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Harlondunei and other elvish worlds

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Eledwhen avatar Eledwhen
Level 27 : Expert Artist

Harlonduneï and other elvish worlds is a worldgeneration datapack modifying the generation of the overworld and adding 4 customs dimensions, each of them consisting of a planet bearing complex life.

The main goal of this datapack is esthetics, not functionality. It's done just to be beautiful, and try to create some new environment with extra terrestrial life.
There are strongolds but not villagers and pillagers.

To travel between world, you must find a spaceport in Harlonduneï, and then you must come into a shuttle and activate it. It will tp you at your current coordinates in the other dimensions (and not in 0 0 0!) and will generate a ship (you will spawn inside).
This ship will
allow you to travel between dimensions via the same way. (spaceports in orther worlds do the same)
Warning: when teleporting back to Harlonduneï, no ship will be generated. I advise you to come back to the homeworld using the ship you left it with. And DO NOT put something near or on the ship, because otherwise, you could end up with a new one stacked on the first...

All the worlds have the vertical structure of the upcoming 1.18 version (including caves, but not biomes), and a build limit height of 512 blocks.
In the file mirror link, you can still find the 1.16.2 version.



It's the overworld, the homeworld. The planet is massively covered with forests and since its colder than Earth, also have rather large ice cap. A small desert and semi arid zones can also be found.

Main terrestrial ecological zone:
Hallifirian, pastel yellow grass, orange/dark red coniferous, small blue vegetation.
Anduneledh: pink forest, cold.
Celenuin: turquoise forest, temperate.
Hadhondor: Yellow forest, temperate.
Varuine: land climaticaly at the border of polar cap, northern limit of life.
Haradren, loteliste: semi-arid and desert zone, warm.
Idil forest, and Rathenil forest.
Olonath forest.
Ravenien with diamond and gold ore at the surface.
Melfuelin and Orgillion: marshs.
Orthelien, a beatiful open land.
Sirion and Fanniriath, a green and yellow plains.

The planet also bears some complex underwater ecosystems, including the deep reef, the abyssal fungus forest, the kelp forest... (inspired of subnautica)


A planet orbiting a white giant star, with light purple sky and grey vegetation. The planet is really cold in winter but experience some temperate summer allowing the development of diversified vegetation. You will find forest, some open lands, polar cap and frozen lands experiencing winter and waiting the coming of spring.


A cold planet orbiting a white giant star. Light purple sky (a little blueish than caladan) and light turquoise vegetation. There you will find 'blob', it's a sort of vegetation. The planet has a massive polar cap and some deserts and arid zones in the intertropical
regions. There is also mangroves and humid zones.

The planet orbite a binary star, the second one being a red dwarf. To show what the landscape should look like when the second is in the sky and the first is down, each biome has a red variant.
The ground default block is diorite.


A planet orbiting a orange dwarf star, with yellow/orange sky and blue vegetation.
No polar cap there, the planet being rather warm.
The ground default block is granite.


A planet orbiting a yellowish dwarf star, light green/yellow sky and darker vegetation of the same tone. The planet is split between a normal zone and the celenegil sea, a vast land where the concentration of a toxic oxyde prevent life for prospering. Magenta, pink and purple strong colors due to this substance.


Spatioport: allows the travel between worlds. I would like to add more variations to those already existing.

Oceanographic institutes: some useful stuffs for exploring the ocean than you wild not find in ocean monument since they don't spawn.

Some houses: in harlonduneï, the building depending of the biome, just for decoration, some stuff and food in the interior.

CCCT: Caladan, Cross Continental Communication Tower, just for being beautiful.

Berry fields: a small field of berry in Olonath forest.

Cacao field: a small field of cacao in Aldewynt.

Big champi: Chaney, it's a life form.


All type of stones are usables in craft using cobblestone or stone. I've done this for a upcoming rewamp of the underground but i've decided to cancel it until knowing more about 1.17 stuff.

Spotwitch: the zerra, for the base of my work, some features i've modified and for understanding how things work.
BrackenStrike: the-bracken-pack-v9-1-16-2-full-release-e2260, for some features i've modified.
JdoesStuff: Wildworld, for some features i've modified.
Mc_da: For the awesome trees he's done.
Biome o plenty: for inspiration, long ago.
Subnautica: for inspiration
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17

9 Update Logs

Update #9 : 06/12/2021 3:28:46 pmJun 12th

Building height augmented to 512 in every world.
Complete rewamp of deep_fungus_forest and active_dorsale in Harlonduneï.
Changed the ore generation.
Removed all water_lake feature, and tweaked depth and scale of biomes to make water lake noise generated. (except in mountains)
Changed the sea bed of the deep_reef in Harlonduneï, added sculk sensor as a kind of vegetation.
Tweaked the lake shores in celenuin and hallifirian_shore.
Rewamp of the swamp in Celenegil.

Yep, the main work was to update everything from 1.16.2 to 1.17.
I still have a lot of things planned but I need to do them after the big changes brought by 1.18 (verticals biomes/mountains) have come out.

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12/24/2020 4:32 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
TheRedMelon_YT avatar
how do you get in it?
12/24/2020 6:24 pm
Level 27 : Expert Artist
Eledwhen avatar
You need to add the datapack to the world before generating the map.

Otherwise, i don't understand your question.
10/04/2020 7:02 am
Level 22 : Expert Crafter
Luc_FOOX avatar
I did like his data pack and I loved it too much I think it's one of the best I didn't think it was that good, but anyway I have a doubt Does the data pack add villages in the game or at least the villages are still available?
10/04/2020 7:05 am
Level 22 : Expert Crafter
Luc_FOOX avatar
please answer me :)
10/04/2020 8:52 am
Level 27 : Expert Artist
Eledwhen avatar

Concerning villager, there is none of them anywhere in the five worlds now, because i would find insulting to have those horrible things on a elvish world.

But i do understand there are fundamental for minecraft survival so maybe i should add a structure with a few of them so players could trade with them.

I don't really know what the people using my data pack want, and can't think of a way to know it.
10/04/2020 3:20 pm
Level 22 : Expert Crafter
Luc_FOOX avatar
Thank you for answering me so quickly :), And thanks for the answer. In addition, your data pack remains one of the best I've seen
09/20/2020 1:37 pm
Level 24 : Expert Ninja
rx97 avatar
Really cool pack, I think it would be a bit cooler if instead of replacing the overworld, you had some sort of different way to transport to the elvish realms so that it's more compatible with other world gen datapacks
09/20/2020 4:55 pm
Level 27 : Expert Artist
Eledwhen avatar
You placed doubt in my mind.

Considering minecraft, it would be a plus to effectively make Harlonduneï a dimension like the others,
but i really loved the idea that the player wake up in it, because it is the mother land, the first.
I also thought this pack would be used only with nether pack, something wich doesn't affect the overworld, or alone.
And i'm a little affraid of problems caused by the final number of structures Harlonduneï will get. Structures behave differently in the overworld and in custom dimensions.

So... I don't know.
09/13/2020 12:49 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Engineer
PolyBit avatar
Eledwhen? I made a concept for a hallifirien village. Was wondering if I could upload it.
09/13/2020 1:52 pm
Level 27 : Expert Artist
Eledwhen avatar
Yes, you can.

I'm curious to see it.
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