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Hermitcraft Advancement Pack 2.0

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whitepeepohappy avatar whitepeepohappy
Level 37 : Artisan Miner
Original pack - https://xisumavoid.com/downloads/
Hermitcraft advancement pack was only for version 1.12. I recreated it for 1.17.

Advancements requirements list

The Old School WayTime to go fishingCatch a fish in boat
TaxmanYou owe us a stackObtain a stack of emeralds
Sneaky Real EstateRemove the localsKill a villager in the village

Biffa's BowlThrow it in the oceanThrow the bowl renamed to "Biffa's Bowl" into the ocean or deep ocean and pick up it
The AgencyBrew a cup of "Tea"Rename potion to "Tea"
Advanced BrewingEnglish Breakfast TeaDrink a potion of healing renamed to "English Breakfast Tea"

All The FishRemember the "aquarium"?Catch on a fishing rod cod, salmon, pufferfish and tropical fish
Reuniting With FriendsFind CarolRename zombie to "Carol"
Rainbow CompanionMake some rainbow sheepRename two sheeps to "jeb_"

Volcanic SafetyFire Potions & Frosty BootsStay on the magma block with boots enchanted to "Frost Walker"
BirchfellaYou can become one too!Mine 500 birch logs
Desert DestroyerYou're gonna need a few shovelsMine 2000 sand

Doctor UndeadHe needs to trade with them!Cure five zombie villagers
The Paper TradeStock up for tradingFill 20 slots in your inventory with paper
Legitimate ShellsDon't dupe them!Kill a shulker

DiamondsWhere do they belong?Throw a diamond into the lava
Dragon slayerKill her without touching the groundOnce the dragon is summoned, you must kill it and don't touch the ground
Redstone ProAll the redstoneObtain comparator, daylight detector, dropper, dispenser, hopper, lever, lightning rod, note block, observer,piston, polished blackstone button, polished blackstone pressure plate, redstone, redstone block, redstone lamp, redstone torch, repeater, sticky piston, stone button, stone pressure plate, target, tnt, trapped chest, tripwire hook, wooden button, wooden pressure plate

False's FlowersGotta plant them all!Place dandelion, poppy, blue orchid, allium, azure bluet, red tulip, orange tulip, white tulip, pink tulip, oxeye daisy, cornflower, lily of the valley, wither rose, sunflower, lilac, rose bush, peony, flowering azalea, flowering azalea leaves
Jellyfish CrownUse a minecart!Look at the ghast that is in minecart
PvP Pro!Don't get worn out!Break shield

A True HermitFinish all the hermit challengesComplete all advancements in this packexcept for "A True Hermit" and
"Stuff & Things"
Stuff & ThingsAll the blocks!Place all the blocks

To The Jungle!Clear a space for the temple!Obtain 30 jungle saplings
Build a temple!In the junglePlace 100 stone bricks in jungle biomes
Make it green!Place 10 emerald blocksPlace 10 emerald blocks

You are what you killapparentlyKill 1000 slimes
Pink DeathCollect wool until you die!Pick up 1000 wool
King of emeraldsGo to the hills!Mine 47 emerald ore

Build us a Witch farmImpulse was brought here to farm witches!Kill 25 witches
Guardian SlayerA farm would helpKill 50 guardians
Experienced FarmerOne hundredReach 100 experience levels

IskalliumObtain this mysterious blockRename slime block to "Iskallium"
A Noob's DeathThe most noobish death, ever!Get killed by magma cube
Dirty DioriteYou know what to do!Throw diorite into the fire

Going UnderwaterHold your breath! Or sip a potionGet effect of water breathing
Build a dome underwaterLet's hope it doesn't leakPlace 64 glass blocks underwater
Drain it!We can't be having all this water in herePlace 16 sponges

PoetJoe would be proudObtain written book
Open an art galleryThat's quiet the collection you havePlace all variants of paintings
Field of DreamsGo the distanceFill 30 slots in your inventory with wheat

Nametag!Where's your horsie?Rename horse to "Nametag"
BooshesAlways build with booshes!Place 128 blocks of leaves
Bow BaddiesGet revenge!Kill 50 skeletons

Who's a spoon?He's good at redstone and eating cereal!Rename diamond shovel to "spoon"
Remixed!Sugarcane Pillar Sugarcane ...Place sugar cane, then smooth stone slab, then sugar cane, then stone brick (Timer resets every 10 seconds)
Death MachineBuild yourself a fast, efficient death machineDie 18 times in 90 seconds

Penta-BeaconWe need five full sized!Construct five full beacons
Master TraderGive me more of those green stones!Trade with villager 100 times
Emerald BeaconMake it greenStand on top of the emerald beacon

UreniumObtain this powerful blockRename magma block to "Urenium"
A True LogfellaJoin the club!Mine 500 logs
LogolassForge the ultimate axe!Rename diamond axe to "Logolass"

Finding JellyGet a fish, find a friendTame a cat
Growing leavesAll the trees!Place acacia sapling, dark oak sapling, birch sapling, spruce sapling, oak sapling, jungle sapling, azalea, flowering azalea
Join the 5k club!You're gonna need a lot of rockets!Fly 1000 km by elytra

The Allium AllianceNeeds lots of flowerPick up 100 alliums
Spooky swampIt's hauntedPlace Jack o'lantern in swamp biomes
Victoria The SheepGrab a nametagRename sheep to "Victoria"

Time to farmThose Golems won't kill themselves!Kill 10 iron golems
Boombox backfireExplode youreself with TnTExplode youreself with TNT
A New HomeShulker's don't belong in the overworldLook at the shulker that is in overworld

The Mining KingNo one mines like TFCMine 500 obsidian
Lord Of The GrindBranch for diamondsMine 500 diamond ore
Cluck CluckOnly chicken will doEat 64 cooked chickens

The Beef's KneesWatch your step!Die from fall damage
Raw Beef!How much can your stomach?Eat 100 raw beef
Beef in SpaceLaunch that space shuttleBe above y=1000

Dwarven MineGo big, go underground!Mine 10000 stone
Ender EnderSlay all the endermenKill 1000 endermen
White KnightEmbrace the iron and ride the horse!Saddle up a white horse in iron helmet,chestplate, leggings and boots

Make it your homeOcean monuments make a great base!Mine sea lantern, sponge, gold block, dark prismarine, prismarine bricks and prismarine
And another oneI'm sick of all this waterFind a mansion
WololoRed sheep, blue sheepRename evoker to "Wololo"

Embrace the voidDon't be afraid of void damageFly under y=-64 then get up above y=0
Here's JohnnyThis could never backfireGet killed by vindicator renamed to "Johnny"
Trading WoesVillager are far from harmlessGet killed by villager (You can use thorns)

Top FunThese sheep need wingsFly with elytra with a leashed sheep for 200 ticks
Naked BoomSurvive the blast!Take damage from a creeper and don't die
Mouse ModeEnter Mouse ModeThere must be a solid block above you

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17
toMinecraft 1.18 Snapshot

3 Update Logs

Update #3 : 06/08/2021 3:32:24 pmJun 8th

Updated to 1.17
Advancements now use new triggers
Added new blocks to "Booshes", "Stuff & Things", "Growing leaves", "False's Flowers", "Redstone Pro"

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06/08/2021 10:42 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
AgentY2000 avatar
good work dude!
05/19/2021 6:02 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
YoloBoyLikeFNaF avatar
wheres grian?
05/23/2021 1:10 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Miner
whitepeepohappy avatar
Grian was not there
05/18/2021 2:53 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
Hurricane223 avatar
I believe you misspelled distance in the field of dreams advancement description
05/18/2021 3:16 am
Level 37 : Artisan Miner
whitepeepohappy avatar
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