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Salt_Mine avatar Salt_Mine
Level 17 : Journeyman Engineer
Now functional on 1.16

Install Instructions:
Extract the folder inside labelled 'trampling' to your worlds datapack folder.
Launch world and/or use /reload

Adds a new enchantment to Horse Armour of any type.

To obtain, throw Horse Armour and 1 Lapis onto an enchantment table while you have 5 levels of XP. This will give the item the level 1 version of the enchantment.
If you want level 2, you need 2 Lapis and 8 Levels.
Works with any type of Horse Armour.
If you're trying for Level 2, either throw the Lapis first or throw it already in a stack of 2 or you will likely just get the level 1 enchantment.

There's a delay of roughly 2 seconds once you trample something before you can trample again. This is to prevent nearly instant shredding of anything that can be hit.
You need to be moving to trample something.
You can't trample horses, but everything else is fair game.
Since you're trampling things underneath you, there's no knock-back

Due to my method of dealing damage, it can be buggy with 'Max Health Boost' effect and deal a lot more damage.
I do mean a lot. However, 'Max Health Boost' cannot be gained in vanilla survival, so it should be fine.

Mobs also will not panic if you run them over. I still can't really figure out a decent way of working around this, so it's staying as a feature for now.
Currently methods like hitting them with a snowball or arrow leave behind particles and also generally hits the horse instead of what you want to trample.
You could just assume that being trampled underneath a horse dazes them - that's why they get slowness.

Ignores armour, so probably not that balanced in PvP. Then again, End Crystals are a thing.

Could also stand to be more optimised, but shouldn't lag unless you're somehow playing on a Nintendo DSi.
CreditReddit user u/MattThePl3b for the idea
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : 01/11/2021 10:32:54 pmJan 11th

Update V1.1
- Now functional on 1.16, with a "new" damage system

- Deals 4 damage regardless of Level

- Added a secondary effect, to promote hit and run rather than standing ontop of enemies
Inflicts Slowness I for 3 seconds at Level 1
Inflicts Slowness II for 3 seconds at Level 2

- Reduced XP cost for Level 2 from 15 down to 8

- Changed damage method, making it work better on vanilla worlds
Damage dealt now uses the unobtainable 'Health Boost' effect instead of 'Absorption'
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