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Level 26 : Expert Professor
A friend of mine decided he'd get enough beacons for all the effects possible. Then he spent 7hrs in a nether fortress farming wither skeletons and got bored when he finished.

I made this to appease him.

- Create a Personal Beacon by throwing a beacon blocks (iron, gold, diamond, emerald) together on the ground
- Use dye to select the wanted effect
- Upgrade it by throwing it together with more blocks
- Throw together with water bucket to make remove the effect
- Hold a Personal Beacon in your offhand for the effect and every 5min it will eat up valuable material (iron, gold, diamond, emerald) in your inventory

- The effect only effects you and nobody else

Beacon Levels:
- Tier 1: Beacon + 9 Blocks
- Tier 2: Beacon T1 + 25 Blocks
- Tier 3: Beacon T2 + 49 Blocks
- Tier 4: Beacon T3 + 81 Blocks

- Light Gray Dye: Speed
- Yellow Dye: Haste
- Gray Dye: Resistance (T2+)
- Lime Dye: Jump Boost (T2+)
- Red Dye: Strength (T3+)
- Pink Dye: Regeneration (T4+)

- Startup for the beacon effect will last less than 5min but every cost afterward will last the full 5min
- These are just renamed dyes which means while it would still work without the resourcepack, to get the mini beacon textures on them it is recommended to use my "Datapack Resources" version 0.0 and up
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.15

1 Update Logs

Personal Beacons 1.15 - Update:0.0 : 06/30/2020 5:46:08 amJun 30th

Uploaded "Personal Beacons" Datapack

06/30/2020 6:13 amhistory
Level 26 : Expert Professor
If anyone finds any bugs in this datapack I'd greatly appreciate it. It'll allow me to go back and fix the issue myself in a future update and improve everyone's experience when using it
06/30/2020 6:10 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Hey, I downloaded this pack for a realms that I have in 1.16. I was able to throw the beacon on the ground with 9 iron blocks to create it but cant seem to upgrade it to higher tiers. i throw it back on the ground and put more iron blocks on top of it but it doesn't consume them to upgrade. I'm trying to get a haste 2 beacon but I cant seem to do it. can you help me?
06/30/2020 6:21 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
I tried it again with gold blocks and was able to upgrade the beacon in 1.16. It seems that only Iron blocks are bugged in 1.16 and wont work to upgrade the beacon if you make it with iron blocks.
07/01/2020 12:42 am
Level 26 : Expert Professor
Well I will be making sure its compatable with 1.16 within the coming days so just sit tight. Thank you for your feedback I'll try to keep it in mind.
06/19/2020 7:00 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Nice datapack! I love the concept, and the so far it works perfectly! I'm attempting to go edit it (my first time doing anything with datapacks) to work while in an ender chest and I wanted to ask two things.
1: Your permission to edit it (This is just on my single player world) and
2: If you have any tips on how to make it do what I want it to do because I'm going in blind XD.
Nice work!
06/19/2020 7:44 pm
Level 26 : Expert Professor
Absolutely. All my datapacks are fine to edit as long as you don't just like change the item names and call it a day ya know? But your idea sounds cool.

As for suggestions, I'm not entirely sure. You'd need some way to target a player specifically and not just any player holding an item like I did. I still have yet to find that out. I'll update with advice if I ever find something out.
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