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Vampirism Data-Pack [1.18]

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KooriKitsune38 avatar KooriKitsune38
Level 40 : Master Artist
Vampirism Data-Pack

Embrace the darkness and let it transform you into a Vampire!

Ever wanted to become a vampire in Minecraft, but not those simple and shallow data-packs which are just "Burn under sunlight, night vision and night powers"?

Then guess what... here you have it!
It works on multiplayer, has no resource packs and is very vanilla-y style!

It features tons of new things to enhance your probably repetitive Minecraft gameplay, namely:

Vampire Temples

Build a temple from a respawn anchor, and find your way to the final stage.
This temple will allow anyone to start the transformation time into a vampire.

To activate it, find your way into the nether and place down a respawn anchor.
Now get onto it with an Hell Wand (Blaze Rod and Ender Eye on the ground to do it) and 4 Crying Obsidians in your inventory.
Click on top of the block (Where the portal texture is) to open it's inventory and get to the next level.
To advance, drop the paper upgrade to the anchor [​BUT, don't drop more than 1 paper at a time or it will glitch!]

Heals Vampires when nearby.

Broken Temples
Around the world you'll find up to 3 types of broken temples, which will contain some loot for you to collect!

They'll substitute 4 models of broken portals so be careful when using along with datapacks that change those! (See Update 1.4)

When you get to the 4th stage of the Vampire Temple (See photo), you'll have to sacrifice yourself to begin the transformation.

This will take up to 72000 Ticks in-game, for a total of 1 Hour (3 Minecraft Days).
When the darkness is trying to possess your body, a few buffs and weaknesses will appear each day (Followed by texts in chat).
You'll then see when the transformation is complete, also by an achievement, sounds and effects.

After the transformation, you will gain different buffs.
- Speed, regeneration, strength, resistance at night (Scales depending on hour, at midnight they are more powerful);

- Invisibility in dark spots when sneaking;
- Night vision at dark spots when having high blood levels, if not you can still use your senses to spot creatures hidden in the dark!
- No fall damage;
- Poison Resistance;
- Chance to bleed players;
- No damage by Vex.

However this powers come with different weaknesses.
- Sun exposure damage (Can be prevented drinking fire resistance potions or wearing an helmet)
- Fire Weakness;
- Iron touch hurts the vampire! (Also when hit by players or mobs with iron weapons)

Vampires emits particles at night that only other vampires can spot, so you can keep the secret from your friends.

P.S. Be careful around Iron Golems, they don't really like the scent vampires emit!

Bat Transformations!

Become a bat as a vampire!
When you become a vampire you'll have the possibility to turn into a bat.

This transformation will be available from blood level 80+.

What's like becoming a bat?

First of all, you'll have to become one, so to do it you'll have to jump from a block and sneak mid-air.

Pros and Cons
Of course you can't think that becoming a bat is as simple as it sounds.

Indeed, the problem with it is that you're extremely vulnerable while flying around and every damage will expose your human form!

It's really helpful to escape difficult situations or even just explore big areas.

However during this period you'll need a lot of blood levels, because it doesn't deplete it twice as fast, rather it's four times faster.

The bat form has now two versions:

- Old Version: The "free" mode, which gives you complete control over the bat (Be Careful! This will let players go insanely fast and teleport to other players!)
- Realistic Version: This will make the bat go only forward where the player's looking. (While using this version, I recommend spectating the bat for the best experience)

Switching between the two is done by this command: "/scoreboard players set .batVersion v.Values #", which '#' means the id of the version. [​0 is the Old Version, 1 is the Realistic Version]

/trigger EnableBat
This will toggle the transformation so you won't suddenly transform into a bat if you don't want to.
It will also stop the bat form, however letting you transform again even without touching the ground.

P.S. Golems also attack vampire bats, be much more careful!

Blood Level

I wanted to do something different from levels or RPG stuff, and also add a bit of tension when being a vampire.
So when you become a vampire a low blood level will be assigned and it determines your "energy".
It decreases by 1 every 30 seconds, and can be increased by killing Humans (Players,Villagers,Witches).

This means that you will die if that's too low!
But... Higher amounts grant greater powers:
- 40+ BL = Light night regeneration and resistance, Spotting enemies in the dark (Not night vision!);
- 60+ BL = Speed at night and dark areas, Invisibility in dark areas;
- 80+ BL = Bat transformation;
- 100+ BL = Strength at night and strong regeneration at midnight;
- 110+ BL = Night vision in dark areas;
- Always = Immune to poison.

Now how do you fill it up again you may wonder... and as you might have thought, by eating raw meat or drinking blood!
When killing "Humans", a pair of human eyes (Or witch eyes) will drop to the player location.
Eaten by humans it poisons them, but vampires can extract their blood by eating them, or if available: Extract their blood in a brewing stand!
To allow the stand to extract the blood, you have to equip the Hell Wand and stand on it (You'll hear a click sound).
Afterwards place glass bottles in the appropriate slots and the eyes as ingredient.

Blood bottles can be enchanted by extracting some witch eyes into them!

Leveling UP:

You'll start with a blood level of 60, but that'll not be the cap forever!

When you become a vampire, check out the advancement tab and you'll see a sword which tells you the requirements (Killing Humans) for leveling up the maximun BL.

There are up to 5 levels, each with it's own cap:

- 1) 60;
- 2) 80;
- 3) 100;
- 4) 120;
- 5) 180;

Current Values:
- Human Eyes = +12BL
- Witch Eyes = +10BL
- Blood Bottle = +20BL
- Enchanted Blood Bottle = +35BL
- Raw Porkchop & Beef = +3BL
- Raw Mutton = +2BL

At night and in the nether, there is a 65% probability of the blood level not decreasing.

Purification Altar (Sanctum)
Tired of being a vampire? The solution is right here!
You can build an altar by placing a circle of 8 quartz slabs with a quartz pillar in the middle, then a slab on top of the pillar and 4 upside down stairs around it. Now place water in the middle and drop inside it 5 Glowstone Blocks.
When active, it heals humans... but what about vampires?
It weakens them, slowing them gradually and if they stand on top of the water they might die!

Sanctum Water
Now to your question... To cure vampirism you need the Sanctum Water.
To craft it you'll need to drop 12 glowstone dusts, a golden apple, a ghast tear and a water bottle in the water.
This potion grants great temporary powers to humans, but for their blood sucking counterparts it has a chance (60%) for the cure to fail and kill them, or succeed.

Custom Advancements
I thought about making challenges, but the only thing that crossed my mind was a simple tutorial.
When you start the game, click the Advancements tab and you'll see everything you read here as tasks.
I hope it will help players to get a bit more familiar to the mechanics this data-pack has to offer.

Quick Thing:

1.17, 1.18 and 1.18.2 are different!

The datapack is defaulted on 1.18,
for different versions open the pack.mcmeta file and change "pack_version" to:

7 (for 1.17);

9 (for 1.18.2).

Thank you so much for downloading!

If you encounter any bug, let me know please (I'm a solo data-pack-er so I have limited testers... myself).
In the archive you download, there are different version with one which says: (Current).
That is what you should extract to the datapack folder, the others are just older versions.

Also if you feature this pack somewhere, please let me know! I would love to see what players think of it!

Join The Bakery!
CreditDukelo - The Land Of All Above (Map), Looty20 - Ideas and concepts, Faited - Something, Tristan(MrClassicT) - Being supportive
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17
toMinecraft 1.18

11 Update Logs

Update v11 : by KooriKitsune38 05/08/2022 4:21:07 pmMay 8th

Fixed conflicts with WorldGen and Dimensions folders.

Sorry for the trouble!

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06/26/2022 5:03 pmhistory
Level 3 : Apprentice Mage
Lord Tyrian
Lord Tyrian avatar
I found some thing about a "Qwuthal Dimension" in the code and after a quick google search I found a now-dismantled Imgur album with a picture of what I assume is a dungeon generator Here.
Where these plans you had and are you going to go forward with them?
06/25/2022 3:35 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Amogus_NIK avatar
And how to fly? I jumped and pressed Shift and nothing worked.'
06/17/2022 12:09 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
cyber_llama avatar
why wont it work i make the hell wand and jump on the the thing with crying oby but nothing happens
06/26/2022 4:58 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Mage
Lord Tyrian
Lord Tyrian avatar
Are you in the nether? you have to be in the nether for it to work.
06/01/2022 7:57 am
Level 1 : New Miner
cutecatalina_mc avatar
is there any umbrella data pack to avoid the sun burning problem?
05/27/2022 3:09 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Fox2009 avatar
yeah but yeah , yeah man
yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah boy
it's a cool datapack

the best
05/12/2022 5:57 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
elmotheasian avatar
is there a command to turn you instantly?
05/20/2022 10:10 am
Level 40 : Master Artist
KooriKitsune38 avatar
/function v.pack:vampirism/transformation/go.vampire
04/04/2022 9:26 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
bithtrnerff avatar
it just wont work. like, at all. I tried on 1.18 and 1.18.2 but neither worked, wenever I crafted the hell wand nothing happened. i reloaded and tried new worlds. nothing works at all.
02/21/2022 2:03 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
jashobeam avatar
dosetnt work i cant trasform into vampire
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