing on the body. You can only activate it when your hunger bars are completely full. You will receive a poison effect for the duration of the overdrive, and you will be especially vulnerable to damage. However, you will be able to jump much higher, run much faster, hit much harder, and mine much faster.
- Hold breath allows you to seal up a reservoir of oxygen in your lungs. This makes you able to breathe underwater and in a vacuum without a helmet for around five minutes. Of course, you can only activate this ability when there is air to hold.
- Finally, regeneration.
- When your health goes below 4 hearts, your body will automatically try to regenerate. Holding crouch during this time will delay regeneration, but if you get hit too hard, you will die. That's why it's really dangerous to hold back regeneration. Another danger to holding back regeneration is the explosive regeneration that will entail. The longer you hold back, the more powerful the explosion will be. Holding back long enough will set off an explosion equal in size to that of the Mass Chronon Discharge ability.
- You will not be able to hold back regeneration from a fatal blow. If you hold crouch during a fatal blow, you will die.
- Regeneration will set fire to any entities nearby, other than players, who are fireproof I guess.
- While regenerating, you will be very hard to kill, but if dealt fatal damage, you will die while regenerating. You will be slowed down, but receive a powerful regeneration effect.

That's about all for the superheroes unless I'm forgetting something (I probably am).

Final Notes:
- These are meant to be multiplayer compatible, though there are a few small (and hilarious) bugs that I will let you find yourself, hee hee
- Some superpowers can be combined, but it's better not to, since they can sometimes interfere with each other.
- All the explosions (caused by regeneration or by Superman) can be toggled to destroy blocks (using /gamerule mobGriefing false)
- Always keep the Superhero Core datapack enabled, but the other superhero datapacks can be disabled to reduce lag
- These aren't all completely finished, so expect updates + some bugs lol.
- Any similarities between my version of Daredevil and Lucraft's HeroesExpansion mod are completely coincidental. In fact, I have proof of my version of Daredevil's abilities from before Lucraft's was released: Link
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

5 Update Logs

v1.1.2 : by Flubberschnub 08/11/2020 6:57:43 pmAug 11th, 2020

1.16.2 format

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04/21/2021 12:42 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
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02/23/2021 6:11 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User3453039G's Avatar
02/23/2021 3:33 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
SMG2's Avatar
Is this compatible with 1.16.4?
02/23/2021 4:26 pm
Level 72 : Legendary Answer
Flubberschnub's Avatar
I haven't updated since 1.16.2 but theoretically it should still work since I don't think much has changed.
09/01/2020 5:04 amhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
muiyio19's Avatar
hello, how can I get back to normal without having to disable the entire datapack?
08/23/2020 10:01 am
Level 1 : New Miner
lalal's Avatar
i cant become them!
08/16/2020 3:24 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
ian_ojeda's Avatar
esta para la 1.16.2?
08/16/2020 3:23 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
ian_ojeda's Avatar
como me transformo en un duperheroe???
07/25/2020 3:27 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
JJAMMER2005's Avatar
how do i download?
07/25/2020 2:54 pm
Level 72 : Legendary Answer
Flubberschnub's Avatar
In the Github page you can click on the green button that says "Code", then click on the "Download Zip" button in the dropdown.
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