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Minecraft Launcher for Windows 10 not opening.

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created 10/19/2019 11:05 am by TheLonewolfx97YT history
last reply 10/19/2019 12:17 pm
So I'm having this error where whenever I try to open the Minecraft Launcher it doesn't open. When I click the icon, there will be the little loading ring on top of my cursor for a few seconds but nothing happens after that. I have checked my Task Manager to see if it's running and I couldn't find it anywhere, so that told me it wasn't running. I've tried multiple things such as restarting my computer, uninstalling and then reinstalling both Minecraft and Java but nothing seems to work. Whenever I reinstall Minecraft, a small loading window called "Minecraft Updater" appears and it "updates" but after that nothing happens. I have a video showing what happens when I try to click on Minecraft to open it.
Please send help.

Video Showing How Nothing Happens After Clicking On The Launcher:

Edit: I apologize if the video is low quality

UPDATE: The error has been fixed.
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10/19/2019 12:17 pm
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Possibly related to

If it was up to me, maybe place any replies to the problem on that thread?

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