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Zombie Classes

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    Awij126 avatar Awij126
    Level 12 : Journeyman Network
    Don't like those old and boring zombies?
    Well, here are those zombies but with different classes!

    New zombies like the:

    • Swordskull - Has more attack than defense
    • Microskull - Is a baby and much faster than its zombie counterparts
    • Fastskull - A zombie that is fast.

    have come to life!
    It's as easy as throwing rotten flesh on certain blocks!
    (like ice or diamond block)

    Now it's time to say hello to those zombies! They're waiting for you!
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18
    toMinecraft 1.19

    1 Update Logs

    The Beginnings of the Zombie Era : by Awij126 05/17/2022 10:55:09 pmMay 17th

    Here is what was added to the game so far:
    New Zombies:
    • Swordskull (throw rotten flesh on cobblestone) - more attack than defense
    • Swordskull II (throw rotten flesh on mossy cobblestone) - more attack than defense
    • Shieldskull (throw rotten flesh on stone) - more defense than attack
    • Shieldskull II (throw rotten flesh on deepslate) - more defense than attack
    • Shieldskull III (throw rotten flesh on iron block) - more defense than attack
    • Shieldskull IV (throw rotten flesh on diamond block) - more defense than attack
    • Waterskull I/II (throw rotten flesh on sand/gravel) - a zombie immune to drowning + speedy
    • Fireskull I/II (throw rotten flesh on netherrack/magma block) - a zombie immune to fire + speedy
    • Fastskull I/II/III (throw rotten flesh on any kind of ice) - a fast normal zombie
    • Microskull I/II (throw rotten flesh on red/brown mushroom block - a fast baby zombie
    • Microrider I/II/III (throw rotten flesh on ancient debris) - rides other mobs and inherits their properties

    That's basically what's there for now. Have fun summoning and playing with zombies!

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