Help! Wont allow me to install minecraft

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User3918924G started 11/24/21 10:17 pm
Lordslash2007 replied 11/25/2021 1:17 pm
I recently bought a pc rig, and did a factory reset. I can download Minecraft java for windows 10, it lets me sign in, but then when I click play now, the launcher goes blank. No files are installed to ProgramFiles64 like they're supposed to be. I've tried every troubleshooting walkthrough I can find, including
- doublechecking that I have the right version,
-checking for updates on Windows, Microsoft store, and Nvidia drivers
-restarting computer
-redownloading and installing Minecraft.
I'm out of ideas, but I'm still getting these same errors in the launcher log

  LauncherAppBrowser.cpp(73)] Will launch a Chromium subprocess with command line string: "C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.4297127D64EC6_1.0.104.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\Minecraft.exe" --type=utility --utility-sub-type=network.mojom.NetworkService --field-trial-handle=2620,8895445938076201536,9410313540771410582,131072 --enable-features=CastMediaRouteProvider --lang=en-US --service-sandbox-type=network --no-sandbox --log-file="C:\Users\c3par\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\launcher_cef_log.txt" --log-severity=info --lang=en-US --launcherui /prefetch:8

The launcher_cef_log has 2 error codes
WARNING:gpu_process_host.cc(1256)] The GPU process has crashed 6 time(s)

ERROR:network_service_instance_impl.cc(264)] Network service crashed, restarting service.

Does anyone have any idea what's happening?
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11/25/2021 1:17 pm
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Try reinstalling your Nvidia drivers and update or reinstall the drivers for your router or anything else related to your network. Also is your computer a 64-bit processing system if you don't know search up settings click settings then click system then on the left side there should be a sidebar, scroll down the sidebar then click about, then scroll down until you see windows specifications settings, then look and see if your system is a 64-bit processing system. Also did you check if you have the right VC Redist (A VC Redist is a program from the Microsoft corporation that installs files needed to run a game for example a windows 10 pro laptop will have VC Redist called Microsoft Visual C + + 2015-2019 Redistributable) If you don't have the VC Redist needed to run Minecraft then I'm not sure how to help with that. You probably don't have the right VC Redist or you don't have any at all since you don't have any files installed to ProgramFiles64.
11/24/2021 11:34 pm
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It looks like your WiFi or you have problems with Microsoft are what are causing the crash.
The other thing is that it looks like your CPU crashed, (6 times)

It also says your network crashed.
11/24/2021 10:25 pm
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they gave you a fake pc bro
11/24/2021 10:49 pm
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