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1/21/2011 9:16 am
This section is redundand. 95% of the "blogs" in there are forumtalk aniway so why have a frontpage section?
here are some possible solutions:

1.- That section goes and we get a blog forum.
-upside: it dissapears, no more redundancy
-downside: there actually are some good blogposts that we'd loose (I think I really saw one good post out there). Also cypress' efford making that section would be totally wasted.
this idea might not be that likely

2.- we get a blog forum and those blogs worthy of mention get displayed on the front page with a link to the forum to see the comments.
-upside: a nice community control before the blog goes real
-downside: either a pain in the ass to code or only the first post of a thread can be transformed into a blog, also I don't know how many limitations that'd give concerning images in the blog.

3.- Every new posted blog gets checked by a crew (of volunteers/mods) before posting. (this could get true for everything that gets posted, I just like quality, not quantitiy)
-upside: good content
-downside: as a blogger you would need to wait until your content is approved by a mod so your work gets published.

Personally I'd go for option 1. I really is not the hardest thing to make a Blog in the internet. Just make one on a random page and then come here and advertise it, you'd advertise it aniway. oh and if you're a good blogger you'd end up in my "check daily" bookmarks, just like The word of Notch and The Mine

so that's waht i think (should've made it a blogpost to make my point, right?)

*edit: added additional words explaining my complaint better out of boredom at 1:43 am
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01/21/2011 9:16 am
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Thanks for the suggestions. While 95% of the current blog posts may not be the quality you're looking for, I think having the formal section for blogs promotes higher quality content. The way it is setup, members who want to blog can easily attract viewers, and if they have quality posts, they will become popular and possibly inspire others to post similar content.

I deliberately avoided censoring members through an approval process to allow members the freedom to become popular on their own. The stat system will help us find quality and is a comfortable censorship tool to me since it's based on viewer activity. For the PEOPLE!

I don't see the value in changing blogs into traditional forum blogs. I think that would only hurt quality.
01/20/2011 8:18 pm
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Great idea, this would make the blog have more quality to it. I mentioned something like this to Cyprezz before.
01/20/2011 8:11 pm
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Well, the Blog section was designed for people to post good information and it is relatively new. Also, there are some spelling errors above that i think need to be corrected. The current system works exactly as intended, it is just that most people here are in the middle of some construction projects, instead of having time to do blogging. I will try my hand at writing a nice blog post later, though I am hard at work on Moria for now.
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