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GoBlocks - code your dreams!

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GoBlocks - Learn to code and make amazing games with a block-based coding system in Minecraft!

This datapack is still in early beta! It's the first time I've released it to the public. Bugs will be there.

GoBlocks - code your dreams! Minecraft Data Pack

Have you wanted to make amazing games, challenges, or simple features, but don't know how to code? Or maybe you are experienced in coding and want to expand your coding knowledge whilst playing the game you love. GoBlocks is a datapack which lets you code epic games and make cool creations using just in-game blocks and items.

GoBlocks - code your dreams! Minecraft Data Pack GoBlocks - code your dreams! Minecraft Data Pack

Inspired by Scratch, GoBlocks adds a whole new block-based coding system that can be used in any world to create anything you want! You don't need to have any previous coding knowledge - GoBlocks has many tutorials and an easy-to-understand interface for you to start learning right away! Simply place down blocks, each representing code you would use in advanced programming.

Whether you are an aspiring coder, a teacher looking to teach people to code, or a student who wants to develop their knowledge, or anything in-between, GoBlocks lets you do just that while providing a fun experience and end product.

It'll always be free with no ads or paid versions. I want coding to be fun and free for anyone!

Run /function gb:give-all to get all the items! Then, you can start placing down the blocks. The code is active right away.

Learn the basics
Tutorial: Diamonds on Sneak
This tutorial is meant to teach you the basics of coding with GoBlocks.

1. Place down a Player Event block. Right-click the sign and select Movement Events > On Sneak Event.

2. Next to the Player Event block (after the end rod), place a Player Action block. Again, right-click the sign and select Inventory actions > Give Player Items

3. In the barrel above the Player Action block, put the diamond in it.

4. You’re done! Now, when you sneak, you will be given a diamond. Try messing around with the code. Maybe you could make it so it gives you a diamond when you take damage? Good luck!

Using Numbers
Tutorial: Bouncy Castle
In this tutorial, you’ll make the entire world into a super bouncy castle! When you jump, you’ll be launched into the air.

1. Place down a Player Event block. Select the criteria Movement Events > On Jump Event.

2. After that, place another Player Action block. This time, select Movement Actions > Launch Up.

3. Get a Number Value by typing /trigger gb.number set 10 in chat. This will give you a number with a value of 10.

4. Put the number value in the barrel above the Player Action block. This means you will be launched with a power of 10.

5. You’re done! When you jump, you’ll be launched into the air. In the next tutorial, you’ll learn how to make it send a message when you bounce!

Using Text (and making it colourful!)
Tutorial: Bouncy Castle (extended)
In the last tutorial, we made a bouncy castle that would launch you into the air whenever you jumped. Now, we’re going to make it send you a coloured message whenever you jump.

1. After the Player Action block you placed in the last tutorial, place another Player Action block.

2. Select Communication Action and then Send Message

3. In an anvil, rename the Text Value to "Boing!"

4. Next, you can hold that item and then run /trigger gb.style. Give the text some colour and life!

5. Then, put the Text Value that you just named and coloured in the barrel above the Send Message block.

6. You're done! Whenever you jump, you'll be launched into the air and be sent a message!

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Download GoBlocks

This datapack will be regularly updated, an update log will only be released when a major update is released

Terms of Use - Last updated 15th May 2022
  • You can use this in singleplayer and private multiplayer (SMPs etc) freely
  • You can put this in your maps and allow players to download them*
  • You can use this to teach others how to code (i.e. schools, coding clubs etc.)
  • You may use this on a multiplayer server, to host events, challenges etc.*
  • You can use this Datapack in a YouTube video and monetise it without credit (however it would be appreciated if you did :) )
  • You may fork the GitHub and make changes to it and indicate what changes were made
  • You can not redistribute this content and make a profit from it (i.e. adverts). If you need/want to, please get in touch with me first.By downloading and using GoBlocks you agree to the following:
Made by Silabear, 2022. All rights reserved

Incompatible with Bukkit/Spigot/Paper

If you have any questions, suggestions, creations you want to show or anything of the sort, my amazing community will be there for you!
https://discord.silabear.xyz - Anyone is welcome :)

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CreditAwhikax, Flynecraft, CommandGeek, LegibleSleet827, MadMIneGil, MCC Discord, Timber Forge Discord, GitHub Contributors
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17
toMinecraft 1.19

2 Update Logs

b1.2 : by Silabear 11/28/2022 11:04:26 amNov 28th

GoBlocks b1.2
- You no longer need to look directly at a block when you select it in the menu
- Fixed some blocks not removing the barrels
- It's now easier to contribute, we've commented every single function

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12/05/2022 6:33 pm
Level 24 : Expert Crab
Jerios avatar
can you please explain how this works? in as simple words as possible
12/07/2022 11:24 am
Level 58 : Grandmaster Fish
BubbleFish-dev avatar
12/01/2022 6:46 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Engineer
Doreid avatar
I really like this datapack! As a datapack enthusiast myself, this is gold. I love learning from others. I can see myself using this datapack in my future maps!

A little suggestion, but I think when I select an event, I would like it if it gave me tellraw feedback like "Selected: On Sneak" or something.
12/02/2022 1:44 pm
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Bear
Silabear avatar
thanks for the feedback! yeah I might add the message, would be cool
11/29/2022 5:22 am
Level 1 : New Miner
sim0neQ avatar
It says: Unknown function gb:give-all
what do i do?
12/01/2022 6:55 amhistory
Level 27 : Expert Nerd
Kefaku avatar
Please use "/datapack list" and check if goblocks isn't listed at all or if it's listed under disabled.

If it's just disabled, use "/datapack enable <name-from-list>" to enable it.

If it isn't listed, please doubld check whether you put the file in the correct location.
11/29/2022 10:42 am
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Bear
Silabear avatar
You installed it incorrectly it seems
11/24/2022 8:46 pm
Level 24 : Expert Crab
Jerios avatar
this seems like a cool concept
11/19/2022 1:55 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Psaurin avatar
Honestly the best datapack I'll ever find
11/29/2022 12:38 am
Level 27 : Expert Nerd
Kefaku avatar
you'll hopefully be even more impressed, when we're no longer in beta :D
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