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Hello everyone!

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created 08/21/2019 7:17 am by hava095 history
last reply 08/22/2019 7:30 am
Hello everyone! I'm hava095, but you may call me hava or just H. :) I've been playing Minecraft for about 6 years, but only recently decided to join this website as well. Still trying to figure out how to use this, haha.

I love the creative aspect of Minecraft, and I spent most of my time building all kinds of things with a lot of details. I love to build medieval houses and castles, but I'm always up to challenging myself with new things & styles. I'm not much of a redstoner, but sometimes I may surprise myself with a secret entrance or two.

When I'm not playing Minecraft, I'm usually either making Youtube videos or watching them. I also enjoy listening to music, singing and photographing. IRL I'm a university student (hopefully graduating in December), and a programmer.

I'm also really bad at introducing myself, but I guess this was an okay start? You guys may judge me on that, haha. My inbox is always open, so feel free to message me, if you want to know more. :)
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3 replies

08/22/2019 7:30 am
Level 44 : Master Pixel Puncher
Welcome to the Community H :D
08/21/2019 5:05 pm
Level 24 : Expert Dragonborn
Hi, welcome to PMC!
08/21/2019 10:42 am
Level 24 : Expert Architect
Hi there, welcome to PMC :)

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