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JayList's HUDs (waypoints, multiplayer-compatible, no /op required, 1.14+) (now working in 1.16+!)

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jaylist avatar jaylist
Level 32 : Artisan Crafter
current release: release v1.0.0
(changelog at the bottom)

IMPORTANT: When upgrading from one datapack to a newer version of the datapack, make sure you replace the existing datapack on the server. Do NOT have two different versions of the datapack running simultaneously.

This datapack adds a customizable HUD on your actionbar to enhance your Minecraft survival experience!

How do I install?

To install, you need to first drag the file into the datapack folder of your survival world/server and type /reload. Then, you must run the following three commands or else the waypoint system will not work. This is because the datapack requires certain areas to be forceloaded but the command can only be run by a player. Don't worry; once you reload your world, a prompt will come up in chat to run those 3 commands./execute in minecraft:overworld run forceload add 0 0 0 0
/execute in minecraft:the_nether run forceload add 0 0 0 0
/execute in minecraft:end run forceload add 0 0 0 0

How do I turn on the HUD?

To enable the HUD, type /trigger hud. This will bring up the HUD Menu, where you can enable/disable the HUD, as well as change the display settings and manage waypoints.
JayList's HUDs (waypoints, multiplayer-compatible, no /op required, 1.14+) (now working in 1.16+!) Minecraft Data Pack

How do I change the color or display mode?
To modify the HUD, type /trigger hud and click Edit.
JayList's HUDs (waypoints, multiplayer-compatible, no /op required, 1.14+) (now working in 1.16+!) Minecraft Data PackThe left and right arrows at the top control what the HUD displays for you (Coordinates, Waypoints, Time, or Potion Effects).
The second set of arrows control the display mode (Potion Effects have only one display mode).
The last two arrows control your color theme (Blue, Red, Green, White, Gold, Purple).
Parentheses  ( 180 , 80 , -30)
Angle Brackets < 180, 80 , -30 >
No Brackets   180 , 80 , -30
Slashes    180 / 80 / -30
XZ       180 / -30

All of the above, but with:
Compass Direction      ( 180 , 80 , -30 ) SW
Planar Direction        ( 180 , 80 , -30 ) +Z-X
Coordinates w/ Time     ( 180 , 80 , -30 ) 6:05pm

Y-Level           78y
Bedrock Edition        Position: 180, 80, -3
VanillaTweaks        XYZ: 2013 78 -1478 NE
Compass                   πŸž„ πŸž„ πŸž„ ● πŸž„ πŸž„ πŸž„
Distance                  68m
Waypoint Name w/ Distance        Home (68m)
Compass w/ Waypoint Name        Home πŸž„ πŸž„ πŸž„ ● πŸž„ πŸž„ πŸž„
Compass w/ Distance           πŸž„ πŸž„ πŸž„ ● πŸž„ πŸž„ πŸž„ (68m)
Compass w/ Waypoint Name & Distance  Home πŸž„ πŸž„ πŸž„ ● πŸž„ πŸž„ πŸž„ (68m)
12-Hour Time      6:05pm
12-Hour Simplified   6pm
24-Hour Time      18:05

How do I make a waypoint?
To make a waypoint, you must first enter the Waypoint Manager, which you can do by either typing /trigger hud and click Waypoints or typing /trigger waypoints.
JayList's HUDs (waypoints, multiplayer-compatible, no /op required, 1.14+) (now working in 1.16+!) Minecraft Data PackThere you have 8 pages (64 waypoints in total). You can click the yellow pencil icon (✎) to edit the settings of that individual waypoint. You can use the red X icon ( × ) to delete that waypoint. You can use the purple arrow icon ( ) to swap two waypoints around, and you can use the green double arrow icon ( βœ₯ ) to immediately start tracking it on your HUD.

How do I change my waypoint's name?
To change a waypoint's name, navigate to its edit menu by clicking the yellow pencil icon next to it under the Waypoint Menu.

[​Change Name] will give you a book-and-quill to rename the waypoint. [​Quick Name] will let you choose from over 80 different presets to rename your waypoint.

Can I teleport to one of my waypoints?
Yes, actually! First, you need to enable the Admin Suite in your Preferences. Only server admins can enable it for themselves, so you need to be able to run commands in order to become an "Admin". You can navigate to your preferences using /trigger hud.

Then, you can change certain ways that the datapack operates, and you'll also have a new option under your Waypoint Edit Menu to teleport.

Only Admins are able to teleport.

- You do not need to be opped in order to use this datapack.
- This datapack is multiplayer-compatible; every player on the server will have their own private waypoints.
- You can run the command /scoreboard players set Refresh Rate [​x] to modify how fast the HUD updates. Replace [​x] with any number greater than 1. A lower number makes the HUD update faster, but also makes the datapack laggier.
- This datapack may not be compatible with other datapacks.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.14
toMinecraft 1.17 Snapshot

5 Update Logs

v1.0.1 : 04/12/2021 1:57:06 pmApr 12th

- now updated for 1.16+

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04/15/2021 6:45 pm
Level 1 : New Collective
DragonLord0505 avatar
incredible! such an amazing idea!!
10/11/2020 10:24 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
ZippyZLide avatar
Can u update the datapack to 1.16? I used it on 1.16 and it doesn't work anymore :(
06/25/2020 10:43 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
Starboy2654 avatar
I'm trying this out in a 1.16.1 world and the waypoint edit button doesn't seem to be working. Every time I click on the pencil it just gives me the option to teleport to the waypoint, but no menu opens. Is there something I'm missing here?
07/11/2020 2:04 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
PatotGamer avatar
I Have Same Proplem
07/06/2020 10:38 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
QBEK avatar
Same for me
07/09/2020 12:09 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Crafter
AetherLynx avatar
same too. it may be a 1.16 issue, maybe the command for that isn't compatible or something like that.
08/15/2020 1:41 am
Level 15 : Journeyman Modder
Aran-mon avatar
06/18/2020 11:19 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
ValorWasTaken avatar
Does this also work for singleplayer?
03/16/2020 1:12 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
BlockNerd112 avatar
It says unknown scoreboard

i did all the commands you told us too do
03/29/2020 2:48 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Crafter
jaylist avatar
Sorry for the late reply!

That sounds like the datapack wasn't installed correctly and the scoreboards weren't initialized. This video explains the process very well. Make sure to /reload after you install it.
05/03/2020 3:20 amhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
Madagarian avatar
I don't think that is his problem at all. I had the same issue and discovered that when I extracted the folder, the Jay_Hud folder was nested inside another folder that was version named. This extra layer of hierarchy prevents it from loading. He, and others, need to make sure the proper folder is in the datapack root.

Unrelated issue: Your command is incorrect. You have "minecraft:end" instead of "minecraft:the_end"
03/06/2020 10:44 pm
Level 44 : Master Engineer
hokage3211 avatar
Hey quick question, is there a way to turn off the hud editor coming up each time you log back into the server? Also I don't like datapacks that use many blank lines to clear the chat, as it's a bit annoying and wipes possibly important conversations. And turning off sendCommandFeedback, while I can see how it's convenient in your datapack, also makes it impossible as an admin to see what's going on, as ALL feedback is stifled, even changing gamerules or querying gamerule settings.
03/06/2020 11:58 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Crafter
jaylist avatar
Yeah, the alternative isn't much better either because keeping sendCommandFeedback on can make navigating through the HUD feel very choppy. There's not much I can help you with the empty lines; I've mostly been testing on singleplayer but I can see how it would be annoying on a server. If you want to keep sendCommandFeedback on, go to the file Jaylist's HUD/data/game/functions/game/load.mcfunctionand delete the second line "gamerule sendCommandFeedback false"

If you want to disable the HUD appearing every time you log into the server go to the file
Jaylist's HUD/data/game/functions/game/tick.mcfunctionand delete line 28: "scoreboard players set @a[scores={joinGame=1..}] hud 1"

The next update will be a big one and I'm going to add admin controls, so I'll remember to make this a built-in togglable feature, thanks!
03/02/2020 7:31 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Larston_Marston avatar
How about adding some sort of cost to making a waypoint?
03/01/2020 1:07 pm
Level 44 : Master Engineer
hokage3211 avatar
This looks really good! Like the functionality is nice and it's really good, but I was testing it out for performance on it's own and while the coordinates display didn't provide any lag (which is totally great as most others did lag at that point) the compass functionality shot my ms/tick from 23-30 to 50-60, which would mean entity lag on a server past 50, and it jumped (for very small amounts of time) to 100 or so. Is there any way you could slow down the calculations to limit this? In a mega-pack a datapack should really only add like 5ms per tick max for more than a second, because with over ~30 packs it stacks up quickly. But amazing interface and really nice datapack!
03/01/2020 4:12 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Crafter
jaylist avatar
Thank you! The compass is actually pretty well-optimized, but it just has to run a lot of calculations in order to work. If it's laggy for you, you can change its refresh rate to make it refresh slower by doing:
/scoreboard players set Refresh Rate [​x]
and replacing [​x] with how fast the compass will wait between refreshes. It's 5 by default; a higher number like 10 will reduce lag but make the compass update slower.
03/01/2020 8:44 pm
Level 44 : Master Engineer
hokage3211 avatar
Ah, okay, it seems that 40 is the max you can do before the text starts to fade away between calls, and after that, while I have yet to test it on a server for a while, it all seems to be very efficiently running! It's a shame that you can't force a player to run the forceload commands, I thought I saw in the wiki that you could use /execute as someone to make it work, but I guess that's not guaranteed that it will be an op? Either way, very nice pack! Definitely adding this to my mega-pack on a server, and will continue to test!
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