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We're happy to bring you the first official data pack event on Planet Minecraft! Whether you only recently discovered commands or you are an veteran Minecraft data pack engineer, this event is designed for all experience levels of the Planet Minecraft community. It's our hope that this event will appeal to members without any experience with data packs and potentially encourage dialog or collaboration between talented members that are regularly publishing and updating quality data packs.

In this event, everyone gets a chance to contribute to a community Lucky Block data pack. This might be easier than you think; with the help of a framework and tutorial series created by Bertiecrafter. All you do is change a couple lines to get setup and then focus on making "something" happen when the lucky blocks are broken. Even if you feel unsure about your skill set, we encourage you to give it a go!

All you need is an fun idea of what could happen when the PMC lucky block is broken. Let that idea motivate you to learn enough to accomplish it and the next thing you know, someone is getting lucky or unlucky enough to experience your idea! In addition, you might discover that data packs are easier than you thought. The next thing you know you'll be creating data packs completely on your own.

Let's have a look at what the framework has to offer:

playlist_add_check Rules

  1. Should be created in Minecraft 1.15 | 1.16. If you already submitted an entry, you won't be removed from the event but please follow the update guide to update your pack to the latest version. We want the final data pack to be compatible with the latest release rather than be instantly outdated. Just unfortunate timing.
  2. Only one submission per member
  3. No required custom resource packs. It won't be possible to avoid conflicts when merging all of our Lucky Block implementations.
  4. A submission can have multiple options (lucky block implementations), but keep in mind that it's all-or-nothing when it comes down to being accepted into the final data pack. We rather see fewer high-quality options than a ton of quick and dirty options.
  5. Submitted data pack must contain and be built upon the provided framework
  6. You must use the provided folder structure.
  7. You must use the provided template command in register_options.mcfunctions. No other commands allowed in that file.
  8. Make sure to use a namespace that you actually own, like your minecraft username. This prevents duplicate namespaces.
  9. Try making scoreboard objectives and entity tags (/tag command) unique, you don't want other data packs to accidentally use the same objectives or tags.
  10. Do not modify anything outside your own namespace, which is a folder originally named "steve". This also means no hooking into minecraft:tick or minecraft:load, you already have tick and load functions available in your namespace.
  11. You're only allowed to take visible actions in option implementations. This means that tick, load, uninstall and register_options functions should not output chat messages, sounds or anything of the kind.
  1. I know everyone will be thinking of finding a way to nuke a world, but don't do that. Players are allowed to die, but keep it fun. Don't spawn 100 dragons/withers, don't /kill @a or do anything else of that scale.
  2. Keep the amount of required interaction low, players should be able to move on quickly. For example, don't start a full quest system, mini-game, trivia quiz or adventure map from a lucky block.
  3. Do not globally modify anything when your option gets triggered. No /gamerule updates and don't modify the gameplay experience using the tick function. Your submission should only directly affect anything created by one of your options, not the players or the world itself.
  4. The usual Planet Minecraft rules still apply. No inappropriate content, no advertising, no stealing content or anything like that. Using other people's content even with their permission and credit is not allowed either.

How do I get enter!? Where do I start?

Head over to the official thread and follow the instructions on installing the Framework! Don't be afraid to ask for help as well as share your tips and ideas. Collaboration is encouraged in this open event and we hope that everyone has fun while learning.

The event runs for about one month!

The event will be active for the remainder of June! We encourage you to take your time, learn or push your existing skills and enter quality content! The more variety we get the more "lucky" each block variation becomes.

help Any questions or contributions?

If you have a question, suggestion, thoughts about the event, join the discussion official PMC Lucky Blocks community event thread.

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