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Required Resource Pack
NeoLich avatar NeoLich
Level 33 : Artisan Mage
Warning this data pack requires my resource pack to look proper. <Link>

This pack adds a fan that can push mobs and items.

The fan can be crafted by placing 4 iron ingots on the sides of a lightning rod.
Mob Fan Minecraft Data Pack    Mob Fan Spining

The fan will push mobs and items the same distance as a water source (North, East, South, West).

Mob Fan push limit

The fan will push mobs and items 5 blocks up
The fan will make mobs fall faster when pushing down. It will also increase their fall distance to kill them with less of a drop. The downward facing fan can also be used to push spiders off down off walls.

During my testing the more fans you add the more mspt will increase. Even after I had added a hundred or so fans my mspt had only got up to 5. I don't know how many you will need to see a visual difference in gameplay.

Known Issues
Pushes on other side of blocks
If a block is placed in the line of a fan, it will push mobs on the other side of the block even though convention would say the block would stop the air. There is a solution, but it is very tedious and ugly. I hope to find a cleaner solution before I implement this fix.
Will not push players
I can add pushing players, but it uses teleportation and is not the ideal solution. It might be the only fix I have, but I hope I might find a nicer way before I add it.
Downward facing fans
The downward fan increases the FallDistance of mobs to try and have them die with less of a drop. The only way I have currently found to achieve this is not very consistent. If you want mobs to have 1 hit left after falling, I will not suggest using the downward fan.
Hope you enjoy,
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.13
toMinecraft 1.19

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