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MC Augmentor | Sequoia Trees

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    cypherkai's Avatar cypherkai
    Level 26 : Expert Architect

    MC Augmentor | Sequoia Trees

    This datapack has one simple goal, it removes all "2x2 spruce trees" from the "Old Growth Spruce Taiga" biome (previously known as Giant Spruce Taiga) and replaces them with Custom Sequoia Trees which are huge and landmark like, as they should be ;-)

    Other than the removal of the default trees, and addition of custom Sequoia Trees for this biome, nothing else has changed.

    I hope you enjoy playing with this datapack as much as I enjoyed creating it!

    Supported versions are 1.18 up to 1.19 (so far), although future versions may work, it's not guaranteed.
    It will not work with older versions, as the biome name change for "Old Growth Spruce Taiga" is not backward compatible :/

    During initial generation/loading of the chunks, a lot takes place under the hood, so you may notice a little lag. However, once the trees are generated, I have not experienced any performance issues outside of the 1.18 world height changes that already had a performance impact over 1.17.

    Known Issues:
    • Due to inherent limitations with MC Datapacks, there are occasional world generation problems, like a tree that is incomplete (looks like just the base of a Sequoia trunk) or even a single 2x2 tree inside the base of a trunk. Having done a great deal of testing, these issues are few. Having said that, I find some of these issues (IMO) improve on generation in the sense of telling a story, like: Who cut the tree down, villagers, pillagers? Looks like it's regrowing? -- If you must let me know of generation problems, please be sure to exclude these issues as they are inherent datapack limitations over which I have no control ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    • I've found when spawning in this biome, there is a chance you will be spawned on top of one of the Sequoia's. I can't figure out how to correct this (any help will be appreciated). It appears to be a datapack related issue, but I can't be sure -- you can use /setworldspawn to correct this
    Ratio of dark_oak/spruce logs in the base root system is 1:1
    Ratio of dark_oak/spruce logs going up the trunk into the foliage is 1:5
    Ratio of oak/spruce leaves in the foliage is 1:5

    These Sequoia's have 3 average block heights:
    -Large are from 54 to 56.
    -Medium are from 47 to 51.
    -Small are from 42 to 46.
    There is roughly ~60% chance of Large, ~23% Medium, and ~17% small.

    Minecraft in itself does not support the ability to add truly custom trees (in world generation - unless they are static structures). Despite these limitations, I have found a way to exploit internal generation functions to create some unique datapacks which to a reasonable degree provide what I felt minecraft was missing. I hope in the future these datapack limitations will be cleared up, as I really hope to be able to do more with minecraft. Have a look at my other datapack: Baobab Trees

    The "MC Augmentor | Sequoia Trees" datapack is provided as-is with no warranty. You may use or change this datapack in any lawful way with only the following restriction, any and all derivations of this datapack must make very clear attribution to "MC Augmentor | Sequoia Trees" referenced here on Planet Minecraft.

    An incomplete list of examples of misuse of this license are: Branding this pack as your own in any way. Placing a logo or signature of any kind on pictures derived from this datapack where the changes from this datapack are the main focus of the picture. Making it seem in any way or form as if this datapack was not created by me. Making it seem in any way or form as if derivations of this datapack did not originate from the "MC Augmentor | Sequoia Trees" datapack.
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18
    toMinecraft 1.19

    4 Update Logs

    Bug Fixes : by cypherkai 07/14/2022 6:29:51 amJul 14th, 2022

    - Significant reduction in the "Trunk Only" bug.
    - Found an issue with "water" being displaced by air blocks during generation of a Sequoia trees alongside water - this has been fixed now.
    - Found 1 case of "tree on top of tree" generation in vanilla (in "Large Biomes" testing). Used a difference surface placement option, this appears to be corrected... but it's so rare it's almost impossible to be sure without hours and hours additional scouring.

    Reduced the number of trees really slightly, should be barely noticeable... prevents the trees feeling too much like they are "on top" of each other, but at the same time keeps them close enough to make you feel like an ant walking between them :)

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    07/14/2022 8:38 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    pewblaze's Avatar
    I love the trees. S beautiful. Maybe a fallen tree here and there would be cool too :D
    07/14/2022 10:54 am
    Level 26 : Expert Architect
    cypherkai's Avatar
    I really like this idea .... it will likely prove tricky, but you've got me thinking about it now.
    06/25/2022 1:08 amhistory
    Level 63 : High Grandmaster Terraformer
    Apollo404's Avatar
    This looks absolutely amazing! I got some pictures with this datapack on with shaders, and it looks so cool.

    https://i.imgur.com/b6R1XtV.png (embedding it breaks the comment)

    From a technical standpoint, the way you've done this is very well done as well. Excited to see if you make more things like this!
    03/29/2022 4:06 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
    User3925734G's Avatar
    haslo pa la 1.18.2
    03/30/2022 5:07 am
    Level 26 : Expert Architect
    cypherkai's Avatar
    1.18.2 is supported now. Please let me know if you experience issues.
    01/26/2022 3:22 pmhistory
    Level 49 : Master Procrastinator
    NotAFunnyBee's Avatar
    I think I found a bug with the datapack, I found a tree with a very, very, very long 2x2 trunk after the regular base. I can send a picture, but seed is 1134284256055974200 and the cords are 1858 129 1641. Other than that, stunning datapack!
    07/14/2022 10:56 amhistory
    Level 26 : Expert Architect
    cypherkai's Avatar
    Hey NotAFunnyBee ... I've recently added an update that reduces the "partial" tree effect, sure they still occur due to the inherent datapack limitations ... but the reduction may prove good for you.. Give it a try, hope it helps.
    01/29/2022 8:25 amhistory
    Level 26 : Expert Architect
    cypherkai's Avatar
    Hi NotAFunnyBee,

    No need for a screenshot :) as mentioned in the description, these are generation issues due to the way minecraft datapack tree-trunk placement, which has inherant limitations. Thus it occasionally results in anomalies.

    In the scenario you describe, because the generation has internal issues, I like to give it a story ... I like to call it a "regrowth" after one has been cut down (who knows, maybe some villagers cut it down ;-)).

    If you come across a whole forest of trunks, or clearer problems with the generation ... I'll definitely look into it, but one or two in a whole forest should be seen as a "feature" rather than a bug :D

    Thanks very much for the feedback, much appreciated!
    01/20/2022 2:17 pm
    Level 45 : Master Procrastinator
    Ann92's Avatar
    These are cool! A person could easily build a tree house with one of these
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