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daenvil avatar daenvil
Level 51 : Grandmaster Creeper Hugger
New beta version for 1.20 features! (download in the second Download button, compatible with 1.19.3+ even without having experimental features enabled)

Adds new recipes for the stonecutter, to make the crafting of wooden items more comfortable and sensible (I'm aware other datapacks for this exist, I tried to add recipes in a way I find logical and balanced).

Some general things this datapack allows you to do:
  • Use less wood crafting wooden items.
  • Craft fences and signs directly from planks or logs, without having to craft sticks first.
  • Repurpose items, cutting them into smaller ones (for example, doors into trapdoors; stairs into slabs, etc.).
  • Convert fences into fence gates and viceversa.
Shortened list of recipes
(This recipes are for the v3-beta version, they may be different on the main version)
= if 1.20 experimental features are enabled)

  • Stripped wood/hyphae
  • Log/stem
  • Stripped log/stem
  • 4 planks and all of its subproducts
      Stripped wood/hyphae:
      • Stripped log/stem
      • 4 planks and all of its subproducts
      Log/stem/bamboo block:
      • Stripped log/stem
      • 4 planks and all of its subproducts (2 planks in the case of bamboo)
      Stripped log/stem/bamboo block:
      • 4 planks and all of its subproducts (2 planks in the case of bamboo)
      • 1 door
      • 2 trapdoors
      • 1 stairs
      • 2 slabs
      • 2 signs
      • 2 fences
      • 2 fence gates
      • 2 pressure plates
      • 4 bowls
      • 2 ladders
      • 4 buttons
      • 4 sticks
      • 1 barrel
      • 1 chest
      • 1 composter
      • 1 chiseled bookshelf
      (all of this items have their own stonecutting recipes to cut them into smaller or equal-size items. For example, doors can be cut into trapdoors, signs, fences, fence gates, pressure plates, ladders, buttons, and sticks)

      Boat/raft (and chest boat/raft):
      • 2 doors
      • 5 trapdoors
      • 5 signs
      • 5 fences
      • 5 fence gates
      • 5 pressure plates
      • 10 (12) bowls
      • 5 (6) ladders
      • 10 buttons
      • 10 (12) sticks
          Hanging signs: same as regular signs

          I released a datapack extending this philosophy to stone blocks: Better Stonecutter

          Supported Minecraft versions
          Tested in
          Download Link
          1.19.3+, 1.20 snapshots
          1.19.4, snapshot 23w12a
          Use the second Download button on this page
          Use the Download button on this page
          1.16.5, 1.17.1, 1.18.2
          1.14.4, 1.15.2

          Legal terms
          You are allowed to:
          • Download, use, and edit this datapack* for personal use.
          • Use this datapack or variations of it in a Minecraft server.
          • Publish audiovisual content that uses this datapack or variations of it (e.g. gameplay videos on online platforms), as long as you acknowledge me (Daenvil) as the author of this datapack and provide a link to this website or to this datapack's page on PlanetMinecraft.
          You are not allowed to:
          • Publish this datapack or variations of it without explicit permission from me.

          *For all legal purposes, "this datapack" refers to all the files (source code, images, and any other) downloadable from this page's Download button(s).

          You can find more info about my datapacks on my website.

          If you like my datapacks, please consider leaving a tip at my ko-fi:

          Cuttable Wood Minecraft Data Pack
          CompatibilityMinecraft 1.14
          toMinecraft 1.19

          6 Update Logs

          v3-beta2 : by daenvil 03/25/2023 11:32:21 amMar 25th

          Just a quick update to include the new cherry wood in the 1.20 beta! Everything else is the same.
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          04/09/2023 5:06 pm
          Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
          MrGreenGames avatar
          Love the concept of this one but there are several recipes that feel way too "overpowered" purely in my opinion. Take for example the chest, in vanilla Minecraft you can craft 32 chests with a stack of logs but with your pack I was able to make 256. If you could please try t balance some of these better, I do like probably 85-90 % of the recipes but there are still several that need reduction. Cheers, all the best.
          04/16/2023 7:24 am
          Level 51 : Grandmaster Creeper Hugger
          daenvil avatar
          That's valid, thanks for the feedback! I personally feel like stuff like chests are kind of too expensive to craft in vanilla, considering that they don't really add very much value to you (they are just used to put stuff inside). So I don't think making them cheaper is too overpowered, since the advantage you are gaining is not really that much, and the quality of life that you gain from this recipe is worth that compromise IMO.

          Just my perspective for it, I understand different players have different preferences, maybe in the future I'll try to revisit the balance of those recipes. Or maybe release an alternative version without overpowered recipes.
          03/02/2023 1:16 pm
          Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
          Rounduction avatar
          we need a cherry blossom version now
          03/16/2023 10:24 am
          Level 51 : Grandmaster Creeper Hugger
          daenvil avatar
          Yep, I'll try to release one soon
          11/24/2022 1:50 pmhistory
          Level 61 : High Grandmaster Lumberjack
          DERPWARE avatar
          why didnt mojang add this in the first place
          11/24/2022 1:59 am
          Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
          MCUwii avatar
          I think the nerfing is ok. While playing I figured some recipes are kind of very cheap. Thank you for balancing! And thank you again for your effort und keeping the stuff up to date, very appreciated! 👍
          11/24/2022 2:58 am
          Level 51 : Grandmaster Creeper Hugger
          daenvil avatar
          Thanks! :D It's kind of hard to balance so many recipes, even more when vanilla Minecraft fails in some of them (they should nerf the fuel values for some items).

          Keep in mind these balance changes are just in the new version (2nd download), the first one is still the old version. I'll probably make more changes in the next months, since there's still some recipes that I'm not comfortable with.
          11/24/2022 10:00 am
          Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
          MCUwii avatar
          Hey, thank you for the reply. I am aware of this so I didn't download it, I will do when the according MC update releases (or an even newer version if you happen to do one until the release). I just had to write some lines of appreciation for you because at the moment I'm not able to support you on ko-fi. You can't live from words but getting feedback from users loving a special creation of a person making additions (erm corrections? :D) to the base game may be nice to hear. Concider it fan mail. :D
          I'm very selective about what I add to my data or even resource packs but those I add are essential to me for having a good time in the game! So, thank you for this (once again! :D).

          I have no clue about programming or coding (except HTML and CSS, at least a bit^^) but I believe you the balancing thing for sure, there's many recipes to concider and to balance. But you do a great job, even at nerfing I guess. :D

          So, now excuse me, I need to cut as much wood as I possibly can until 1.20 arrives! :D (I hope that puts at least a little smile onto your face!^^)
          11/23/2022 7:46 pm
          Level 10 : Journeyman Warrior
          Eratak avatar
          but you already can cut wood... with an axe..
          11/23/2022 10:05 pm
          Level 2 : Apprentice Collective
          kingfish3r14 avatar
          well thats true but you can now do it with bamboo(=
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