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homeWelcome to the Household Items Mob Skinning Event!

We're all hunkered down inside our homes surrounded by household items... let's turn the inanimate objects into Minecraft MOBS this week! Walk around your home, pick an item or five and then select a particular Minecraft mob supported by PMCSkin3D to skin. Turn a pig into a coffee table, a cow into a bunk bed, a chicken into a soap dispenser, the options are limitless except of course choosing an inanimate household object as your inspiration and your imagination itself. At the end of this event, who knows what we'll have running around our Minecraft maps.

Don't bother going outside! Here's what we do.

We're collecting all of this weeks household item themed creations and moving them together into our cozy online home. During this themed week-long event, each member or team can enter up to five household-item-themed mob skins. As long as your entries relate to inanimate house hold items in some way, whether it's furniture, fixtures, cleaning products or gaming equipment, they are welcome in our Household Item event.

Event? This means no competition, no judges and no final leader board. This event is for the pure fun of creating something together as a community! At the end of the event, each participant will receive a special award for their trophy case. Go alone, team up, roll over, it's all good.

Theme pitched by Lemilas

Alright I've skinned a Creeper into a refrigerator, now what?

First RUN! Then; submit your entry, it's going to be fine. Create something new or multiple somethings that match the theme. Upload your creation into the Mob Skin section. Upload your creation like usual but check the box indicating it's for the "Household Items Event".

To add to the event experience, we encourage you to diamond, favorite and comment on your favorite household item submissions this week. Maybe share your favorites in a wall-post or gather them into a collection! Everyone appreciates receiving positive responses to their creations.

It's a limited time event that lasts about 1 week!

Even though this is a non-competitive event, we encourage you to do your best. The event will be active for the remainder of March! Here are some tips for each category:

assignment_turned_in Rules & Guidelines

Even though this is a non-competitive event, there are a couple of rules and guidelines.

Up to FIVE entries per participant!

The event allows for any participant to enter up to five entries.
  • The standard rules of Planet Minecraft apply to any submission.
  • You are expected to enter new work. This means you cannot enter any creation that was previously uploaded to Planet Minecraft.
  • Collaborations and teamwork are allowed for this event.
  • Submissions that do not follow the theme will be disqualified.


  • If you create an entry which doesn't immediately seem appropriately-themed, be sure to explain the relevance to the theme in your submission's description.
  • You have the remainder of March, so have fun!
  • Don't hesitate to collaborate for this event, we would love to see group efforts!
  • Wash your hands!

help Any questions or contributions?

If you have a question, suggestion, comment or songs to sing about this event, join the gathering over at the official Household Items community event thread.

We are excited to see your household themed creations and hope you'll have fun turning them into mobs!

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