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Succumb Alpha 1s - An alternative Survival experience (EARLY ACCESS)

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Required Resource Pack
Antinous's Avatar Antinous
Level 38 : Artisan Architect
[​I haven't finished writing the description. I'll work on it when I have more time.]

In Minecraft, progression is very simple. You can get nearly everything you will ever need from a single tree and a pile of stone and ore. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but when it can be done within the span of 1-3 minutes, it's clear that the player is progressing too fast.

This is my attempt at contradicting the philosophy Minecraft has always followed. At its heart, the goal of Succumb is to grant value to the advancements you make and to extend Early-Game without making it grindy.

Follow the Advancements to learn how to progress.

Remember that this is in Early Access, therefore the features present may change in future versions.

I also aim to make this as developer friendly as possible, as a lot of recipes have been changed. Mod Support is something I admire. Various tags have been added to compliment this.

Main Features
A more realistic progression method
-Trees must be stripped of their bark before the logs can be used.

-instead of using wood, you will gather Stones from the ground, Flint from gravel or Quartz from Diorite to make your first tools.

-Many of those tools require Binding to craft.

-You must work for your reward. No more will you be able to obtain an entire set of equipment from the first tree you punched.

-The Crafting Table and Furnace are not easy items to get. Such advanced pieces of technology require dedication to obtain.

-Alternative crafting recipes to grant more methods of obtaining certain materials.
-Diorite contains Quartz, a material stronger than Flint.

-Granite can be broken down into Diorite, and Andesite can be broken down into Gravel.

-Certain blocks can be smelted on the Campfire to gain their respective drops. Do take note that the process is much longer than cooking meat on the Campfire, for example.

-Items that contain animal/vegetable oil can be mixed with moist items (such as kelp, snowballs and Tall Flowers) to create Slime Balls (wax). This is used to craft Candles.

-Many trivial items are now integral to your development.
-Shears are an excellent tool for harvesting Binding Materials. Gain leaves with them and craft Branches, which can be turned into Leaf Leather or Vines. They can also be used to obtain Large Tubers from Dirt Blocks with a 75% drop rate.

-Shovels are no longer just a tool to increase digging speed. Pathen Dirt now has a higher chance of dropping Stones than its predecessor.

-The Dead Bush item acts as the "Branch" item, which can be used for the purposes stated above.

-Wool, either it be the brown Leaf Leather, or any other variant, is now your main building material. It is much easier to mass produce than wood, but is more flammable and not nearly as dense.

-Body Armor was not a prominent thing in the Stone Age. You will be using crude shields in the Early days. Just keep in mind what binding you use, otherwise it will serve little purpose against attacks.

Items Available
Daggers deal low damage, but are quick to draw and last a very long time.

Hatchets are lighter versions of Axes. They deal roughly 65% of the original axe's damage and take a little more time to draw than a Sword.

Clubs deal higher damage than most weapons of its tier, but are slower to raise. There are multiple variants, from Light to Medium to Heavy.

The Sharpened Bone can be made using any Hammerstone and a bone. It has the same stats as Minecraft's Wooden Sword.
The Bow Drill is a crude alternative to the Flint and Steel. Bearing 16 Durability, it is a reliable Early-Game method of starting fires.

This is the main pack of Succumb. For its addons, see below:


This datapack has a Discord Server.
If you'd like to join to discuss how to improve the project, or would just like to hang around, there is a link below:

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17
toMinecraft 1.18

4 Update Logs

Alpha 1s : by Antinous 12/24/2021 1:16:46 pmDec 24th, 2021

- Wax no longer requires Fire Charges to be crafted.
  - The requirement is now increased: 2 Oils and 1 Moisture item.
  - The yield has been decreased from 3 to 1.

- Removed "minecraft:flowers" and "minecraft:small_flowers" from the "succumb:oils" tag.

- Applied vanilla's Vine loot table to the Weeping and Twisting Vines.

- Reworked some of Succumb's item tags.
  - Added the "succumb:vines" tag.

- Added the "Large Tuber". It is the equivalent of vanilla's Apple, and has a 25% chance of dropping from Dirt/Coarse Dirt/Grass Blocks when broken using Shears.

- Changed the method of obtaining and crafting Candles/Torches:
  - Candle recipe stays the same. It is made with 1 Slime Ball and 1 Binding.
  - Torches are now made using 1 of any Coal, 1 Candle, 1 Stick and 1 Binding.
    - This change was made for 2 reasons: Making torches more feasable, and giving Candles a greater use.

- Added the Copper Dagger. It deals 3 Damage and has 872 Durability.

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12/10/2021 10:46 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Littleop's Avatar
how do you make a crafting table?
12/10/2021 3:38 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Architect
Antinous's Avatar
2 Leather on top, 1 Iron Ingot and 1 of any Plank on bottom.
12/10/2021 12:17 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Littleop's Avatar
is this Datapack even done yet cause some stuff I craft just gives me a dropper
12/10/2021 3:40 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Architect
Antinous's Avatar
A dropper? What exactly are you crafting to result in a Dropper?

If you mean by 3 Cobblestone/Logs, then, yes, this was intentional. The Dropper bears 9 Container Slots, which is fitting for an Early-game Storage Item. The Chest grants 36, so it is a Mid-game item (after obtaining the Crafting Table).
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