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WASD Moar Shovels [Datapack] 1.19.2

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Eastonium avatar Eastonium
Level 85 : Elite Deity

Moar Shovels 1.3.1
For Minecraft 1.19.2

The Moar Shovels datapack adds a bunch of new shovel types to the game. These are designed to be unique with special attributes and abilities while attempting to also feel like they could get close to fitting into the vanilla game.


You may use this datapack in whatever video you like, free of charge. My only request: YOU MUST CREDIT ME for my work. Simply link to this page in your video’s description, pinned comment, or both AND verbally mention during the intro of your video that the pack can be downloaded using the link. “Download in the description” would suffice.

So, what do the shovels do?

Free Shovels

  • Excavator:
    Clears a 3×3 area of shovelable blocks like dirt around the area you dig.

  • Diamond Excavator:
    Diamond version of the Excavator. Same size, better speed and durability.

  • Digger:
    Clears a 3x2x1 tunnel of shovelable blocks in the direction you look. Good for tunnels and such.

  • Diamond Digger:
    Diamond version of the Digger, digs further tunnels. (5 blocks long).

  • Magnetic Shovel:
    Has a 1/100 chance to drop a randomly enchanted book. It gets enchanted between the levels of 15-30. Can get treasure enchantments such as Mending.

Patron Exclusive TNT ($1+)

  • Snow Shovel:
    Slowly melts all the snow around where you break.

  • Path Shovel:
    Makes a 3×3 area of path shoveling.

  • Molten Shovel:
    Autosmelts mined blocks.

  • Weedkiller Shovel:
    Destroys grass and mycelium blocks, slowly spreading out from where you mine.

  • Giant Diamond Shovel:
    Clears dirt in a 3x3x3 area.

  • Vacuum Shovel:
    Right-click to break and pull in sand blocks in a large area in front of you.

To install, follow the instructions contained in the “instructions.txt” file included in the download. If you are still having issues installing or want help knowing how to do something with the pack, ask for help on our discord.

Fully Multiplayer compatible!

Crafting Recipes Found In-Game. Press “L”

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17
toMinecraft 1.19

1 Update Logs

Update V1.3.1 : by Eastonium 11/22/2022 7:34:30 pmNov 22nd

Updated a handful of recipes to be more affordable in conjunction with some rebalancing I've been doing across my datapacks.

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11/27/2022 6:31 amhistory
Level 1 : New Network
marcosinve avatar
n funcina
10/18/2022 4:43 pmhistory
Level 14 : Journeyman Miner
luvdrippy avatar
it wont let me craft the custom crafter??
10/18/2022 7:19 pm
Level 85 : Elite Deity
Eastonium avatar
Make sure you have the Required Library installed.
If that doesn't fix it join my Discord and ask for help there.
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