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Xylo's Rpg Classes [Magic, Spells, Powerfull Abilities and Much More]

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Required Resource Pack
xylo_datapacks avatar xylo_datapacks
Level 39 : Artisan Modder
This datapack REQUIRES Xylo's Utility Datapack to work:

This datpack adds to the game different classes with their own abilities and items.
> All the usefull information about this pack are written inside of the spoilers below.
> Crafting recipes are inside the spoiler of each item (If images don't appear wait a bit).

To change class at any time use "/trigger settings" and press [​OK] beside the "Change Class" voice.

Custom Crafting Table
Xylo's Rpg Classes [Magic, Spells, Powerfull Abilities and Much More] Minecraft Data Pack

To get the Custom Crafting Table put a crafting table inside the crafting grid. Pick up the item, and you will get the Custom Crafting Table.

Xylo's Rpg Classes [Magic, Spells, Powerfull Abilities and Much More] Minecraft Data Pack

Stamina is used to activate abilities.
Stamina regenerate by itself at the rate of 5 points per second.
Haste effect will increase the regeneration rate up to 25 points per second.

Xylo's Rpg Classes [Magic, Spells, Powerfull Abilities and Much More] Minecraft Data Pack

Energy is used to activate abilities.
Energy regenerate over time (1 point per second) if you have more than 18/20 hunger points (the same criteria as health regeneration), untill it reaches your energy capacity. If your energy exceeds your energy capacity, then it will dissipate at the rate of 1 point per second
Every class has his own energy capacity.


Overshiled is an extra protection that blocks incoming damage.
As long as you have at least 1 overshield point, you get 100% damage resistance, but getting damaged will deplete your overshield points.
Without any armor, 1 overshield point will shield you from 1 point of damage.
if a high damage hit destroys your overshield, it will get disabled for a short time, preventing any overshield regeneration.

Mind Protection

Mind protection is your only defence from mind attacks, such as mind controll spells.You have three points of mind protection, the first two are naturally regenerated, the third one is only obtainable through abilities.While standing still you will have both your mind protection points, while walking you will lose one, and when running, jumping or getting damaged you will lose both.As long as you have at least one of the three mind protection points you will be protected by most mind attacks.


The two class abilities of a warlock are really simple but very usefull:
Arcane Knowledge I: Allows the warlock to use spells infused into items. [​Read: Warlock>Spells>Infused Spells]
Arcane Knowledge II: Allows the warlock to access the energy of gems infused into items. [​Read: Warlock>Gems>Infused Gems]

Infusion Altar

This altar uses blaze powder as fuel to craft and infuse spells and gems

Spells Crafting

1) Type Selector: the item inserted in this slot changes the type of the spell
  • Rotten Flesh: slef
  • Snowball: projectile
  • Glass Pane: ray
  • Quartz: beam
  • Ender Eye: homing
2) Effect Selector: the item in this slot changes the effect of the spell. [​Read: Warlock>Spells>Spells List]
3) Aoe Modifier: placing gunpowder in this slot, turns the spell to aoe. The seconds of duration of the aoe is euqal to the number of gunpowder minus one.
4) Power Modifier: placing glowstone in this slot increase the power of the spell.
5) Drain Modifier: placing nether warth in this slot modify the spell so the cost of the spell will be paid by the targhet.
6) Curse Modifier: placing redstone in this slot turns the spell into a curse.
7) Fuel Slot: place blaze powder here to craft the spell.

Spell Types
Self: the spell will target the one who casted it.
Projectile: shoots a projectile that will give the effect of the spell to the entity hitted. This type of spell has a small splash effect that will target the three nearest entities in a two blocks radious from the point of impact.
Ray: shoots an instant ray that will travel up to 30 blocks, appling the spell to the first entity hitted.
Beam: shoots rays untill you stop holding the right-click button.
Homing: a slow projectile that will follow the nearest entity.

Spell Modifiers
Aoe: it will create a big spherical aoe cloud that that will target all the entities inside of it two times per second. The duration of the cloud is the number of gunpowder, used in the crafting, minus one.
Power: will increase the spell's power in different ways depending on the spell's effect
Drain: will make the target pay the cost of the spell. if the target has not enugh energy, the spell will not be activated. if the target has enough mind protection points, the cost will be sent back to you.
Curse: the effect of the spell will be applied to the target over and over untill the curse is broken (each player can have only one curse active at the time, and each entity can suffer the effect of only one curse at the time. A new curse will override the previous one). Curses can be broken by activating the same spell again while sneaking, or by using the curse breaker item. Untill a curse is broken, it will drain energy and stamina from the one how casted it.

Infusing Spells

1) Item Slot: place here the item you want to infuse with the spell.
2) Spell Slot: place here the spell you want to infuse in the item.
3) Type Selector: leve empty to make the infused spell be self type. Insert flint to make the spell target the hitted entity (works only for swords, axes, bows and crossbows).
4) Fuel Slot: place blaze powder here to infuse the spell in the item.

The way an infused spell activates depends on the item it is infused into. [​Read: Warlock>Spells>Infused Spells]

Target type spells have a target icon beside the spells'effect in the item's lore.

Gems Crafting, Upgrading and Energy Transfer

1) Diamond: place here a diamond.
2) Nether Star: place here a nether star.
3) Fuel Slot: place blaze powder here to craft the gem.

1) Gem: place here the gem you want to upgrade (or the item with the gem infused in it) .
2) Nether Star: place here a nether star.
3) Fuel Slot: place blaze powder here to upgrade the gem.

Upgrading a gem will increase the energy it can store inside itself. [​Read: Warlock>Gems]

Energy Transfer
1) First Gem: place here the gem you want to transfer energy to (or the item with the gem infused in it) .
2) Second Gem: place here the gem you want to withdraw energy from.
3) Fuel Slot: place blaze powder here to transfer energy between the gems.

Infusing Gems

1) Item Slot: place here the item you want to infuse with the gem.
2) Gem Slot: place here the gem you want to infuse into the item.
3) Fuel Slot: place blaze powder here to infuse the gem into the item.

If an item has already a gem infused in it, you won't be able to infuse another gem in ti.
A gem infused inside an item will automatically transfer its energy to you while you hold or wear the item. The flux of energy will stop when you reach your energy limit. [​Read: Warlock>Gems>Infused Gems]


Spells are the main weapons of a good warlock.
There is a great variety of spells you can cast, and some of them work really well when used together.
Casting a spell is very simple, just craft the spell with the Infusion Altar, and then right-click the spell.
Before you use any spell make sure you have enough energy, else the spell won't be casted and you will get some negative effects due to the lack of energy. [Read: Energy]

Spells List
Note: most of the spells will have effects not only on entities, but also on the blocks where they activate. So if you miss your target when casting a lightning spell, the lightning will be casted on the block where the spell lands on.

Effect Spells
This type of spell gives an effect to the target
  • Fire Resistance [​magma cream]: gives this effect.
  • Hover [​feather]: makes you levitate at the same height.
  • Invisibility [​glass]: gives this effect.
  • Jump Boost [​rabbit foot]: gives this effect.
  • Night Vision [​golden carrot]: gives this effect.
  • Poison [​spider eye]: gives this effect.
  • Regeneration [​ghast tear]: gives this effect.
  • Slow Falling [​phantom membrane]: gives this effect.
  • Speed [​sugar]: gives this effect.
  • Strength [​blaze powder]: gives this effect.
  • Water Breathing [pufferfish]: gives this effect.
  • Weakness [​potato]: gives this effect.
  • Wither [​wither rose]: gives this effect.

Other Spells
This type of spell has all sort of different effects
  • Blink [​ender pearl]: teleport in the direction you are looking.
  • Cut [​diamond axe]: destroy blocks minable with an axe.
  • Dig [​diamond shovel]: destroy blocks minable with a shovel.
  • Explosion [​tnt]: summon a explosion.
  • Instant Damage [​bone]: damages the target.
  • Instant Health [glistering melon slice]: heals the target.
  • Lightning [​lightning rod]: summon a lightning.
  • Mine [​diamond pickaxe]: destroy blocks minable with a pickaxe.

Mind Spells
This type of spell if very powerfull, but you have to make sure that your target has no mind protection.
  • Absorption [​nether wart]: steal the the target's energy.
  • Confusion [​red mushroom]: gives nausea and blindness.
  • Death [???]: kills the target.
  • Mind Attack [​amethyst shard]: Remove and disable one mind protection point. This is the only mind spell that will work even if the target has mind protection.
  • Mind Shield [​iron helmet]: garants you the third mind protection point.
  • Paralysis [​chain]: stops the target in place.
  • Disarm [​anvil]: makes the target drop the item it's holding.

Infused Spells

Thanks to the Infusion Altar you can also infuse spells into items.

infused spells will be casted in a different depending on the item you infuse them into:
Sword, Axe, Generic items: hitting an entity.
Bow, Crossbow: shoting an arrow.
Helmet, Chestplate: every ten seconds (while wearing the armor piece).
Leggings: sneaking twice quickly (while wearing the armor piece).
Boots: jumping while sneaking (while wearing the armor piece).

Why is this usefull? well let me explain:
By infusing spells you can make your arrow summon lightning where they land, or you can make your sword poison your target, or even heal yourself after every hit.

- if you infuse a spell, using flint, in a sword, the target you hit will suffer the effect of the spell.
- if you infuse a spell, without using flint, in a sword, when you hit a target you will suffer the effect of the spell.
- if you infuse a spell, using flint, in a bow, the target of your arrow will suffer the effect of the spell.
- if you infuse a spell, without using flint, in a bow, when you shoot an arrow you will suffer the effect of the spell.

Now use your immagination and chose the best spells to infuse in your equipment to become the stronghest warlock.


Gems are what make a warlock really powerfull. They can store huge quantity of energy that can be withdraw at any point in time.
To store energy in a gem sneak and right click while holding the gem. To withdraw the energy just right click while holding it.

In the gem's description you can see how much energy is stored, and below that are written respectively the quantity of energy withdrawn and stored with each activation (withdraw | store).

Every time you upgrade a gem, the capacity will double.
You can craft and upgrade gems inside the Infusion Altar.

Infused Gems
A gem infused inside an item will automatically transfer its energy to you while you hold or wear the item. The flux of energy will stop when you reach your energy capacity.
For example if you infuse a gem into your chestplate, the energy inside the infused gem will be automatically transfered to you when you need it.

To infuse a gem inside an item use the Infusion Altar.


While wearing the full armor set you get three abilities:
Energy Collector: Doubles your standard energy capacity.
Expert Warlock: Spells require half the energy and stamina to be casted.
Energy Armor: Use your energy to generate up to 50 points of overshield (the process will stop if your energy is less than half of your energy capacity).


This beverage is highly energetic and will fill your hunger bar. By drinking it you will gain 30 energy points, and get haste effect for a short time.
An hidden power of Faelnirv is that it will cure you from any curse.

Faelnirv should be a central piece of a warlock equipment, because it will save you more times than you can imagine.
For example if you cast a spell that requires more energy than you have, you will get stuck with an empty hunger bar and a debuff that prevents you to regenerate energy (not even gems will save you if you have a red energy bar). In this situation by just drinking this beverage, your energy and hungher will be restored at the same time.

Curse Breaker

Right clicking this item will end any curse you casted.



Advanced Movements
: Enanched speed, no fall damage, ability to double jump, wall run and climb walls.
Fortified Mind: Uses stamina to regenerate the third mind protection point when it gets depleted by mind attacks.

Hunter Blade

This blade feed on your opponents' energy. By hitting a target you drain from it as much energy as half of the damage points of your blade. This energy will be absorbed by your blade increasing its damage.
Be aware that at every hit a small portion of the energy, stored in the blade, is released, so hitting target that have no energy left in them, will only deplete the energy stored in the blade thus lowering its attack damage.

Hunter Daggers
Daggers are the support weapons of Hunters.

Support Dagger

This dagger allows you to block incomming hit by holding down right click (like a shield).
When held in your left hand it will give you +50% attack speed.

Demon Dagger

This dagger has two abilities.
Spectre [when in mainhand]: holding right click will make you faster and invisible (it will temporarily remove your armor to make you completely invisible). When you activate this ability you will receive 5 seconds of regeneration and resistance.
Demon [when in offhand]: holding right click will greatly increase your speed and give you jump boost.
Activating this dagger's abilities requires Stamina.

Hunter Jump: Is a super jump that you can perform thanks to the high speed given to you, by the demon dagger, when you let go right-click. To perform an Hunter Jump make sure that you are holding the sprint key (ctrl) before letting go right-click. Then let go right-click and jump (it might take some time to get used to the timing, but after that they become pretty easy to do).
Holding the dagger in the left hand will make your Hunter Jumps higher and longer.

Fire Dagger

Throwing Knife: By clicking and then letting go right click you will throw this dagger, inflicting huge damage to you target.
If you hit an entity with whis dagger, it will come back to you.
if you hold right click, some flames will start appearing arround you, throwing the dagger now will create an explosion.
Activating this dagger's ability requires Stamina.


While wearing the full armor set you get three abilities:
Hunter Sight: Sneaking will make some particles appear around you in the direction of the three nearest mobs and three nearest players.
Cloack: Gives you invisibility so your name tag is always hidden.
Restless: Converts energy into stamina.


Warrior Skin: Doubles your health, increase your knockback resistance.
Unstoppable: Converts stamina into energy and overshield (up to 50 points).

Warrior Sword

The damage of this sword matches the energy of the one who wields it (from 5 up to 25 dmg points).
The sword by itself is not that strong, since the energy capacity of a warrior is only 10 points, making the sword deal only 10 damage. What makes this sword powerfull is the Fury ability (that comes with the armor), that will garant you extra energy during combat.
Charged Attack: Right-click while holding the sword to use. The standard charged attack consists in throwing the sword.

Rings are powerfull items that will garant you some abilities.
Each ring modifies the charged attack of the sword if you hold it in your left hand.

Fire Ring

This ring will garant you fire resistance as long as you keep it in one of your hands. It can be also used as a flint and steel.
Charged Attack: Cast a flame that will burn the path in front of you, exploding upon hitting the ground. Every entity hit by the flames will get slowness.
Activating this ability requires Energy.


Warrior Bow: Your arrows will go further and deal more damage.
Energy Shield: Senaking twice quickly will generate a 2x2 blocks shield in front of you in the direction you are looking at. The shield last for 5 seconds. Activating this ability requires Energy.
Fury: Gives you energy (even over your energy capacity) every time you kill a mob or hit/kill a player.


/trigger settings : opens in the chat the settings page

Change Class: click Ok to change your class
Hunter Double Jump: turn on/off the double jump ability (only for yourself)
Hunter Wall Run: turn on/off the wall run ability (only for yourself)

/function xylo_rpg_classes:give/warlock/all : gives all warlock's items
/function xylo_rpg_classes:give/hunter/all : gives all hunter's items
/function xylo_rpg_classes:give/warrior/all : gives all warrior's items
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18

2 Update Logs

Update 1.1.8 : by xylo_datapacks 05/17/2022 9:30:27 amMay 17th

> Fixed a bug with healing spell
> Balanced effect spells cost

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05/28/2022 3:58 am
Level 1 : New Miner
SebbyDebby avatar
I'm having an issue where whenever I try to craft spells, it's not letting me take the Spell it crafted on the Infused Altar.

Do I have to do a specific action or just simply take the item in the center of the altar slot(this is not working for some reason)?
05/28/2022 8:32 am
Level 39 : Artisan Modder
xylo_datapacks avatar
To craft spells, gems and any other altar recipe, you have to put in the altar a single piece of blaze powder in the fuel slot
05/28/2022 11:19 am
Level 1 : New Miner
SebbyDebby avatar
I have done that as per the instructions, it's showing the item in the middle but whenever i try to get it, it gets stuck on that slow
05/28/2022 3:38 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Modder
xylo_datapacks avatar
Yes. You don't have to pick up the item when it is in the middle slot. The item in the middle slot is there just to show you what spell you are going to crat.
To craft the spell, you have to put one (and only one) blaze powder in the fuel slot (the slot below the one in the center)
05/26/2022 11:51 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Calebpogi avatar
I have an issue, whenever I choose a class I immediately cannot see nameplates or nametags of players and mobs and they cant see mine too. I've tested and my friend who didnt choose a role retained her nameplate. And also I cant change class, after clicking ok it just shows me some other settings and nothing related to the roles.
05/27/2022 2:45 am
Level 39 : Artisan Modder
xylo_datapacks avatar
The only way for a datapack to hide the nametag is to make a player join a team, and this datapack does not use teams at all. Moreover i'm using this datapack in a server and it all works fine, so the issue might be caused by another datapack.

Same thing about the setting thing. Clicking "ok" just set the "settings" scoreboard to a fixed value, and when that value gets detected, the datapack runs the change class function from the player. So i can't see why it shouldn't work (and as said before, i'm using this datapack and it all works fine)
05/27/2022 4:59 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Calebpogi avatar
does the datapack have any known issues with other datapacks?
05/27/2022 9:02 am
Level 39 : Artisan Modder
xylo_datapacks avatar
I can't say. It all dipends on how other datapacks are coded.
05/27/2022 4:05 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Calebpogi avatar
how may I remove it from my world since I found it very op, I tried disabling it with /datapacks disable and I cant load my world anymore
05/27/2022 9:21 am
Level 39 : Artisan Modder
xylo_datapacks avatar
i Know that this datpack ended up being much more op then i hoped, and that is why i'm working on another rpg datapack with a skill system, custom mobs with increasing difficulty, and most of all the abilities will be way more balanced.
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