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Spawner Craft [Datapack Edition]

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Level 71 : Legendary Programmer

Spawner Craft 1.17+

Spawner Craft [Datapack Edition] Minecraft Data Pack Spawner Craft [Datapack Edition] Minecraft Data Pack Spawner Craft [Datapack Edition] Minecraft Data Pack

This data pack adds in new recipes that make all of the spawn
egg craftables. Use the eggs to customize your mob spawner!
the "Coins" are rotten flesh (part of my texture pack)

Want to be able to break spawners? Download Ant_Redstone's Ultimate Silktouch Spawner 2 data pack for Minecraft 1.14 Java edition!

Don't know what the recipes are?
Go to Legopitstop's Recipe Page

How to Use
1.Craft a spawner.
2.Place spawner (should be a pig spawner Default)
3.Craft any spawn egg of your choice.
4.While holding the spawn egg right-click onto spawner to transform the spawner to that mob spawner (Keep in mind that the mob needs the corresponding things to spawn example: zombie needs darkness to spawn, Fish needs water to spawn, the pig needs grass to spawn, etc)

Check Out this pack on minecraftstorage.com Spawner Craft

gives info in-game about the data pack and where to find things
/trigger SpawnerCraftInfo

spawner craft settings disable/enable custom spawn eggs
/function spawnercraft:config

Spawnercraft Suggestions

-Eggs drop from mobs
-some spawners can only be places in certain dimensions
-10 min cooldown for placing spawners

Custom Spawn Egg Recipes
Custom Spawn Eggs: drop on the ground

carvedpumpkin + snowblockX2 = snowgolemspawnegg
carvedpumpkin + ironblockX4 = irongolemspawnegg
dragonhead + dragonbreathX8 = dragonspawnegg
witherskullX3 + soulsandX4 = witherspawnegg
pillageregg + diamond X8 = illgerspawnegg
shears + Snowgolemspawnegg = derpysnowgolemspawnegg

Legopitstop's Common License

Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com www.patreon.com
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.17

13 Update Logs

Update #13 : 05/31/2021 2:48:23 pmMay 31st

# CHANGELOG v1.7.0
## General
- Added datapack registering system that is common for all legopitstop's datapacks
- Settings are now saved via storage instead of the score- Use `function spawnercraft:config` for config menu.
- To craft the custom spawn eggs the setting in the config needs to be set to true, it is set to false by default.
- Drop all the items on a crafting table to craft the custom spawn eggs. (look below to change crafting blocks)
- Removed air from recipes, this is auto-generated and is unneeded.- Drop recipes will now spawn the item instead of giving the item.
- If you have custom spawn eggs toggled off it will not show the recipes via the info trigger.
- Custom spawn eggs now have custom ids for other packs to use. This however means you cannot make the derpy snow golem from old snow golem spawn eggs.
- Added warning message for 1.16.x users that will notify you of bug [MC-189565]
- If you create one of the spawners from [MC-189565] it will remove it when you are playing in 1.16, It will not for 1.17 as this bug has been fixed.
- Note that there is a bug that recipes that use the Powder Snow Bucket do not give a bucket back. [MC-151457]

## New Recipes for 1.17
These recipes are subject to change, (The Goat and Axolotl don't have any drops so..)
- Goat
Goat Spawn Egg

- Axolotl
Axolotl Spawn Egg

- Glow Squid
Glow Squid Spawn Egg

## Fixes
- Info trigger should now work in multiplayer

## Customize your datapack
- Keep in mind the LICENSE.md before editing the datapack files.
- You can use the built-in UI to enable/disable the custom spawn egg recipes.
- Block tags. located: `datapack/data/spawnercraft/tags/blocks/<here>`
- `spawnercraft:crafting_blocks` (default: crafting table) All the blocks that you can drop craft the custom spawn eggs onto.
- Item tags. Item tags contain common items that are used inside the recipes. located: `datapack/data/spawnercraft/tags/items/<here>`
- `spawnercraft:cost_items` (default items: gold_ingot) The cost item used in all recipes.
- `spawnercraft:egg_items` (default items: egg) The egg item used in all the recipes.
- `spawnercraft:spawner/bottom_items` (default items: obsidian) The item that is at the bottom of the spawner recipe.
- `spawnercraft:spawner/cost_items` (default items: diamond block) The item that is in the center of the spawner recipe.
- `spawnercraft:spawner/outside_items` (default items: iron bars) The item that is around the other items in an up-side-down `U` shape for the spawner

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04/12/2021 10:55 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
qwertyism avatar
Is there any way i can disable the crafting recipe of spawners?
06/01/2021 12:03 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
KnightzID avatar
if you didn't want to use it just don't make it
07/22/2020 10:05 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Mage
Octogiraffe2 avatar
This is awesome! thnks you 4 making this!
07/07/2020 2:04 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Arcanemagister avatar
i tried crafting a Zombie Piglin spawn egg but it doesnt work. They changed Pigman into Piglin so i am guessing the update to 1.16.1 caused it to no longer work?
07/07/2020 2:19 am
Level 71 : Legendary Programmer
legopitstop avatar
the recipes changed, have to update the recipe page.
07/07/2020 8:51 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
Arcanemagister avatar
Thank You! I will wait for the update.
06/30/2020 7:32 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Moutarde avatar
can you craft spawners for any mobs in the game ??
07/01/2020 2:26 am
Level 71 : Legendary Programmer
legopitstop avatar
you can only craft a regular spawner. You can craft the spawn eggs then click on them to convert them to that spawner type.
06/24/2020 9:30 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Tmigui avatar
could upgrade it to 1.16?
06/24/2020 4:35 pm
Level 71 : Legendary Programmer
legopitstop avatar
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