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Skyblock 5: Above the Clouds Datapack

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Papa_Lovegood's Avatar Papa_Lovegood
Level 39 : Artisan Modder
For updates only!

This is the update page for all versions of Skyblock 5: Above the Clouds. If you don't have a Skyblock 5: Above the Clouds world yet, click this link to download it, because the datapack doesn't work correctly on other worlds. After you download that, you don't need to update, because that page is up-to-date. This pack is only meant for people who already have Skyblock 5 and want to update it.

How to update

To update your world, download this datapack and extract the folder. Open your minecraft launcher and click your Skyblock world. Click "edit", then "open world folder" and then "datapacks". Delete the old datapack and copy the one you just downloaded into the folder. Then check if the folder you just copied in has the following contents: a folder called "data" and two files called "pack".

You should now be ready to play. Enjoy the update!

The datapack tends to break when the game updates. You can subscribe to the page or join the discord to get notified whenever I update the page. In the discord, you can also ask questions and share screenshots of your world. Hope to see you there!
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.20

13 Update Logs

1.21a : by Papa_Lovegood 06/13/2024 11:35:25 amJun 13th

Hi everyone! This update makes the pack compatible with 1.21. CRAFTERS!!! This pack fixes some lingering bugs from 1.20.6a, adds a way to get sweet berries and introduces a new skyblock gamerule. Oh, and slimes don't spawn in swamps anymore, because oozing potions were added to the game.

You'll get sweet berries by going to a taiga. Slimes usually don't spawn this high in the world, for which I made a really convoluted fix. This pack is as vanilla as possible, so since 1.21 added a way of farming slimes, I removed the slime spawning. Now, you'll have to get some slime balls from a trader or a baby panda to make a slime block, which can be used to make a splash oozing potion. Use it on a large group of mobs in a mob farm and kill them to create a lot of slimes, which will let you make more oozing potions.

The new gamerule is "keep items". This is like vanilla's KeepInventory, except it takes your levels when you die. This way, there is still some punishment for your death. Turn it on by typing "/trigger keep_items" in chat.

If you have any ideas for new versions, or spot any bugs, please let me know in the comments or in the discord.

That's it for the patch notes. Thanks for continuing to enjoy the pack everyone! Feel free to join the discord, I'd love to see some progress updates or answer your questions.

Have fun!

Oh, and please note that if you're updating from an older version than 1.20.6a, there is another update procedure. You can read it in the 1.20.6a patch notes.

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01/19/2024 11:54 am
Level 1 : New Miner
NeoForce0's Avatar
This one is pretty good. I've been looking for a datapack. I'd be starting from ground 0 to learn it. I'd say add a few items to the starting chest that won't be found such as berries(glowing and sweet ones) for starting food and an amethyst.

Build limit go down to at least 0-level. In that depth near 0-level(below 8 or 16 I guess) replace cobblestone generator with a deepslate generator.

Checkout noobcrews modifications below to modernizing skyblock. I'd also say join that original skyblock server too

Skyblock modifications
01/20/2024 2:23 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Modder
Papa_Lovegood's Avatar
Hi there, thanks for your suggestions! Most of the things you mention are available through other means. One of the main reasons I made the pack is because I wanted the world to be above the clouds, so I won't lower the height. Also, that wouldn't be backwards compatible, and I want the players to be able to download the updates.

Cobbled deepslate can be crafted if you turn on the builder's delight gamerule. You'll need cobblestone and blackstone to do so. You get a budding amethyst if you collect all music discs and you'll get glowberries for completing the advancement "The light of my life". I did forget to add a way to obtain sweet berries though, so thanks for bringing that to my attention!

Noobcrew's modifications are not very interesting for this pack, because they don't align with my idea of what skyblock should be.

Feel free to read the book in the starter chest and the original Skyblock 5: Above the Clouds page to find out the modifications I used to make items available.

Again, thanks a bunch for the feedback, and I hope you enjoy the pack!
06/20/2023 12:02 am
Level 1 : New Miner
User4642293G's Avatar
Love the pack,

for shards you could have suspicious sand fishable from a desert or mesa or somehow craftable with like a potion or a book and sand or something.
12/24/2023 6:54 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Modder
Papa_Lovegood's Avatar
The sherds are coming soon! I'm currently working on a skyblock gamerule that makes every item you can get in regular minecraft available.
06/21/2023 11:33 am
Level 39 : Artisan Modder
Papa_Lovegood's Avatar

Good ideas! Suspicious sand placed by players doesn't get a loot table, though, so you wouldn't be able to get any sherds from it. If I were to let the player get the sherds, I'd probably save them the trouble of brushing the sand altogether, because that's more enjoyable in the vanilla setting, where you come across the dig sites in your adventures. Thanks a bunch for the ideas though, I hadn't considered that angle yet :)
04/16/2023 9:57 am
Level 1 : New Miner
shrednivashtar's Avatar
this is so good
04/17/2023 4:36 am
Level 39 : Artisan Modder
Papa_Lovegood's Avatar
Thanks man! Hope you enjoy it :D