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More Enchantments 1.19+

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Evilonesw's Avatar Evilonesw
Level 45 : Master Engineer
More Enchantments by Evilonesw.
For Minecraft version 1.19+
This is a Datapack that adds more enchantments to the game

How to use
To get the enchantment book you will have to kill mobs. There is a 1/200% chance of dropping from a normal mob. Killing a boss mob (Wither, Ender Dragon, Elder Guardian, Warden) Will drop 1 to 3 enchantment books.
Once you have enchantment book place the item you wish to enchant into your offhand slot, then open up the book and click the prompt to enchant it. Make sure you check the enchantment list in here as not all enchantments are compatible with each other, and some only work for specific items.

/function evilonesw_extrainv:adminenchants will give you a book containing all the enchantments you can apply
/function evilonesw_extrainv:uninstall will uninstall the datapack
/datapack enable "file/Evilonesw_customenchants" to re-enable the datapack after /function evilonesw_extrainv:uninstall has been used

General Info
Purple enchantments of the same colour on weapons, tools, bows, shields are incompatible with other Purple enchantments
Dark Blue enchantments of the same colour on weapons, tools, bows, shields are incompatible with other Dark Blue enchantments
Green enchantments are stackable
Gold enchantments will have the requirements and specifications described (if any)

Weapon Enchantments-Swords/axes
Lightning Strike-Lighting strikes enemy when you hit them
Wither-Effects enemy with wither status effect
Blinding-Blinds enemy
Slowing-Slows down enemy
Poisoning-Poisons enemy
Weaken-Weakens enemy
Liftoff-Effects enemy with levitation status effect
Flurry Slash-When you hit an enemy you strike multiple times slashing all enemies around you
Life Steal-Steal health from enemy

Fly-Sneaking and looking up will lift you up into the air, sneaking looking down will allow you to slowly fall
Rush-Sneaking rushes in the direction you are facing

Weakening Aura-All enemies in a small radius around you are slowed, and weakened around you when you hold the weapon

Weapons Enchantments-Bows
Web Arrows-Whatever is hit by the arrrow is encased with web
Inferno Arrows-Area hit by the arrrow is set ablaze
Explosive Arrows-Arrows explode where they hit
Lightning Arrows-Lightning strikes where arrow hits
Teleportation Arrows-You are teleported where your arrow lands.

No Gravity Arrows-Arrows are not effected by gravity
Trishot-Fires 3 arrows off instead of 1

Tools Enchantments
Item Vacuum-All Tools. When you sneak all items in a nearby radius come to you

Tree Lobber-Axe. Chops the whole tree down when you break the first block
Vein Miner-Pickaxe. Mines the whole ore vein
3x3 Mine-Pickaxe. Mines a 3x3 square
3x3 Dig-Shovel. Digs a 3x3 square

Healing Block-Blocking damage will heal you
Reflect Damage-Reflects damage back towards attackers

Cushioning Shield-Facing straight down while falling will soften the impact, negating fall damage

Clear vision-Helmets. Clears you of the blindness and darkness status effect
Night Vision-Helmets. See in the dark
Decontaminate-Helmets. You are unaffected by hunger
Xray-Helmets. When you sneak you can see nearby mobs through walls
Water Breathing-Chestplate. Breathe underwater
Fire Resist-Chestplate. Immune to fire
Haste-Chestplate. Faster mining
Regen-Chestplate. Active regeneration
Fast Swim-Leggings. Swim faster
Jump Boost-Leggings. Jump higher
Resistance-Leggings. Higher damage negation
Sprint Speed-Leggings. Faster sprint speed
Antidote-Boots. Immune to poison
Photosynthesis-Boots. During the day time, in view of the sun, the sunlight feeds you
Slowfall-Boots. Slowfalling

Soul Bind-When you die items are teleported back to you (caution items may still be lost in lava, cactus, or the void)
More to come

Not all bugs are apparent, please let me know if you experience any. Compatibility issues with other datapacks not written by me may always occur.

Feel free to send a message on discord evilonesw#4363 if you have any suggestions of enchantments or have any bugs you want to report.
Feel free to change the code around and experiment as you wish. Feel free to use in any youtube videos or other online media, please just give credit to me though if you do.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

2 Update Logs

Update #0.2 Version1.00 #3 : by Evilonesw 10/16/2022 9:19:40 pmOct 16th, 2022

Minor Compatibility bug with Aternos servers resolved

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04/12/2023 11:23 am
Level 1 : New Miner
PabloRat's Avatar
hello Evilonesw the /reload on the scoreboards didnt work and the same issue is still occurring with "unknown scoreboard objective"

also is there a way to disable the mods and bosses from dropping the books?
12/09/2022 6:49 am
Level 1 : New Miner
alfgames2008's Avatar
Hey There i cant get the book with the command randomly
i need some help with this and please reach out whenever you can
04/15/2023 11:03 pm
Level 26 : Expert Nerd
wisd8m's Avatar
Im not the creator, but I think things like this often happen with anything that unlocks all recipes.
11/02/2022 12:15 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Nowuh's Avatar
Hey, I'm not sure how to fix this due to my limited command knowledge but when I use the admin book in 1.19.2 and click on an enchant in the book it displays the text "unknown scoreboard objective 'custenchtrigger' and doesn't do anything.

Also, no boss mobs drop enchant books when I kill them.

Hopefully there is a way to fix this, thank you :)
11/03/2022 1:36 am
Level 45 : Master Engineer
Evilonesw's Avatar
Hey how's it going. It appears that somehow it hasnt loaded properly, and that some of the scoreboard objectives are missing. A simple /reload should suffice. If this doesnt work just message again
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