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Level 37 : Artisan Nerd
Code of Copper requires three libraries: Moxlib, Moxlib Exp and Regex.
Code of Copper will only ever function in snapshot 23w03a or later (1.19.4+).

Code of Copper

A Datapack by Moxvallix, Gears and Wulfian.


Code of Copper is a lore heavy, and technically advanced Datapack, adding a programmable Copper Golem into the game.
Throughout the world, different structures will generate, containing lore, and examples of programs that the Copper Golem can run. Programs can be written into a book, and then given to the Golem, by right clicking it with the book.
Shift-right-clicking the Golem will execute it's current program.
While we recommend playing through the pack, as an addition to your world, and slowly discovering the language and features over time, if you would like a quick demo of the pack, you can use `/place template bot:demo` to place in our demo structure.

Getting Started

First, you will need to find a Copper Golem. These can be found high in the sky, within Airships. Be warned; these can be dangerous!
You can obtain the Copper Golem as an item by breaking it. It can then be placed wherever you wish for it to be.

Writing your First Program

It is up to you to discover most of the language through exploration; example programs are found scattered across the world.
However, every good README needs a hello worldprint "Hello, World!"
This can be written into a book, and right-clicked into a Copper Golem. Right-click to run.

For more information, visit our Modrinth Page
CreditThank you so much to Moxvallix, who made the parser for the language, and Wulfian who built all of the structures, wrote the lore and made the model and texture for the golem.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

1 Update Logs

Code of Copper v0.2 : by Moxvallix 02/23/2023 9:25:45 amFeb 23rd

[​0.2.0] - 2023-02-21

Two new literal types, and cleanup of syntax.


  • Object variant of literal
  • Alphanumeric pseudo-variant of literal
    • Only allows [​A-Za-z0-9_]
    • First character must match [​A-Za-z]
    • Regex variant of literal
    • String-regex matching using the match function


  • Let now takes an alphanumeric literal in the name field, rather than a string.
  • Variables no longer need a "$" in front of the name


  • Fixed blocks not dropping while the golem was running the break command
  • Tools can no longer go below zero durability

[​0.2.1] - 2022-02-24

Escaping, interaction improvements, position variable, and break instruction.


  • $POS variable
  • break instruction
  • \ as escape for strings and regexes
    • Escaped " are replaced by ” as to not break tellraw


  • README has now been greatly improved
  • Golem now uses item and text display entities
  • Golem model and texture revamp
  • New interaction system:
    • Right click to run a Golem, or with a book to assign a program.
    • Left click to stop a Golem
    • Crouching whilst looking at the Golem allows it's inventory to be accessed, or for it to be broken.

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