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Mr_Chibi's Permissions Essentials

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Level 49 : Master Kitten

Mr_Chibi's Permissions Essentials Overall:

This datapack was created for server owners of vanilla to have something close to spigot or paper. It includes: "Commands", "Limited Creative", "Ranks", & "Warps".

How to join Ranks or put player on rank:

  • /team join <rank> <user>
    Example, /team join Mod Mr_Chibi

Installation permissions setup:

  • Type in the following command below to use default setup permissions or edit your own!
  • /function permissions:scoreboards/default_permissions

Owner Commands:

  • /trigger setspawn - Summons a invisible armorstand to allow players to teleport to spawn.

Admin, Permissions:

  • /trigger perms - List of Player Permissions, Admins & up can edit permissions to ranks!

Admin, Shop Commands:

  • /trigger create_shop - Summons a villager and chest GUI 1 block under villager floor.
  • /trigger shop_profession - Changes Villager Profession Style.

Admin, Warp Commands:

  • /trigger warps - Displays a list of warps.
  • /trigger warp - Teleports player to a warp example: /trigger warp set 1
  • /trigger create_warp - Summons a invisible armorstand to allow players to random teleport to.
  • /trigger delete_warp - Deletes warp armorstand in 3 block radius.
  • /trigger create_portal - Creates a end gateway portal w/ custom nbt data.
  • /trigger edit_portal - Make sure you have a warp created to edit the portals! Face the each portal and do the following: /trigger edit_portal set id

Admin, Weather Commands:

  • /trigger day - Sets time to day.
  • /trigger afternoon - Sets time to afternoon.
  • /trigger night - Sets time to night.
  • /trigger clear - Clears weather of rain / lightning.

Moderator, Commands:

  • /trigger gui_create - Summons a chest GUI w/ functions for player, to interact with.
  • /trigger spectator - Changes gamemode into Spectator mode.
  • /trigger god - Grants player resistance X. Once triggered again to disable.

Supporter, Commands:

  • /trigger gravestone - Teleports player to gravestone where player died.
  • /trigger creative - Changes gamemode into Creative mode. (Supporters and Jr_Builders have limited creative.)
  • /trigger survival - Changes gamemode into survival.

Trusted Commands:

  • /trigger showitem - Shows Item in chat.

Member, Commands:

  • /trigger tparequest - requests all users a teleportation in chat.
  • /trigger tpaccept - teleports requested player to player.

Member, Home Commands:

  • /trigger homes - Displays list of homes.
  • /trigger sethome_1 - Sets players first, home.
  • /trigger sethome_2 - Sets players second, home.
  • /trigger sethome_3 - Sets players third, home.
  • /trigger home_1 - Teleports player to their first, home.
  • /trigger home_2 - Teleports player to their second, home.
  • /trigger home_3 - Teleports player to their third, home.
  • /trigger delhome_1 - Deletes players first, home.
  • /trigger delhome_2 - Deletes players second, home.
  • /trigger delhome_3 - Deletes players third, home.

Guest, Commands:

  • /trigger bank - Summons a NPC with Bank GUI when right clicked!
  • /trigger bal - Displays balance of how much player has.
  • /trigger rules - Displays Server rules.
  • /trigger spawn - Teleports player to spawn.


Kill mobs to collect server currency. Use the money towards server shops.

*NEW* Bank
Players can now deposit and withdraw money from the bank villager!

  • /trigger bank - Summons a bank villager to deposit player currency and withdraw!

Limited Creative:

Ranks between Supporter - Jr_builder have limited items they cannot throw items, or put certain items in their inventory it will auto delete it.

Players, cannot swap gamemodes unless there inventory is empty whilist in creative.

Commands of "/trigger creative" & "/trigger survival" can only be triggered if there inventory is empty!

Shops Overall:

Do /trigger create_shop, Summons a Custom Villager and chest below to edit shop lots.

Do /trigger shop_profession shows a list of professions to change villagers skins.

Chest UI Setup for Villager Trade:

Simple Setup for villagers:

Mr_Chibi's Permissions Essentials Minecraft Data Pack

Result Villager Trade:

Mr_Chibi's Permissions Essentials Minecraft Data Pack

Warps Overall:

do /trigger create_warp, Summons an armorstand and keeps track of warp.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17

9 Update Logs

Entire Pack Update, Permissions & Bug Fixes! : 08/12/2021 2:16:58 amAug 12th

Introducting Permission!

What is permissions? How do I use it?!
Permissions is a list of array items, which grant players to have permissions for example,

I selected [​3] for "showitem" command, now Trusted and up! has showitem!
  • NEW* /trigger perms - List of Player Permissions

  • NEW* /function permissions:scoreboards/default_permissions - Uses Permissions I've setup for players.

  • Permissions Setup below:
    [​1] = Guest
    [​2] = Member
    [​3] = Trusted
    [​4] = Supporter
    [​5] = Builder
    [​6] = Moderator
    [​7] = Admin
    [​8] = Developer
    [​9] = Owner

Bug Fixes:

  • Rewrote the entire pack! Removed bug issues!
  • Fixed Banks, zombie proof & unkillable in survival (can only be removed in creative mode killing villager)
  • Fixed Homes, Spawn, Gravestone!
  • Player couldn't teleport in right place for any dimension or deathpoint it's been patched and rewritten!

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08/12/2021 4:47 amhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
xRhodium avatar
Hi, the /trigger bank does not work even for owners, as it says I’m not able to trigger the objective yet. So I tried setting “bank”’s permission to 1, and when i used the “/trigger bank” command again, it says that I have “Triggered [​bank]” but nothing happened. I also noticed something in the “active_commands.mcfunction” that the file location is just “permissions:bank/update” but the location was actually in “permissions:active/bank/update”. I’m not sure if its intentional. I also noticed under the “commands.mcfunction”, there is a function called “permissions:commands/bank” but its not in the files. Hope this helps.
08/12/2021 10:48 amhistory
Level 49 : Master Kitten
Mr_Chibi avatar
It's all patched now, thanks for error reporting :D
Just redownload the pack & do the function:

/function permissions:scoreboards/default_permissions
08/18/2021 3:00 am
Level 1 : New Miner
xRhodium avatar
Thanks, it works now. just that, is there a way where I can repeatedly withdraw or deposit without having to constantly right-click the villager to refresh the bank page?
07/17/2021 7:49 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Architect
KxZ x Dewix
KxZ x Dewix avatar
Hi is compatible for 1.17.1 ?
07/17/2021 8:08 pm
Level 49 : Master Kitten
Mr_Chibi avatar
Yes, It's compatible for 1.17.1 Should be perfectly fine! :D
07/13/2021 4:03 amhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
masked5199 avatar
Hi, I'm using this datapack very well but I've found a bug on it.
If my "sethome" location number is 100/60/100. "home" command perfectly works.

However, if the location is -100/60/-100. It doesn't works.

I want you to fix this bug and update.

Thanks for making and sharing this amazing datapack, and sorry to my terrible English.

Have a good day.
07/03/2021 12:07 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
LateFilms avatar
trigger spawn does not work
07/03/2021 8:52 pm
Level 49 : Master Kitten
Mr_Chibi avatar
Do these following steps:
  1. /team join Dev
  2. /trigger setspawn
  3. /trigger spawn
If these don't work then idk what issue is cause it's working fine for me.
06/30/2021 5:35 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
ActIsAnime avatar
hey, sometimes when i sethome_2 its says home 2 set and everything but when i do the home_2 tp command it doesnt do anything.
07/01/2021 12:19 pm
Level 49 : Master Kitten
Mr_Chibi avatar
Everything works fine for me, I've tested it
  • /trigger sethome_2
  • /trigger home_2
I see nothing wrong with it on my end.
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