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TARDIS datapack v9.2.1 - 1.19 to 1.19.2

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Required Resource Pack
3nd3r333 avatar 3nd3r333
Level 29 : Expert Engineer

Tardis DATAPACK v9.-

The TARDIS, in minecraft basically, to fly across the universe, and have a lot of adventures

It currently can't move and it add no planet(yet).

Currently it add the default exoshell, and nearly all the Core Service Module(not the maintenance section yet).

This is a preview version, I still work on it. When I post an update(a new log show up), redownload it here, replace the old one, and it will update everything. This is a complete rework of v8, so all scripts need to be designed, again, before I write them to make it as optimized as I can.
So look out for update, their will be plenty.
And a complete guide, one day....

Important informations:

Discord : https://discord.gg/Ddncpja

Dev tracker: trello.com/b/Rq2IJzMy/v9
Read carefully each update log before updating to a new version of this datapack. Some update will do an interior reset, I will write it in update log if it do so, recover your stuff inside the storage room or anywhere you put some stuff, before updating in that case.

Any content added by this datapack and/or ressourcepack can't be reposted or modified in any way.

Any modification causing errors, or the destruction/corruption of your map is your responsability.

This script is complex, any scoreboard modification, or else can cause anything, keep that in mind.

Install instructions:
  1. Download the tardisv9.zip
  2. exit your world if it was openned
  3. put it in %appdata%/.minecraft/saves/[​your world]/datapacks/
  4. open the map
  5. go to x:0; z:0
  6. enter the tardis, walk inside the corridors, until you reach the crossing.(a bug cause the models to not load the first time you install it)
  7. done!

to update, replace the old datapack file and do a reload

Ressource pack:
  1. Download the ressourcetardisv9.zip
  2. put it in %appdata%/.minecraft/ressourcepacks/
  3. done!
to update, replace the old one by the newer version

Console :
Currently working:

Interior map:
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

3 Update Logs

v9.2.1 : : by 3nd3r333 08/30/2022 11:00:43 amAug 30th

Updated ressource pack! redownload it!
No interior reset

  • galactic coordinates
  • Console model
  • script/interaction: Console panel - navigation
bug fixed:
  • when entering the tardis for the first time, models fail to load
  • auto update: wrong update order

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08/19/2022 11:50 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
WixPlayz avatar
Wait so does it actually move around and stuff?
08/25/2022 5:25 pmhistory
Level 29 : Expert Engineer
3nd3r333 avatar
not yet, I'm currently implementing a better travel script than v8.

If you want more information on what I'm currently working on, the content of the next update, check :trello.com/b/Rq2IJzMy/v9

If you want to give your opinion on what I should do, or lore stuff (I sometime miss some stuff) check the discord:https://discord.gg/Ddncpja
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