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This datapack aims to improve Minecraft Combat. It takes inspiration for games such as Dark Souls, and also implements old minecraft mechanics. The main goal of this datapack is to bridge the gap between 1.8.9 pvp and newer pvp while adding interesting features to spice it up.

Stamina and Mana Bar

This adds in a mana and stamina bar. There is a max of 16 stamina and mana points you can have, and you regenerate 1 stamina point every 30 seconds, and 1 mana point every minute. Dashing takes 1 stamina. Mana has no use currently. These bars replace the normal hunger bar, so you can no longer regenerate naturally, but you can always sprint and cannot die of hunger. We will cover how to heal in the Stew section. The hunger effect reduces stamina instead of saturation.

Now you can dash with this datapack installed. To dash walk in a direction, then tap your sneak button. This consumes 1 stamina point and only works in survival or adventure mode. But to compensate for this, hostile monsters get a random 0-80% speed boost.

Put any 3 food items into a bowl and you will be able to craft a stew. When you eat the stew, it will heal you instantly and recover some of your stamina . Both of these effects are based on what quality the food you put into the stew. You also eat the stews instantly.

If you tap sneak and push the button F, you get Fury for 5 seconds. Fury allows you to spam click, but halves your total damage. Axes deal an additional 25% less damage in fury.

If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments bellow.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

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