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x__mas avatar x__mas
Level 20 : Expert System
Xmas Labs S.E.A.T Pack

Sitting Enabled Anywhere Technology (S.E.A.T) pack is the ultimate sitting solution for Vanilla Minecraft!
It lets you sit anywhere in your world and comes with cool features like sitting physics!

The S.E.A.T pack let you sit anywhere.


  • ✅ Sit on (almost) any block/entity in the game, including other players
  • ✅ Intuitive mouse-based controls - no need for complex commands
  • ✅ Fine-tune your sitting position to make it look just right
  • ✅ Reacts to world physics letting players fall, bounce, slide, etc while seated
  • ✅ In-pack menu that lets you customize and configure pack features to your liking
  • ✅ Works in both singleplayer and multiplayer worlds
  • ✅ Carefully coded to prevent conflicts with other datapacks/mods, especially those made by me


To install this pack, you need to first extract the zip file and then copy its contents to your datapacks folder. It won't work if directly placed in your world.

🟡 You must copy both C.O.R.E and S.E.A.T folders to your datapacks folder.
The Co-Ordinated Runtime Environment (C.O.R.E) is included in the downloaded ZIP file and it holds commands shared between my packs. You need it to run the S.E.A.T pack.

🟡 If installing for the first time, or after a previous un-installation, you will have to reload twice.
If installed and loaded correctly, you should see both packs show up as advancements in your Advancements Tab (Press L key to open).

Sitting Down

There are two ways to sit using this pack:

Default Method:

  1. Stand in front of (or on top of) the block you want to sit on
  2. Turn around and face away from the block
  3. Look straight down and Right-Click (USE button / MOUSE 2)
S.E.A.T Default Method

Only If Sneaking Method:

  1. Stand in front of (or on top of) of the block you want to sit on
  2. Turn around and face away from the block
  3. Look straight down and
    3.1. Hold Left Shift (SNEAK button) for a second or two
    3.2. Release Left Shift (SNEAK button) & quickly press Right Click (USE button)
S.E.A.T Only-If-Sneaking Method

You can switch to your preferred method using the pack menu

S.E.A.T Adjustment Mode

This lets you fine-tune your sitting position after sitting.

It's the Minecraft equivalent to scooting over.

To enter S.E.A.T Adjustment Mode:
  1. Look straight down while seated and you should see a prompt telling you to scroll up/down (if prompts are enabled).
  2. Scroll up/down rapidly on your mouse-wheel/hotbar
S.E.A.T Adjustment Mode

Once you've entered S.E.A.T Adjustment Mode, you have 3 basic controls:
  • 👀 Look-Around/Rotation:

    This sets the direction you want to adjust your seat in.

  • 🔄 Scroll Up/Down:

    Moves your seat either forward or backward along the axis/direction you're currently facing.

  • ⌛ Wait/Stop Scrolling:

    If you stop scrolling for a while (about 7 seconds), the seat locks in your adjustment and exits S.E.A.T Adjustment Mode.

If Rotation Lock is enabled in the pack menu, the direction you're looking in when exiting S.E.A.T Adjustment Mode is locked in as your sitting rotation.

This also works when sitting on mobs and entities but is really difficult to do because they don't sit still during adjustment. If this annoys you, enable the Freeze Rides on Adjust option in the pack menu to temporarily freeze entities you're sitting on during adjustment.

🎠 Sitting On Entities

This pack lets you sit on almost every mob/entity in the game including other players, armor stands and mobs that can fly.

Riding entities using S.E.A.T

To sit on an entity, all you have to do is sit on them from above (or fall on them while seated). Be careful doing this in Survival Mode as the mob you're sitting on could get you killed. For instance, you could be sitting on a cat that suddenly decides to run into a 1-block high passage, suffocating you inside the block above. Also, sitting on hostile mobs is generally a bad idea, though in a few cases, it's possible to get away with it.

You cannot sit on underwater mobs due to a technical limitation in Minecraft that dismounts you if you're underwater (or under-lava).

You should be able to go everywhere the mob goes. This is even true for endermen teleports.

Some mobs behaviors can be frustrating though. For instance, ghasts tend to bounce away from you making them very difficult to sit on (but possible). Ender Dragons are almost impossible to sit on in Survival mode due to their speed and flying maneuvers. Vexes travel through blocks suffocating you in the process. Several mobs turn and try to face you while you're sitting on them, which ends up looking strange.

When Rotation Lock is enabled in the pack menu, you tend to rotate with the entity you're sitting on (unless you're in S.E.A.T Adjustment Mode). This usually isn't apparent visually, unless the entity makes a drastic rotation.

Please note that sitting on an entity isn't the same as riding them since you can't directly control their movement. However, you can now do things like share a ride with other players (they can join you as passengers).

🧲 Physics

If Physics is enabled, you will respond to world physics while seated. You could be pushed around by world mechanics like water, gravity, explosions, pistons, etc. How smoothly this runs depends on the performance of your world/server.

S.E.A.T Bounce

Please do not enable this in a Hardcore world! This feature is the sole cause behind 99% of this pack's bugs. It works most of the time, but during those rare moments when it doesn't work, you might find yourself being launched into outer-space or phasing through blocks.

I spent days patching all known physics bugs, but I'm sure there are a few that went under my radar. It's impossible to find some of these unless you try every possible block or entity interaction in the game. So, if you want to stay safe, here's a general rule of thumb - DO NOT SIT IN WEIRD SPOTS.

🔧 Menu

There's an in-built Global menu you can open in your chat (requires OP) by running the following command:
/function x_seat:menu
S.E.A.T Menu

NEW! You can also trigger a Player-menu that works without OP permissions. Use the following command:
/trigger S.E.A.TThis menu controls separate settings for each player. You can also block or force-enable features for all Player-menus using the Global menu.

This menu lets you toggle different pack settings to suit your experience.
Turning off things like physics might improve performance and stability, especially on servers. Each option comes with a description you can view by hovering over it with your mouse.

You can navigate to different pages using the page arrows at the bottom, or clear the menu using the Close Menu button.

⚠ Changes you make in this menu get applied to everyone in your world/server.

Menu Options:

  • 🧲 Use Physics

    This feature makes you responsive to world physics while seated. Keep it ON if you want to fall, bounce, slide, etc while sitting. Turn it OFF to improve performance and avoid glitches.

  • 🔒 Rotation Lock:

    Turn ON to lock S.E.A.T rotation. Makes seated movement look more natural, especially when riding mobs, but restricts your freedom of rotation. Also causes a bug where your inventory will auto-close if sitting on an entity that rotates. This setting is ignored in S.E.A.T Adjustment Mode.

  • 🦿 Only If Sneaking:

    Makes sitting slightly more complicated. If ON, players need to sneak for a bit while looking down, then release sneak and right-click to sit. Takes some getting used to, but stops you from unintentionally sitting on things. Also, sneaking before sitting is slightly more realistic.

  • 🦘 Bounce Off Floors:

    By default, falling on bouncy surfaces looks strange as the player seems to bounce mid-air. Turning this ON will fix that but might cause the bounce to look less realistic.

  • 👇 Only Sit Down:

    By default, S.E.A.T tries to seat you on any sittable surface directly behind you. If it doesn't find any, it seats you on/in whatever block you're standing on/in. Turning this ON forces S.E.A.T to only use the block you're standing on/in.

  • 🤕 Fall Damage:

    Keep this ON to apply fall damage to seated players when falling. No reason to turn this OFF unless you're playing it super safe.

  • 🛑 Block Inventory:

    Prevents players from accessing their inventory while seated. This 'feature' only exists to hide the non-functional inventory GUI added by S.E.A.T components. Turning this OFF will allow seated inventory access but might break immersion.

  • 🥶 Freeze Ride On Adjust:

    Turning this ON will temporarily disable AI in the entity/mob you're sitting on while in S.E.A.T Adjustment Mode. This makes adjustment much easier but may cause issues with the mob/entity you're sitting on, since this resets their state.

  • 🔔 Show Prompts:

    Turn this OFF to disable sitting instruction prompts. This might make things difficult for players new to the pack.

  • 🔧 NEW Seated Adjustment:

    Turn ON to enable access to S.E.A.T Adjustment Mode. Once seated, scroll while looking down to start adjusting.

  • 🏇 NEW Sit On Mobs:

    Keep this ON to sit on mobs. This might prevent you from sitting in some spots that are too close to mobs.

  • 🚧 NEW Adjustment Limits:

    Turning this ON prevents you from adjusting too far away from your initial position. This keeps you from using S.E.A.T Adjustment Mode to fly or move through walls.

🚮 Uninstalling

If you want to disable this pack 💔, you should first run the uninstaller function using the following command:
/function x_seat:uninstall

This will remove all traces of the S.E.A.T pack, including any changes made to your world. If you're not using any other Xmas Labs packs, you should uninstall the C.O.R.E pack as well, using the following command:
/function x_core:uninstall

Uninstalling S.E.A.T

Uninstalling the C.O.R.E pack will also automatically remove the S.E.A.T pack or any other packs that depend on it. If done correctly, you will no longer see the pack(s) in your Advancements tab.

Once you've uninstalled the pack(s), you can safely remove the datapack(s) from your world folder. If you don't remove them, they will re-install themselves the next time you load/reload your world.

🤔 F.A.Q

Q: Why is nothing working?
A: Stay calm. If you don't see any prompts while looking down, this usually means the pack hasn't loaded correctly. One way to check this is using your Advancements tab (Press L key to open). If the pack loaded correctly, it should show up there. If it didn't load correctly, or if something's not working, try reloading your world. If you have cheats enabled, use the '/reload' command or re-open your world. If that doesn't fix it, try using the '/datapack list' command to see if the packs were installed correctly. If they're not listed, you probably copied them into the wrong folder, or else the packs aren't compatible with your version of Minecraft.

Q: Does Right-Click to sit not work sometimes?
A: Yes, sometimes there's a bug where right-clicking doesn't seat you even if the prompt shows up. When that happens, just look/move around a tiny bit and try again.

Q: Do the scrolling controls for S.E.A.T adjustment not work sometimes?
A: The scrolling controls work by tracking the movement of the selected slot on your hotbar. If you scroll too quickly, the selection wraps around and confuses the function. To avoid this, just slow down your scrolling to 1 or 2 slots at a time.

Q: Why can't I sit on entity/mob X?
A: You need to be directly above the entity/mob's hitbox to sit on them. Just try falling on top of them while seated. You can't sit on anything inside water or lava. Also, I've disabled sitting on things like item-drops and xp orbs, as they resulted in a lot of issues during testing.

Q: Can I sit underwater?
A: No. There's a technical limitation/feature in Minecraft that dismounts you if you're riding stuff underwater.

Q: Why do I get hurt while sitting or getting up?
A: This can happen if you're trying to sit in a cramped or hard-to-access location. Try disabling different S.E.A.T menu options, such as Use Physics and Fall Damage. If that doesn't work, you're outta luck.

Q: Why is this so buggy?
A: I feel you, really I do. I've spent nearly a month getting this to where it's at, but there's only so much you can do with Minecraft commands. If you want something more reliable, there are plenty of mods out there that do the same thing in a straight-forward manner. With datapacks however, you have to rely on invisible llamas and sleeping foxes to implement stuff like this. This makes them fun to develop but it's almost impossible to get a perfect solution.

That sums up everything you need to know about the S.E.A.T pack.
Thank you once again for checking it out. I hope you enjoy it!

💛, Xmas
CreditMade using mcscript, a compiler for Minecraft datapacks. Learn more @ https://mcscript.stevertus.com/
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.17 Snapshot

5 Update Logs

CRITICAL Fix : 02/18/2021 12:03:00 pmFeb 18th

📃 Change-log

- v1.16.5.06
  - 🚨 EMERGENCY FIX🚨: Sitting on mobs was broken by previous update. Fixed now.
  - Adapted pack to Datapack Conventions. (Verification Pending)

02/15/2021 1:51 am
Level 1 : New Miner
cam_reno avatar
Great Job! I asked some friends about any suggestions i should post here and this is what i gathered.
-Option to disable Entity Riding
-Option to disable/limit seat adjustment to prevent flying
-Option to disable your character moving at all when rotating (Probably not possible but he insisted on saying it)
-Option to "snap" to seat (Instead of tping up directly set on a stair/slab)
-Button to run reload command in C.O.R.E Reload Requested!
-Per player settings
But you can ignore these comments. They all gave the pack a 5-star rating!
This may be the ONLY datapack to out do every spigot plugin in its kind in efficiency and execution.
02/15/2021 2:46 am
Level 20 : Expert System
x__mas avatar
Wow!! That's some incredible feedback! Thank youu so much!!

I like all these suggestions, let 's see...
- Definitely adding toggles for S.E.A.T Adjustment, Riding, etc. Also, a button to temporarily disable everything might be useful.
- Limiting adjustment to prevent flying seems like an obvious issue. I can't believe I missed that!! 😅
- The button to reload is genius!
- 'Snap to seat' is included in the latest update I believe. It should only TP you up if there's an entity you're trying to sit on, or if there's a solid block behind you. Could you check it out and see if it works?
- I had thought of per-player settings, but I wasn't sure how to implement them for users who can't run commands. We could use '/trigger' but that feels complicated. Any ideas?
- And you're probably right about disabling character movement completely when rotating. Minecraft doesn't give you much control over the player. However, I think I know one way to achieve this that might be a little hacky. Let me give it a try and get back to you.

Once again, thank you for the detailed feedback. Really appreciate it 💛!!
02/15/2021 6:27 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
cam_reno avatar
Hey to get back,
/trigger sounds perfect. If you need any help with that, just ask.
You can also sit in minecarts and skeleton horses while underwater.

And a few more suggestions rolled in.
-A tellraw option instead of the action bar as that would conflict with many datapacks
-Option to disable sitting on non-stair/slab blocks
-Option to make Only Sit Down only apply if slab or stair is not behind OR Option to make crouching sit behind while standing sit down
-A Auto Uninstall all packs in your core.

These are small ones that they said you can ignore.
-Option to disable reload messages (Not sure why. Might be because he tests datapack's compatability with others and 5-10 reload message gets on his nerves.)
-Datapack Conventions (Really does not matter. It is literally about your 1 Advancement Tab.)
02/16/2021 3:33 amhistory
Level 20 : Expert System
x__mas avatar
Heyyyy, new updated version released!!! Check it out and tell me what you think! Read the logs too....

Going through all your suggestions once more...
-Option to disable Entity Riding Done!
-Option to disable/limit seat adjustment to prevent flying Done!
-Option to disable your character moving at all when rotating No Solution
-Option to "snap" to seat Done!
-Button to run reload command in C.O.R.E Reload Requested! Done!
-Per player settings Done!

As for your latest suggestions,

-A tellraw option instead of the action bar...
Are you talking about the prompts? I feel that's unnecessary because there already is an option to turn off prompts and players can just turn it off once they learn it. Moreover, /tellraw tends to clog-up the chat right?

-Option to disable sitting on non-stair/slab blocks
I feel this is too specific to be an option don't you think? There are so many blocks to sit on and making an option just for stairs/slabs seems wasteful. I'm trying to go for a general-purpose solution, you see?

-Option to make Only Sit Down only apply if slab or stair is not behind OR Option to make crouching sit behind while standing sit down
Okay this took me a while to understand but I see what you mean. The first part is already true. By default you sit down if there's no sittable block behind you. The purpose of the 'Only Sit Down' option is to force sitting down even if there's a sittable block behind you. Correct?
As for the second part, that's a really good idea. It feels natural because when you crouch/sneak, it feels like you are about to sit back. The only problem I have with this is that it doesn't feel worth it to add an option exclusively for this. I like this method but I think it's better to leave it as two separate methods and let the player choose what they want.
And normally, you don't sit back unless you are very close to the block behind you. So it is possible to sit down even if there's a block behind you, by standing slightly forward, away from it. So considering all that, it feels unnecessary. I don't want to clutter the menu 😅.

-Auto Uninstall all packs in your core
Guess what? This was already a feature. When you uninstall the C.O.R.E, all packs that depend on it are also uninstalled. However, I made a mistake in the previous update that prevented the uninstallation from completing successfully. That is why it may have failed to work for you guys. It's all fixed in this version though!

- Option to disable reload messages
Haha, I totally understand! Did you know that before releasing this pack, I was planning to implement it as a advancement notification? It felt really cool in the beginning, but it got sooo annoying after a while!
In this update, I've added a way to bypass it. All you need to do is add a tag to yourself - x_LOAD_NOTIF_SKIP

- Datapack Conventions
This is one thing I found out recently. I had no idea there were conventions. I did a little reading but it seems there's a lot to understand and change in my code in order to follow the conventions. Besides, I like using my own systems and conventions as much as possible. I've taken great care to make sure there are no conflicts or lazy leftover code. I've even tried to use namespaces with tags to make sure I don't modify anything accidentally. Even the CPU load is optimized because C.O.R.E actually unloads features when not in use.
However I understand that this might be necessary in order to make this pack compatible with other packs. So if you or your friend could explain these conventions in simple terms, I'd be happy to follow them!!

Anyways, I am so glad you pointed these things out. This pack feels very stable and useful now, especially after adding the menus in the latest update... and it's all thanks to you!

Thank you so much for your feedback! I really appreciate it! 💛
02/16/2021 6:15 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
cam_reno avatar
A quick update:
Your uninstall does work, but it does not actually disable the datapack causing it to restart on a reload. Every thing else passed their tests!
Here is a link to a datapack conventions page that i found very helpful in preventing datapacks with messing with mine.

And 1 suggestion:
Option to force enable certain aspects such as gravity and fall damage.

Other than that, Perfect !
02/17/2021 12:24 am
Level 20 : Expert System
x__mas avatar
Yes, I didn't make it disable on uninstall. This is because Minecraft reloads automatically when uninstalling and since the packs auto-uninstall with the C.O.R.E, that makes Minecraft crash when there's more than one reload at a time. I even mention this in the description/guide. You must remove the packs from the folder after uninstalling, or else they'll re-install.

Your link is really useful. I'll check it out and see what I can do.

And your suggestion is already there in the latest update! You can force-enable physics and fall-damage from the global menu!!!
02/13/2021 8:01 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
TwinHydra avatar
Hey, this is a great concept for a data pack executed so well. I was sold from the first minute of the video but kept watching. It functions amazing too. I can tell how hard you worked on this!
I wanna see your next project be just as revolutionary!
02/13/2021 8:12 pm
Level 20 : Expert System
x__mas avatar
Thank you sooo much!!! That means a lot!!
The irony is that I chose this concept since it was my first public project, and I wanted to keep it simple!

However, because it was a simple concept, it was easy to keep adding features and tweak little things to make it work in every use-case I could think of!

One month later, I'm really happy to see what it grew into!
And I'm really happy you guys noticed the work put into it!! 💛
02/11/2021 1:28 amhistory
Level 20 : Expert System
x__mas avatar
If you decide to try it out, I'd really, really appreciate your feedback on how it feels to play with. Was it easy to use? Intuitive? Were there any serious bugs?

I spent a lot of time making it work great in singleplayer but could only do limited multiplayer testing due to a lack of friends test subjects. So, please let me know if it works for you!
02/10/2021 8:01 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
FlavC avatar
Nice this is the most simple, easy sittting datapack. I did notice whenever I sit, I jump into the air 1 block quickly before sitting down. This could just be me cause Im using other datapacks at the same time.
02/12/2021 6:33 pm
Level 20 : Expert System
x__mas avatar
Just letting you know that I fixed it!! The latest version lets you sit without jumping on most blocks.
It might still make you jump sometimes, if there's a mob behind you or if its not sure whether there's a block behind you.
However, it looks much more natural now. Thank you for the feedback!!! :)
02/11/2021 12:33 am
Level 20 : Expert System
x__mas avatar
Nope! This one is on me 😅.

I actually designed it to do that because Minecraft has blocks of different heights - beds, slabs, etc. The pack teleports you 1 and a half blocks up before sitting, so that you fall to whatever height the the block is at.

I chose 1 and a half because that's the maximum height for a block - fences and walls look one block high but actually invisibly extend to 1 and a half blocks (that's why we can't jump over them).

This is also really useful when trying to sit on mobs!
02/10/2021 1:05 am
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Zombie
Nitgo avatar
This is actually pretty neat. I'll try it sometimes.
02/10/2021 2:20 am
Level 20 : Expert System
x__mas avatar
Thank you! :)

I'm super-new to the site and you're the first person to leave me a comment! Really appreciate it!
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