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Required Resource Pack
Flubberschnub's Avatar Flubberschnub
Level 72 : Legendary Answer

\ ˌnik-tə-ˈˌkä-zəm \

V0.2.0 has been released to Patreon!


FREE PREVIEW SERVER: flubberschnub.my.pebble.host
Join the above server ip in 1.20.1 to preview the datapack and experience how it all works!

This datapack is a project I have been working for about a month as I post this. The goal of the datapack is simple: add the dimension behind the Deep Dark portal. What does that mean? Well, for Nyctocosm, that means:

- A mysterious, frightening new dimension with environmental mechanics and completely custom world generation
- Many custom biomes, each with unique atmospheres and properties
- Custom structures with mysterious secrets to find
- Custom mobs, with unique drops, mechanics, and animations
- Custom bosses: 3 main bosses, one secret Final Boss
- A custom soundtrack, composed by yours truly and others
- New items; weapons, gadgets, and more!
- A custom magic system that is robust, flexible, and dynamic
- Lore
- Much more!

Join the Discord to chat and see updates as they come out!

Installation Tip: When installing into an already created world, make sure to completely exit and re-enter the world instead of just running reload, since the dimension needs to generate!


Apply to get access to Early Access builds for FREE for Wiki research! Join the discord for more information.
Apply here: Form

To fix this issue, use NBTExplorer to delete all mentions of nyctocosm in the level.dat files in the world, nether, and end directories.

This creation is under copyright © 8/19/2022 by Flubberschnub.

The new boss Cataclysmic Emissary is an angel of pure destruction and chaos. She has four phases, all distinct from one another, requiring different fighting styles to succeed. The dynamic custom soundtrack will add fuel to your fire as you dodge and strike. With almost all her attacks dealing enough damage to instantly kill an armorless player, this fight will take all you have.

To fight the Cataclysmic Emissary, explore the Nyctocosm and find an Infernal Chasms biome. In this biome, perform the spell of Incurrence (the same one used for the other two bosses). Once the spell transmutates, the battle will begin.

If you are able to defeat the Emissary, you may be rewarded with the new weapon: Semblance of Doom.

The Nyctocosm Minecraft Data Pack
Good luck, and enjoy!


Artifacts can be found in the new Crypt structures in chests.

To use the new artifacts, they simply have to be in your inventory. Their effects are passive/triggered, which means you won't have to actively use the artifact items for them to work.

Artifacts look like this:

The Nyctocosm Minecraft Data Pack

Each artifact has a magic type, a perk, and sometimes a detriment. Here, the Tablet of Transposition allows the user's spell plane to move with them. However, that means the spell plane will need to be recast every once in a while.

Some artifacts may look like this:

This means the artifact works with the new Semiaxiomatic Hypertrace system.


Hypertraces are a new system that works hand-in-hand with spellcasting. A hypertrace is an orb of magic that appears, by default, in two situations: when the user casts a spell, and when the user deals magic damage. By default, there is a 15% chance of a hypertrace being generated whenever these two events occur.

Hypertraces look like this:

A user can interact in three main ways with hypertraces:
"Destroy": punch the hypertrace. Sneak+punch will destroy all of the user's currently active hypertraces.

"Pick Up": right click the hypertrace, which will add to the user's "Hypertrace Charge" amount. Sneak+right click will pick up all of the user's currently active hypertraces.

"Near": be within 6 blocks of a hypertrace.

These actions can only be done with hypertraces that were generated by the user.

The user may store up to 5 hypertrace charges at a time, but this number can be increased to a maximum of 15.

The three actions one can perform with a hypertrace don't do anything by default. However, that is where the artifacts come in. An artifact such as the Blade of Extraction shown above will modify the events that occur upon interacting with a hypertrace. The Blade of Extraction means that any hypertrace that the user destroys will spawn a soul, which can then be used to charge soul bottles and Planar Coils. This means that a player can do a lot of cool things using artifacts and make very powerful magic builds.


The new Crypt structure is version one of a very exciting "dungeon" type structure. They spawn naturally in the Nyctocosm's Night Wastes underground at a level of 0. They are marked by Stonehenge-like structures on the surface above them.

However, the Stonehenge structures will not necessarily be directly above the Crypt, so you will have to do some exploring to find it.

Crypts have their own music as well as many different rooms, loot, traps, and lore. They are the only survival method to get artifacts currently. There are even some secrets hidden in the depths of the Crypt, so explore them to your heart's content!


- [​x] make textures work in 1.19.3+
- [​x] upgraded to 1.19.4 systems (display entities and /damage)
- [​x] fix music not stopping after killed sorcerer
- [​x] fix halobeam not dealing damage to reflector
- [​x] make weakness damage system work
- [​x] add Crypts, a new procedurally generated dungeon with artifacts and lore
- [​x] shields can block attacks
- [​x] added new Semiaxiomatic Hypertrace system
- [​x] added new artifact system
- [​x] major passive performance boost
- [​x] new magic vfx
- [​x] new updated model for Death Walkers

- [​x] nerf Submergence
- [​x] nerf Resistance

- [​x] Semiaxiomatic Hypertrace, a small orb of magic that can be interacted with in various ways with artifacts. Interactions include: consuming (right click, gives a stack of hypertrace charge), destroying (left click), being near. disappears after 20 seconds. they have a chance to be generated passively by any damage using magic, and the chance can be increased using artifacts. each player's hypertraces are unique to them. sneak and left click one to destroy all your hypertraces. sneak and right click one to pick up all your hypertraces. Default 15% chance to summon one
- [​x] Feather of Levitation, sneak in the air to fall slowly, lasts a few seconds and cant be used again until you touch the ground. consumes three stacks of hypertrace charge
- [​x] Mirror of Accumulation, casting a spell near a hypertrace increases your global hypertrace chance
- [​x] Lantern of Amelioration, destroying a hypertrace grants healing for those near it
- [​x] Scroll of Dream/Nightmare/Resonance/etc Protection, gives damage resistance against magic types when trace charged. trace charges will decay. 3% per charge for major
- [​x] Tablet of Transposition, allows the user's spell plane to move with them
- [​x] Orb of Absorption, void damage heals the user for a percentage, and hypertraces weaken enemies near them
- [​x] Fuse of Expulsion, kills with dissonance damage spread dissonance damage and fire to nearby enemies. destroying a hypertrace will also cause a dissonance explosion around it
- [​x] Blade of Extraction, destroying a hypertrace will summon a soul

- [​x] Dreams of the Dead Star, Insight I & II
- [​x] Axiotopological Theory, 9th Edition, Theorem I & II
- [​x] Catechism, Precept II

- 6 different biomes with atmospheres, sound effects, and mobs
- 2 types of custom mobs
- a basic magic system with multiple spells including Luminescence, Resonance, Evanescence, and Incurrence
- 2 powerful bosses with their own custom music and attacks

- more bosses
- more mobs
- more biomes
- more items
- more spells
- more structures

Stay tuned for more updates, and for a patron-only early access release soon!

Consider Becoming a Patron!

-Patrons get special benefits, such as early access to all my projects, special Patron-only datapacks, Discord roles, and being mentioned by me in videos and in my packs themselves! Plus you get to support me, and why wouldn't you want to do that?
- Check out my page here, and thanks for taking a look at my post!
CreditDecafDawren (localization setup, French translation, and other assistance), Rolfaal (building, programming, and designing), Just a Space Cowboy (music, ideation)
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.20

10 Update Logs

V0.2.0 : by Flubberschnub 08/01/2023 7:26:28 pmAug 1st, 2023

- Added the Cataclysmic Emissary, the strongest boss so far, including:
  - custom soundtrack
  - four phases
  - parrying system (melee phase)
  - over 20 different attacks
  - new lore
  - Boss weapon: Semblance of Doom

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06/10/2024 2:15 pm
Level 20 : Expert Explorer
TheSamir's Avatar
04/11/2024 10:30 am
Level 40 : Master Miner
Kletterstein's Avatar
This is a really cool datapack but I couldnt summon the Cataclysmic Emissary even though I was in the right bioom and cast a wither rose into the magic circle. Can you help me with that?
King Allay
03/18/2024 1:20 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
King Allay's Avatar
You should make a smaller version of this datapack for weak computers
01/28/2024 5:52 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Swayback's Avatar
Anyway its possible to make this compatible with Epic Fight?
01/04/2024 12:29 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User4959849G's Avatar
01/09/2024 2:55 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
hgIsMC's Avatar
Truly the comment of all time
12/26/2023 6:40 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Koality_'s Avatar
the datapack is very amazing and i would like to know

can i use this datapack in a skyblock map ?

thank you
12/07/2023 5:16 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice System
Spankymctanky's Avatar
so I saw this from thederpywhales video and thought it looked interesting, ima give it a try. Thanks for making this a thing, bc it looks awesome.

Keep up the good work,


My server's Elite Council Founder, SMP Owner.

PS if it is good, I may add it on my smp to add some variety
12/06/2023 2:34 am
Level 1 : New Miner
user146's Avatar
how to get the ring
with function command
11/10/2023 8:46 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Ultra_TheW0lf's Avatar
im not able to get the anvil im doing the candle thing andlighting them then i get the soul bottle and right click the anvill but nothing happens
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