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    "Real" Minecraft
    I primarily play bedrock these days, but for a long time i played java. i got bedrock bc it was free for windows 10 players who had java before 2018 or something, and i found that it lags a lot less on my computer than java does.

    anyways i have no disdain for anyone who plays bedrock or pocket edition etc. i think its great that mc is available for multiple platforms c:

    i also dont care if u play on peaceful or easy bc in the end minecraft is a game to enjoy and make your own. in fact for a while i used to only play peaceful, but i no longer do ^^

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    ||✧ Hey, I'm Simon and I make Star Trek skins! ✧||

    | love Star Trek, I love minecraft, and I love art, so here I am combining all three!

    I've been playing minecraft since 1.7 beta, tho I'm a very causal player who likes building houses and exploring new biomes more than serious survival or multiplayer games.

    Deep Space Nine is my favorite Star Trek series, especially for the wide variety of unique and likeable characters. I also like Voyager and the Next Generation. I've seen some episodes of the original series, but not as many.
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    Please note:
    - I do not currently have my skins posted anywhere else (let me know if you see them reposted)

    - Please don't make minor adjustments to my skins and post them (you may take inspiration, but if there are large chunks of unchanged/similar pixels you haven't changed enough. Of course making the same character is okay, just not in my style)
    My Skin Approach
    When making skins of characters I generally try to use the characters most common or iconic outfit/hair style if they have a multitude of appearances. I may go back and make alternate looks for a character, but initially I won't make any duplicates unless the character shows up in two different series (ex. Worf and O'Brien)

    I also try to include a title in front of the characters names (like doctor or captain), but this is based purely on memory so they may be not 100% accurate, and the character may also not be referred to with a title in the show according to my memory. I also tend to chose more iconic titles than technical ones.
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    Seven of Nine (starfleet uniform) Star Trek Voyager
    Counselor Deanna Troi (starfleet uniform) Star Trek TNG
    Steve Minecraft
    Major Kira Nerys (white shirt) Star Trek DS9
    Chief Engineer B'elanna Torres Star Trek Voyager
    Kes Star Trek Voyager
    Seven of Nine Star Trek Voyager
    Commander Chakotay (first officer) Star Trek Voyager
    Tom Paris (Pilot) Star Trek Voyager
    Ensign Harry Kim Star Trek Voyager
    Commander Tuvok Star Trek Voyager
    Captain Kathryn Janeway Star Trek Voyager
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      November 8, 2020, 8:51 am to Public
      characters i have left: b'elanna, nelix, kes, borg queen, maybe some voyager kids? idk. after voyager i may do some alternate outfits for some characters
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      October 20, 2020, 7:54 am to Public
      ill do scotty and sulu and that will be it for the tos skins i do :3 (ill then move onto voyager)
    •  avatar
      August 17, 2020, 7:54 am to Public
      My activity may start to slow down, I'll be starting school soon and a single skin takes me ~3 hours to do, but I'll try to keep doing them. I still do plan to do voyager and some tos skins ^^
    •  avatar
      August 15, 2020, 9:19 pm to Public
      i think i have finally finished all of the tng and ds9 nine skins i want to do, im actually not entirely sure what ill do next but i do plan on doing more skins ^^
    •  avatar
      August 12, 2020, 1:06 pm to Public
      made some mild edits to outfits of characters i wasn't satisfied with, and now i think ill make a few more characters from ds9 before going on to tos
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    the top gif looks like some cool space phenomenon youd see on tng/ds9 if it had better graphics i love it so much im glad i found it
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