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Level 27 : Expert Miner
Adds two new planting utilities to the game: Crop Detection, and automatic crop planting.

Crop Detection compatible crops: beetroots, wheat, potatoes, carrots.
Auto-plantable crops: beetroots, wheat, potatoes, carrots, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds.

How to use:

Crop Detector:
To use the crop detection, rename an observer to "Crop Detector" and place it in an item frame on any block. Place either wheat, beetroots, carrots, or potatoes in front of it, and the item frame should go invisible, meaning its locked and loaded. Now anytime the crop in front of it is fully grown (age 7 for potatoes, carrots, and wheat, age 3 for beetroots) it will set the block behind it to a redstone block, letting you activate nearly anything. To change crops, remove both the crop and the item frame/item inside. Then just replace them with the new crop in front of the item frame/item.
Keep in mind that when the block in front of the crop detector is not a fully grown crop, it will constantly set the block behind it to air. This means any blocks behind the block that the detector is on will be set to air and removed, so make sure to clear it if you dont want to lose anything.

To use the auto-planting feature, take a dispenser and place it down. Then on the side you want, place an item frame with any of the auto-plantable crops (listed above) inside it. This new item frame will detect if the dispenser is triggered, which will then in turn plant whatever crop you placed inside the item frame. For some reason you can't place blocks above the dispenser with the item frame/crop on it, so make sure to place any blocks above the dispenser before you place the item frame and crop.

Both of these can be used in conjunction, to make fully automatic farms. To make a farm with 8 crops would take only 17 dispensers, 8 planting seeds, 8 detecting fully grown seeds, and 1 dispensing water to destroy the seeds and flush them into a hopper. Using some redstone, you could easy automate it to detect a fully grown seed, active the water dispenser to flush the seeds, activate the water again to take it back, then plant the seeds.

Let me know if you'd like me to add any more seeds or try to tweak the functionality a bit!
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17
toMinecraft 1.18

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