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Level 37 : Artisan Kitten

Mr_Chibi's Permissions Essentials Overall:

This datapack was created for server owners of vanilla to have something close to spigot or paper. It includes: "Commands", "Limited Creative", "Ranks", & "Warps".

How to join Ranks or put player on rank:

  • /team join <rank> <user>
    Example, /team join Mod Mr_Chibi

Guest/Member Commands:

  • /trigger bal
  • /trigger rules
  • /trigger spawn
  • /trigger sethome
  • /trigger delhome
  • /trigger homes
  • /trigger home

Supporter / Jr_Builder Commands:

  • /trigger survival
  • /trigger creative


  • /trigger spectator

Mod Commands

  • /trigger create_shop
  • /trigger shop_profession

  • /trigger create_warp
  • /trigger delete_warp
  • /trigger warps
  • /trigger random_warp

Dev (Owner) Commands:

  • /trigger god
  • /trigger setspawn
  • /trigger delspawn


Kill Non-passive mobs to earn server currency from loot tables.

Limited Creative:

Ranks between Supporter - Jr_builder have limited items they cannot throw items, or put certain items in their inventory it will auto delete it.

Players, cannot swap gamemodes unless there inventory is empty whilist in creative.

Commands of "/trigger creative" & "/trigger survival" can only be triggered if there inventory is empty!

Shops Overall:

Do /trigger create_shop, Summons a Custom Villager and chest below to edit shop lots.

Do /trigger shop_profession shows a list of professions to change villagers skins.

Chest UI Setup for Villager Trade:

Simple Setup for villagers:

Result Villager Trade:

Warps Overall:

do /trigger create_warp, Summons an armorstand and keeps track of warp.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

2 Update Logs

Homes Update! : 09/11/2020 1:44:01 pmSep 11th

Introducing Homes:
Allowing players to create new homes, only in "minecraft:overworld":

  • /trigger sethome - Sets players coords & home
  • /trigger delhome - Deletes players Home
  • /trigger homes - Displays a list of Homes:
  • /trigger home - Teleports player home.
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