Legacy Edition Minigames (LEM) is a set of Legacy Console Edition minigame ports.
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    What is LEM? Legacy Edition Minigames is a set of Legacy Console Edition minigame ports, with some bonus content like remastered maps & remastered modes

    What is LCE? Legacy Console Edition are the console edition ports of Minecraft before Bedrock, LCE's minigame content was never ported to Java or Bedrock, LEM aims to change this.

    Remastered Content? LEM contains some remastered content, such as remastered item set for Battle, but most notable remastered maps, done by _JoeCool_, pastelbranches, and Ethel.

    Currently, Battle is the only port in a playable state, Tumble is estimated to arrive in 1-3 months.
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    Legacy Edition Battle
    Legacy Edition Battle Public Server
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    How can I play?
    On java edition, you may connect to battle at the IP 1.17.1 and above is recommended, but 1.16 is available in an experimental state.
    What minigames are available?
    Battle is the only game in a playable state, glide and tumble are a work in progress and tumble is estimated to arrive in 1-3 months.
    Will bedrock edition be supported?
    At the moment, it is not possible.
    Bedrock support is in a weird spot with many essential features that the server uses don't work on GeyserMC, for the time being there is a bedrock port of Battle made by Ultmate_Mario that can be found here.
    How can I support the server?
    You can support the server costs at Patreon:
    Is LEM open source?
    Yes! The source code for Battle can be found at
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