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NoteBlock Maestro: Multi-Player Update! [beta]

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MaizumaGames avatar MaizumaGames
Level 20 : Expert Engineer
This is the second release of my new project named NoteBlock Maestro which is a datapack designed to make your life easier when dealing with note blocks in Minecraft (especially in survival).

It provides such new abilities:
  • Mined note blocks preserve data and can be re-place in the world with the same note.
  • Mined note blocks are automatically renamed, easier to find in your inventory.
  • Set/Configure note blocks with a single click using the on screen menu.
  • Get information from note blocks by looking at them (probe tool).
  • Figure out notes & entire songs using the simulator menu.
  • Experiment with different instruments by using the simulator.
  • Access preset tunes that can be replicated in your own world.
  • Tune permissions to hear and/or silence other players around you.
  • Allow other players to listen to your simulator interactions.
  • Built-in music player with preset songs to use in the world.

Future Features:
  • Access to the note editor.
  • Record your own sound tracks.
  • Easily transfer your studio/simulator creations to note blocks.
  • Multiple tracks (rudimentary support already available).
  • ... there is more, but that will be a secret for now.
Run the command: /trigger NoteBlockMaestro in chat to activate the functionalities (same command to deactivate). You can follow the instructions on screen and check out the video on my youtube channel (Maizuma Channel) for more information.

This datapack works both on single-player and multi-player now but I still recommend trying it on a copy of your map since it's a beta release for now.

You can support this project with user feedback, posting about it (feel free to make videos featuring it) or on my Patreon.

It's feature request season! if you got the spare time, some feedback (good or bad) is appreciated in the comments or Discord.

Have fun!
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18
toMinecraft 1.19

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by MaizumaGames 12/31/2022 7:15:58 pmDec 31st, 2022

  • First time players now get a single message showing them how to execute the /trigger NoteBlockMaestro to get started as well as a book/manual with all the information about the datapack!
  • Small fix moving a misplaced loot table to its original place.

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