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Required Resource Pack
Evilonesw's Avatar Evilonesw
Level 45 : Master Engineer
Powers Datapack by Evilonesw.
For Minecraft version 1.19+
This is a Datapack that gives you a good deal of different abilities to use and experiment with.
So far some of the powers include Flames, Invincibility, Flight, Intangibility, Freeze vision, Lightning, Explosive, Dimension hopping, Telekinesis, Teleporting and many more
39+ Main Powers with over 100+ different abilities

Major updates
Version 1.01 is now survival friendly
Version 1.03 4 new powers added. Extra sub power added to weapons expert
Version 1.04 3 new powers added. Swapped sub power of weapons expert. Major bug fixes
Version 1.05 3 new powers added. Added better notification system to know that the powers are working properly. Major bug fixes. Added energy system for a few powers. Destructive Wave power now runs off of the energy system instead of xp. Bossbar for Beast mode removed and replaced with energy system
Version 1.06 1 new power added. Major bug fixes. Teleport power now allows you to teleport other entities with you.
Version 1.10 4 new powers added. Major bug fixes. New items and craftables added.
Version 1.11 5 new powers added. Minor bug fixes. More compatible with other datapacks

How to use
All powers are controlled with a power activate and power toggle item. To craft these all you need to do is place one dirt block or one sand block in a crafting table. To obtain the powers you have to make a crafting table, and a one time use book with all the list of powers/abilities will be given to you. All you need to do is find the one you like and click the click for power prompt on the page of the power you choose. If you are in survival mode and cheats aren't enabled you can only choose your power once so choose wisely (might update this in the future). Use adminbook if cheats are enabled in your world for multiple power selections

/function superpowers:adminbook will give you a book to experiment with all the powers that wont be deleted from your inventory and is multi-use.
/function superpowers:adminitems will give you the power activate and power toggle items
/function superpowers:uninstall will uninstall the datapack
/datapack enable "file/Superpowers" to re-enable the datapack after /function superpowers:uninstall has been used

Not all bugs are apparent, please let me know if you experience any .Has not been multiplayer tested. Hasn't been tested with any other datapacks so there's always the chance of compatibility issues. Don't use the glitch superpower if you suffer from seizures or epilepsy.

Feel free to send a message on discord evilonesw#4363 if you have any suggestions of future powers, or have any bugs you want to report.
Feel free to change the code around and experiment as you wish. Feel free to use in any youtube videos or other online media, please just give credit to me though if you do

Special thanks to Cloudwolf and Wafflesarebetter for their brilliant youtube tutorials on custom dimensions, without it I wouldn't have known how to create one.

Custom items and crafting recipes
Power activate and Power toggle.
Crafted using one piece of dirt, or one sand

Boots of unlimited energy. Unbreakable. Provides the wearer with infinite saturation, and slowly fills up your energy level (for powers that use the energy system). Crafted using one nether star and one netherite boots

Chestplate of vitality. Unbreakable. Increases health, provides massive armor points, reduces knockback. Crafted using one nether star and one netherite chestplate

Helmet of clear vision. Unbreakable. Gives night vision when worn and removes any darkness or blindness status effects. Crafted using one nether star and one netherite helmet

Leggings of swiftness. Unbreakable. Increases speed, slightly reduces fall damage. Crafted using one nether star and one netherite leggings

Super Elytra. Unbreakable. Gives you an unlimited supply of fireworks while flying. Crafted using one nether star and one elytra

Powers and abilities
Key: (1)-Refers to right clicking the Power activate item. (2)-Refers to Right clicking the Power toggle item

Using (1) will shoot a fireball in the direction you are looking. Sneaking while using (1) will set the area around you on fire. (2) will activate the flamethrower ability which shoots out flames in front of you, looking down while using this ability will cause you to jetpack into the air (warning fall damage will still apply). Buffed when in lava, Debuffed when in water

Using (1) will summon an iron golem to protect you. Sneaking and using (1) will summon a ridable skeleton horse. Using (2) will summon a Blaze to attack players. Using (2) will summon a wither Skeleton to attack players. All summoned mobs are friendly to you

Use (1) to toggle flight on or off. Use (2) to toggle between flying up or flying down. Shift while flying to ascend or descend, depending on what (2) is toggled to

Solid air
Using (1) will place a block of solid air in front of the player, It is completely un-minable. Sneaking and using (1) will toggle solid air to constantly be placed at your feet, allowing you to walk across ravines and mountains with ease, just sneak and use (1) again to toggle off. Using (2) will delete all of the solid air blocks you have placed

Using (1) will toggle sneak activation of your ability, so whenever you sneak you turn completely invincible to physical damage at the cost of solidifying and slowing down. Using (2) will toggle the ability completely off or on

Using (1) Will turn you completely intangible allowing you to move through any block you wish, Just look down and sneak to turn back to normal. Using (2) will turn you intangible for a brief second, allowing you to slip out of danger quickly, you will remain intangible until you completely come into contact with air, or look down and sneak. Sneaking while using (2) will toggle jump activation for the last ability, so whenever you jump you turn temporarily intangible.

Using (1) Toggle invisibility on or off. Sneaking at any time will turn you invisible regardless of toggle

Using (1) Will teleport you to the block you are looking at. Using (2) will recall you to the marker you placed. Sneaking and using (2) will place a marker for you to teleport to later. Sneaking and punching any entity while holding poweractivate will mark them meaning next time you use (1) they will teleport with you. Sneaking and punching any entity while holding powertoggle will mark them meaning next time you use (2) they be recalled to your marker with you.

Using (1) Will create an explosion in front of the player. Using (1) while sneaking will fire a short range explosive where you are looking. Using (2) will lay a bomb on the ground where you stand. Using (2) and sneaking will detonate all bombs. (Warning you will only be protected from the blast in front of the player, bombs and the short range explosive will damage you)

Beast Mode
Using (1) Will activate Beast Mode, you will gain a bunch of buffs that make you a lot stronger. Using (2) will toggle between the 2 different beast mode levels. Level one uses less energy, but isn't as strong as level two. Energy regenerates slowly over time

Using (1) Makes you faster, when moving fast enough you will damage mobs when running into them, and will automatically freeze any water you run over. Using (2) will decrease your speed level.

Freeze Vision
Using (1) will toggle between power always being turned on, or only activated when you sneak. Using (2) will woggle between freeze vision (freezes mobs you are looking at), or freezing all mobs around you in a short radius.

Using (1) will strike lightning where you look (long distance). Using (1) while sneaking, lightning will strike in front of the player. Using (2) will create a thunder storm (lag warning)

Weapons Expert
Using (1) will conjure up a pair of homing swords which will seek out and damage nearby mobs. Using (1) and sneaking will give the player a set an enchanted sword and wrap you in a set of armor (Warning, take off any other armor before hand as it may be destroyed). Using (2) will toggle a hail storm of arrows around the player.

Sunlight Warrior
Using (1) will wither all mobs in a large vicinity around the player, can only be used above ground and during the day, in view of the sunlight. Using (1) while sneaking will heal and nourish mobs, except the undead will be instantly killed. Using (2) will toggle the player to glow, lighting up the area around the player. Buffed during the day and in the sunlight

Dimension Hopper
Using (1) will warp the player to the selected dimension. Sneaking and using (1) will warp any mobs in front of the player to the selected dimension. Using (2) will allow you to choose which dimension. Sneaking and using (2) will allow you to choose whether to warp player safely or not (Safe warp will do its best to place you into a safe location within the dimension, if turned off you will warp to the exact coordinates of the corresponding dimension, resulting in likely death if not calculated correctly (May warp into lava, in the void, into a block, 100m in the air) ).

Deep Dark
Using (1) while standing on natural blocks will spread sculk around the player. Any mob who stands on the sculk while the player is nearby will gain major debuffs including blindness. While standing on the sculk a player will gain many buffs and will be able to use (2) to shoot out a sonic boom.

Using (1) will force push any mobs in front of the player a long distance back. Using (1) while sneaking will pull any mobs you are facing towards you. Using (2) Will pick up a single entity in front of you, use (2) again to drop it or use (1) while holding it to force push it away. (Doesn't work on player)

Ocean Dweller
Using (1) will toggle on or off, a debuff for any mob in the water around the player (must be in water). Sneaking and using (1) will toggle on or off a buff which will effect any mob in the water around the player (player must be in water). Using (2) will toggle better vision for underwater, and while this ability is active you will jump very high into the air when ascending to the surface.

Punch Buffs/Debuffs
Using (1) will allow you to choose which buffs/debuffs you would like to apply. Using (2) will allow you to choose how long the mob will be effected by the buff/debuff. Punch a mob to effect them with the applied buff/debuff.

You will always regenerate health at a decent rate. Upon death you will gain the ability to choose whether to return to your place of death. When returning you are temporarily buffed

Night Crawler
During the night and in darkness you gain enhanced speed and strength, and sneaking will turn you invisible. Exposure to sunlight makes you hungry. Automatic night vision in the dark. Punching any mob will heal and feed you.

Laser Eyes
Using (1) will shoot a long range laser blast where you are looking. Using (2) will toggle laser beams, sneaking while using this ability will instantly melt any block in front of it (any naturally minable block)

Combat Master
Using (1) will toggle Auto counter, when you are damaged you will instantly damage that mob back (short range/melee only). Using (2) will toggle Auto dodge, will dodge some incoming mob attacks (sort of like rapid movement from DBZ) and will automatically dodge any incoming projectiles if fired from long range.

Destructive Wave
Using (1) will fire out a massive Explosive wave in front of the player, must be charged first (Major Lag warning). Using (1) while sneaking while sneaking will allow you to set off a kamikaze nuke at your feet, does not require charging, but will kill you. Using 2 will toggle the charge off and on, sacrifices speed and hunger for energy to power your Explosive wave

Soul Tether
Punch a mob to soul tether to it. Any damage you take will be transferred to the mob, potentially killing it. When killed you will untether with it, so will have to tether to a new mob. Any non player mob you are tethered to will become friendly to you. Using (1) will allow you to choose whether to untether from a mob, sacrifice it to gain some of its natural abilities for a short time, teleport to it, or it to you, or swap places with it.

Poison Fog
Using (1) Will create a giant poisonous fog where you are, whilst in the fog you are majorly buffed, any other mob or player is damaged and debuffed. Using (1) while sneaking will make the fog disappear. Using (2) will spray a poisonous mist in front of you, damaging and debuffing anyone hit

Using (1) will place a trap at your feet, you will not activate any traps by standing on them, but any mob who does will trigger their effect (careful you can still be effected by the trap if you are in range when it is activated). Using (1) while sneaking will give you the option to destroy all placed traps, or to activate all of them without needing an enemy to trigger it. Using (2) will allow you to choose between the different trap types

Using (1) will teleport you instantly behind the nearest hostile mob (careful may land you in a dangerous situation if the mob is in an unsafe spot). Using (2) will allow you to attack much faster than anybody else, and increase your resistance and movement speed (runs off of the energy system)

Void Storage
Using (1) will summon a chest with 9 different inventories available, in front of the player. Sneaking while using (1) will make the chest disappear. Using (2) will allow you to choose which inventory you want to access. None of this extra storage will be lost upon death, but it can be stolen by other players if they open it, so make sure to always use (2) after use to avoid theft.

The more you run the more momentum and speed you build. The faster you are going, the more damage you will do when running into enemies, and the more damage resistance you will gain. Using (2) will toggle destructive sprint, meaning any block in front of you whilst running will be broken.

Using (1) will temporarily freeze time for all players and mobs in the immediate vicinity, after a short time they will turn back to normal. Using (2) will cause your movement to glitch out allowing you to bounce forward like crazy, and even through blocks (Warning, Potential seizure inducer, Don't use if you have epilepsy). Immune to fall damage.

Damage Battery
Every time you take damage your energy level will be increased. The more energy you have, the more you damage resistance you will gain. Using (1) will allow you to expel all your energy outwards causing all nearby mobs to die, costs 5000 energy. Using (2) Will toggle Power release which when activated will increase the damage your next hit does (the more energy the much higher the damage output), but all punches will drain your energy, maximum strength will be at 3000 energy.

Using (1) will allow you to instantly mine any block (except for obsidian, any creative blocks, any indestructible blocks, and fluids). Using (2) will allow you to pick between mining in a singular, longer range (up to 9 blocks where you are facing) mining type, or a 3x3, right in front of you, mining type. Sneaking and using (2) will toggle item vacuum, which will instantly teleport any items in the vicinity to your feet to pick up.

Using (1) will shoot out a freezing wave that will freeze mobs and water. Sneaking and using (1) will shoot out an wave that will unfreeze all ice. Using 2 will toggle a blizzard, sneaking while it is activated will freeze all enemies around you, looking down while it is activated will create an ice path at your feet.

Using (1) will activate spell 1. Sneaking and using (1) will activate spell 2. Using (2) will give you a spellbook where you can choose what spells you want to equip.

Using (1) will fire off a gravity blast. Sneaking and using (1) will toggle gravity pushback, which will push all mobs around you backwards. Using (2) will summon a blackhole which will suck in all surrounding entities and players. Sneaking and using (2) will destroy the blackhole.

Adapt to survive. Will adapt to the environment becoming more resilient. When damaged you become more resistant for a short time. Sneaking will allow you to slowfall.

Using (1) will decrease your body slam height. Snea
king and using (1) will increase your body slam height, jump to activate, the higher the height the larger the crater when you land. Using (2) will ground slam, damaging and sending all surrounding enemies flying into the air. Naturally super strong

More to come....

If you have any idea for new powers please message me or comment and I will try my best
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

18 Update Logs

Update #11 Version 1.11 #5 : by Evilonesw 08/01/2023 9:50:37 amAug 1st, 2023

Changes to work on newer versions of MC

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08/07/2023 9:55 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman System
Dratic95's Avatar
please can you please port this to more versions such as maybe 1.16.5 or 1.18.2?
05/09/2023 1:25 am
Level 1 : New Miner
xX_Deathbringer_Xx's Avatar
How do i remove my power? I have cheats, but no way to remove my power, which is quite difficult as i picked Speed which doesnt fully deactivate even after a few clicks of the Power Toggle Item
05/09/2023 2:37 am
Level 1 : New Miner
xX_Deathbringer_Xx's Avatar
Nevermind, The Admin Book auto-removes previous powers, plus uninstalling and then /reload gives the starter book.
01/14/2023 1:29 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
LogicSequence's Avatar
Running 1.19.2 can't seem to get destructive wave to work. If i use 2 to charge it sits there making the particles indefinitely with nothing happening. No matter when i press 1 (after charging or other) nothing happens. I see the text Energy Level, but nothing else, dunno if there's supposed to be a progress bar or anything. It just won't do anything.
12/08/2022 8:50 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Hamilton1776's Avatar
Unfortunately this no longer works. I tried holding down right click while holding the tools after getting them from the book but it doesnt work. i tried pressing 1 2 and 3 but it didnt work, i tried wearing the armor but it didnt work I dont know why

its on 1.19.2

im trying all the powers
12/09/2022 10:47 am
Level 1 : New Miner
GrEen_3dGe's Avatar
Do /datapack list in your Minecraft WorldIf the name of the datapack isn't green, then it means you didn't installed it right
12/09/2022 10:48 am
Level 1 : New Miner
GrEen_3dGe's Avatar
You might also have conflicts with other datapacks that use sneak for some things (like the simple jojo datapack, I had to uninstall it because it didn't work because of the conflict)
12/04/2022 7:54 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Francesco_09ITA's Avatar
so if i make a crafting table i get the book right?
11/26/2022 1:27 am
Level 1 : New Miner
How do I craft the book?
11/28/2022 12:13 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
GrEen_3dGe's Avatar
When you craft a crafting table for the first time, you will get the book
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