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The Master Trials

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Required Resource Pack
The_Sound_Barrier avatar The_Sound_Barrier
Level 20 : Expert uwu

The Master Trials
Become the Hero of Legend

What is this?

The Master Trials is a datapack that brings items and mobs from the Legend of Zelda series into Minecraft. In the future there will be new bosses.

How does this work?

The datapack does almost everything, however the resource pack adds the custom textures. This requires Optifine which is still in Pre-Release but works very well.
What is added?

Please look at the advancements menu in-game (L by default) for explanations on how to obtain these. If they're unclear let me know and I'll try my best to make them better.

-Base Swords (For Crafting)
-Kokiri Sword
-Razor Sword
-Gilded Sword
-Master Sword
-Great Fairy's Sword

-Fairy (Item)
-Fairy in a Bottle

-Fairy (Mob)
-Wisp (AKA Bubble and Anti-fairy)

Final Notes

-I have to thank my friend Rebot333 for helping me code the datapack since I've never messed with it before. To be honest he's probably done most of the work so far, but I'm getting better. Please check out his datapack "Vanillish Tools and Weaponry" that I just so happened to do the textures for.
-I have hidden item frames in the screenshots, The Master Trials resource pack does not do this.
-I have a lot of ideas but I wouldn't mind suggestions. I also won't promise frequent updates. Please allow me to work at my own pace, thank you!
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

1 Update Logs

A Fairy Good Update : 07/03/2020 9:12:18 pmJul 3rd, 2020

+Fairy (Item and Mob)
+Fairy in a Bottle
+Great Fairy's Sword
+Base Swords (For Crafting)
+Craftable oak saplings using other saplings
=Changed Master Sword Recipe
=Changed Kokiri Sword Recipe
=Changed and added Advancements

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09/19/2020 12:54 am
Level 1 : New Miner
CrystalInaBox avatar
How do you get the hylian forge?
07/04/2020 2:07 amhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
Ninja_kat avatar
I dont understand, i made the hylian forge but its weird. Is it supposed to be like the crafting table with the arrow pointing into what youll craft? Because its just 9 spaces that dont do anything for me. Like a dispenser
Edit: if i place a lever it acts as a dispenser too
07/05/2020 12:16 am
Level 20 : Expert uwu
The_Sound_Barrier avatar
It is technically a dispenser, however you should be able to craft the items from the datapack with it. You won't be able to craft vanilla items with it. If you haven't figured it out by time I've responded, try crafting the base stone sword. It's the same as the normal stone sword recipe, just crafted in the Hylian Forge rather than the crafting table. Also make sure you put the items in the center column. If that doesn't work I'll see if the download I put up is broken somehow and release a hot fix for it if it is. I wanted to use the crafting table for my recipes, but realized it limits what I can do because it doesn't really care for NBT data.
06/20/2020 5:04 am
Level 27 : Expert Toast
BFBBoi avatar
I love the data pack, but the textures didn't work for me. Also the enchanted texture on other enchanted tools, and the enchanted books didn't have the enchanted effect., But they are great for people who are playing on 1.16, and the player is to scared to enter the nether.
06/20/2020 11:43 am
Level 20 : Expert uwu
The_Sound_Barrier avatar
The custom textures won't work without Optifine. If you're playing on 1.16 you can just disable the texture pack for now if you want the enchantment glow. For when Optifine is released for 1.16, I have instructions on how to get the enchantment glow back under the Final Notes part of the description. The glow isn't there because of a workaround I had to do, hopefully I can have it back properly soon enough.
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