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Perasha's Avatar Perasha
Level 46 : Master Engineer
This is the continuation of Warp Sigils; that datapack will no longer receive anymore updates, all future updates will come to this datapack!


This datapack requires Perasha's Utilities to function correctly! Make sure you install both, otherwise you will get an error message telling you to install it!


Though there are many teleportation datapacks and mods out there, I saw limitations with each method. With Warp Sigils, I've attempted to create the most user-friendly and useful teleportation network I can. They're easy to use, affordable to create, and is multiplayer-friendly!

Update Notes


Got an exciting small little update for you guys today!

#1 - The Help menu! Any player can enter /trigger pt_help and they'll get a little help menu! You can get basic information such as making your first teleporter, to more advanced info like networks! Let me know if there's anything you'd like clarified in the menu and I'll be sure to update it!

#2 - Improvements to the particles! Turns out... yeah, the way I was doing the particles was taxing on the server side, so that should be well optimized now! er, at least for now...
But, if you'd still like to get a bit more performance out of your computer, you can enter /scoreboard players enable @s pt_particles and that will allow you to change the particle setting! There are currently two modes: Lite and Normal. Lite mode gives your teleporters single beams and their color will show at the bottom. (Fair warning, this will require more testing and refinement by me over time to get something that looks nice even if it isn't pretty rings.)

If you're updating from an existing version on your server, you might have to enter /function teleporter:_update for the update to, you know, take effect. (I promise I'll add more triggers in the future so that this becomes safer to do!)

Please let me know if the menu is working properly in multiplayer! I'm unable to extensively test this pack in that environment so if you start running into issues, let me know!

With the introductions out of the way, let's dive right into how to make and use your own warp sigil network!

Setting up the datapack is super simple! After installing, just make sure to type in /reload; if all goes well, a fancy message will appear in chat saying that it installed successfully!

Creating a Sigil
Creating a sigil is straightforward; you'll need 16 redstone and 1 ender pearl. You must lay out your redstone in the pattern shown above in a 5x5 area. After that, throw an ender pearl in the center, and viola! You've just created your first sigil.

Destroying a Sigil
Getting rid of unwanted sigils is easy; just break any of the redstone used, and the sigil will break, leaving the leftover ender pearl in the center.

Using a warp sigil is super easy! When you walk into the glowing ring, each available destination will appear punch the particles of the location you want to go, and within a few seconds you'll be taken there!

Renaming Sigils
By default, a sigil will be named "New", and it will be hidden. You can change this by naming a piece of paper in an anvil, and throwing it in the center of the sigil. You can use the same name for as many teleporters as you'd like, but you might lose track of which is which!

Showing/Hiding Name
Tossing in a bone meal will show the name of the sigil, and tossing in an inc sac will hide the name!

Coloring Sigils
You can also use dyes to color-coordinate your sigils! Simply throw your desired color in the center, and you'll see the outer ring change instantly with a white puff of smoke!

Interdimensional Travel
Not only do these sigils have an infinite range, but they also can connect to other dimensions! Just be cautious when placing sigils in the Nether, as it can get laggy!

Entity Transportation
All entities within the sigil's area are teleported when a destination is selected! This also includes items and armor stands, so have fun with that!

Teleporting without a Sigil
For when you really need to get out of a tight situation, or perhaps you've wandered too far from home and need to get back, you can hold an eye of ender in your off-hand and light a fire beneath you with flint and steel to instantly transport yourself to the nearest sigil. From there you can head exactly where you need!

Keep in mind, this method will also transport any other players or entities within 2 blocks of you, so keep that in mind when you're trying to head to safety!

Networks are the most recent additional feature, most useful in multiplayer environments!

To begin, place an item frame in the direct center of the sigil. At first, there won't be anything different; that's because we need to give it a network to connect to! To do this, place a name tag that's been named in an anvil; voila! The sigil will now be connected to all other sigils with the same name; but it won't be able to connect to any other sigils.

To switch a sigil's network, just remove the name tag from the item frame and replace it with a new one! Or you can remove it entirely and let the sigil connect back to the open.

- Add larger and smaller sigils
  - Larger sigils show more destinations, can transport more things at once
  - Smaller sigils can be set to one destination, so entities and players automatically teleport when entering
- Sigils that only certain players can use

Known Bugs
1 - Sometimes when resetting, teleporters are completely reset but keep any networks

2 - Creating a teleporter with an item frame already in the center causes weird behavior

I'm currently working on these, please be patient on the fixes! Currently the first issue is mostly seen on dedicated servers, and doesn't seem to be prevalent on singleplayer, however the reason for this is currently unknown to me.

Helpful Links
Installing datapacks: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorials/Installing_a_data_pack

1 - I am not responsible for corrupt/deleted worlds for incorrect installation/etc! Datapacks are much easier than mods however, but keep in mind
2 - There may be some datapacks that conflict with this one; if there is, please leave a comment below and I might be able to fix the conflict!


- Chunk Loaders
Please do not use Chunk Loaders to try and keep teleporters loaded, this is a system already in place and it might cause weird behavior.

Q: I installed the datapack but it's not working!
There could be a plethora of reasons why the datapack isn't working for you:
0) Make sure you've installed Perasha Utilities and you've reloaded the world before continuing.
If you can't make or edit sigils, check and see what other datapacks you're running; due to the nature of datapacks, you might have a conflict on your hands! Be sure to test which datapack is conflicting to resolve that issue. If you do find a conflict, message me and I'll see if I can make a workaround.
2) If you aren't using other datapacks, give me as much information and detail as possible; saying "the pack doesn't work" is not helpful; but saying "My teleporters aren't teleporting me, they're only playing the animation and sound effects" is a TON more helpful and gets me an idea of where I need to look to fix it.

Q: Can I use part of your datapack for something I'm making?

A: Of course! Building datapacks requires learning from others; if I get requests I can give more detailed explanations of how certain systems work in posts or in the form of videos.

Q: I punched the destination/threw in an item/broke the portal and it's not working!
A: Due to the nature of the datapack, sometimes it takes a moment to teleport from one sigil to another, and due to the nature of datapacks in general, a laggy response can be expected. Especially in oceans, for some reason. Please be patient!

Q: I can't see any particles!
A: Please be sure to check that your particle settings are not set to "minimal", the particles are not forced in this datapack.

Q: I want to replace ender pearls with <insert item here>!
A: If you want to be able to throw in an item that isn't an ender pearl to make a teleporter, follow these steps. (this step-by step mini-guide assumes that you don't have prior datapack knowledge and that's ok!)
Step 0) - Unzip the datapack, it'll be easier to work with.
Step 1) - Navigate to data/teleporter/functions/
Step 2) - Open the run.mcfunction file
Step 3) - On the second line, you should see:
execute as @e[​type=item,nbt={Item:{id:"minecraft:ender_pearl"}}] at @s run function teleporter:detect_structure
Step 4) - Change "minecraft:ender_pearl" to the id of the item you'd like to use instead, then save the file.
Step 5) - In the same folder, find the destroy_check.mcfunction file.
Step 6) - Navigate to line 19, which has the following command:
execute at @e[​tag=teleporter,scores={DestroyCheck=1}] run summon minecraft:item ~ ~ ~ {Item:{id:"minecraft:ender_pearl",Count:1b}}
Step 7) - Repeat step 4.
Step 8) - Everything should be good to go! While you're in your world, make sure you enter /reload to make sure everything loads properly!

NOTICE: CHANGE THE FILES AT YOUR OWN RISK. I recommend doing this on a test world that you're ok with a few things going wrong in, or at the very least, make a backup of your world. I am not responsible for any damage done to your world for changing the files in this way.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

3 Update Logs

Update #3 : by Perasha 12/28/2020 10:14:47 amDec 28th, 2020

- Fixed a small incompatibility issue with 1.16 - 1.16.3

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07/04/2022 4:15 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
cuboxy's Avatar
against all odds this seems to still work on 1.19
01/15/2022 7:18 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Network
imhyper1's Avatar
Everytime I restart my 1.18.1 server almost all teleporters temporarily disable and I have to go back and set them up again.
11/07/2021 8:37 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Great_Assasin_10000's Avatar
Hello! I have a problem. the datapack was fine, but it only lets me create one in the overworld and one in the nether. because everything else is deactivated every time I return. and I have to go to activate them manually. (I play with cheats off)

what I do? I hope you can help me friend
08/23/2021 9:37 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
GreatBlackShark's Avatar
anyone tested this with 1.17?
06/02/2021 3:28 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Withershadow's Avatar
Does it work with your pocket dimensions datapack?
05/04/2021 8:38 am
Level 39 : Artisan Warrior
TBlazeWarriorT's Avatar
I tried to rename my house, and it keeps being called "New" no matter how many renamed papers I waste.
My friend named his house and it worked, we renamed another portal and it worked, but my house is stuck as "New".
Other than a few minor bugs the datapack is amazing in 1.16.5
05/02/2021 8:07 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Warrior
TBlazeWarriorT's Avatar
Just downloaded to test, looks amazing so far and works very well
Except that I tried to teleport myself from the overworld to the end, the portals even linked properly but I got teleported to a random place in the end instead of where the portal was
Maybe you can fix this by adding a second teleport a few ticks later to make sure it teleports you to the right place?
04/29/2021 3:56 pm
Level 27 : Expert Miner
CoreyByte's Avatar
is there a way to change the structure for the teleporter?
02/15/2021 1:37 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Crafter
okzerus's Avatar
takes up to 20% of the total TPS on server, what do i do?
02/10/2021 11:08 am
Level 1 : New Miner
BusyFox's Avatar
Just curious if it keeps the chunks the portals are in loaded or not. It feels like it does because the teleport is so smooth, but I'm not sure.

Anyways, I ask because I'm trying to cut lag down on my server, and our current teleporter system keeps chunks loaded and lags more the more added to the network.
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