Datapack Ideas Needed!

Populotus8/20/22 6:26 am
10/4/2022 12:53 am
I would like to work on a new datapack that has some interesting features and that could be somehow useful, but I have no idea at the moment. If anyone could give me an idea or a tip I would be grateful!
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10/04/2022 12:53 am
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Minesweeper in Minecraft
08/20/2022 2:24 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Procrastinator
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A randomized generation of houses: You get a builder to make some three or so sizes of houses in a particular style. Then you have a randomized number of extensions, max three maybe? These could be an extending hallway, extra entrance, outhouse... etc. So when you build a city you can create random houses and place them in.
08/20/2022 1:37 pm
Level 38 : Artisan uwu
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mabye try making a data pack where axolotls turn buff when attacked! XD
08/20/2022 1:13 pm
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I'm looking for a method to simulate erosion on my spigot servers. Some of the things I'm interested in:
  • Randomized, stage based despawn of blocks. For example: stone may revert to cobblestone, which would then revert to gravel, etc. This goes until air is spawn into the block
  • Randomized Regeneration of blocks. Any instance of air that is checked would automatically respawn the originally generated block in that spot.
  • Randomization should be on a configurable amount of time that a chunk is/not loaded in.
  • Gravity on all updated blocks. Effectively check for groups of blocks that aren't connected to anything and apply gravity to those blocks. (This would cause old buildings to collapse)
  • Flowing water in rivers
  • Small water flows to start when raining based on low areas in the ground.
  • Development of flooded areas due to accumulation of water in low spaces
  • Movement of blocks that are in moving water to further downstream locations.
If you're interested in working on something like this, let me know and I'd be more than happy to work with you on it. I understand logic systems enough to explain what I'm looking for and provide some insight on how to make it happen, but I don't have much experience with actually coding or programming that information.

My discord is MrShelbyBlue#0641 just reach out!
08/20/2022 1:06 pm
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Realistic bricks, where you have to place each individual brick to make a brick wall
08/20/2022 12:32 pm
Level 24 : Expert uwu
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Every mob is violent, even to each other
08/20/2022 12:14 pm
Level 33 : Artisan uwu
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TNT spawn egg
08/20/2022 12:02 pm
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Make A GildedGuy Totem Pls!!! > : D (Bedrock)
08/20/2022 12:00 pm
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A datapack that creates skills that you level up. Imagine runescape's skill system, where you have skills for woodcutting, mining, constitution, slaying, etc. but apply it to minecraft, with a big reward for reaching certain milestones. Like as you level woodcutting, you can more efficiently chop down slightly rarer types of trees and craft new wood-based things, and at 100 you can make a fancy boat or something like that. Basically just change minecraft from a pure sandbox to a game that is built around progression.
08/20/2022 1:05 pm
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That Is actually a really good idea! I'm considering It.
08/20/2022 1:55 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
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let me know if i can help out in any way. i've been dabbling with datapack-like stuff for a few months now
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