A jam converted from a legacy contest
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  • Jam Overview

    Jam is over.
    It ran from December 8, 2011 @ 5:00 pm UTC to December 22, 2011 @ 5:00 pm UTC
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    Basic Summary

    Finalists Jam accepted Skins from participants.
    Accepts only standard resolution skins.

    Read the about for more information.


    Ranked by Judges - Only members of the jam assigned with judging permission can vote.
    Entries can't be updated during the judge phase.
    14 day entry period.

    Rating Criteria

    1. Creativity & Uniqueness
      Rate how original and creative the entry is in its conception.
      Rated 1 to 5
    2. Technique & Execution
      Rate the level of skill demonstrated with the creation of the entry.
      Rated 1 to 10
  • About

    Converted Legacy Event

    This event was converted from our old contest and event system into our new jam format for historic preservation. Some details may be confusing in the new jam context.


    Contest Theme

    Inanimate Objects! Chosen by the PMC community contest poll.

    The theme of this contest will be inanimate objects otherwise known as objects that show no qualities of an active, living organism. You're giving them life through creativity. This will prove that anything can be a great skin!

    Here are examples of exciting inanimate objects! Psst. They're exciting because of !

    • Spoon!
    • Pool Stick!
    • Phone!
    • Coconut!
    • Pine Tree!
    • Hammer!

    • Eraser!
    • OMG a Lamp!

    Soooo many options, choose wisely, apply generous dose of creativity and soon inanimate objects will flood servers around the globe. Muhahaha. Oh the humani.. hilarity! Factions of dinnerware vs house hold appliances. Why!? Because we can.

    1. Create Original Characters.

    You should not have a problem with this but your submission should be something that you came up with entirely on your own. It is perfectly acceptable to be influenced by something, but do not model or name your submission after someone else's concepts.

    2. Skins must be new and made for this contest.

    No copies, re-posts, or old skins created before the contest's announcement date will be accepted. This includes:
    Copies of default textures from the minecraft.jar - That means no Steve skins!
    Existing texture packs or mods, even if you are the original author.
    Existing member submissions, from this site or others, including your own galleries. Give us something new and fresh, please!

    3. Skins must be valid, use-able character skins.

    This is a contest for player skins only. Please do not submit mob skins, villager skins, or anything but the format expected for the player model. Skins with transparent portions have not worked since minecraft Alpha. Make sure that your skins are COMPLETELY filled out. No skins with transparent portions will be accepted.

    4. Submit something you made.

    Skins that are obvious remixes, recolors, or blatant copies of other people's work are not acceptable. Your entry will be deleted, and you will be disqualified from the contest if you are found to be submitting stolen work.

    Using skin-making tools such as SkinCraft, NovaSkin, or MinerShoes is not the same as making a skin yourself. Keep in mind also that, when using those applications, you are copying from a library of 'parts'. Several of those 'parts' were taken from talented skinners without their consent, and as such, skins containing those parts are considered stolen art. Those entries will be disqualified, and potentially deleted from your account.

    5. One entry per person.

    Each user will only be permitted to submit one skin for this contest. You may edit your one entry as long as the contest is still running. If you decide to change your submission at any point, you are free to do so. However, you should not delete your original entry. Instead, use the "update submission" button to save the new file over your old one, and change the submission title if necessary.

    6. The contest will run for two weeks.

    Post dates must be made after today's date, Dec. 8th 12PM EST. The contest will end about two weeks from today, on Thurs, Dec. 22nd. 12PM EST Skins submitted after the 22nd will not be accepted.

    7. Take your time, and make it fun!

    Give your skin some character! Give him/her a name, and maybe a backstory. Give them some defining characteristics. Make it unique and awesome! Remember, you have two weeks to do this. You don't need to put something up right away - and even if you chose to, you're allowed to update your submission as many times as you want before the final close date of the 22nd 12PM EST.

    All of the normal rules of the site still apply in this contest.

    Do not rush yourself to get something in immediately. This contest is not a random drawing - the submissions are judged by a panel of longstanding members with a great deal of experience in making Minecraft skins. It will not help you to submit anything less than fantastic, so take your time. If you notice that other users have submitted something better than yours, edit and update your own submission to make it even better!

    Submit a skin like usual but check the box indicating it's for the contest.


    1st Place

    • (1) Creeper Head -
    • (1) Minecraft Foam Pick Axe -
    • A Contest Themed, Gold, Pixel Art Trophy for Member's Profile Trophy Case.
    • Profile Featured on PMC - 1 Week.

    2nd Place

    • A Contest Themed, Silver, Pixel Art Trophy for Member's Profile Trophy Case.
    • Profile Featured on PMC - 1 Week.

    3rd Place

    • Contest Themed, Bronze, Pixel Art Trophy for Member's Profile Trophy Case.
    • Profile Featured on PMC - 1 Week.

    All Participants

    • A Contest Themed, Pixel Art Badge/Medal for Member's Profile Trophy Case.


    If you do not know how to make skins, or have an idea but have never attempted it before, here are a few things you should know.

    1. Skins must be saved as a .PNG file. No other file format will function properly.

    2. Even though .PNG files support transparency, Minecraft does not. Any portions that are even partially transparent will show up as pitch-black when used in-game.

    3. The most popular tool for editing Minecraft Skins is MCSkinEdit, an application developed by a user named Swedman. You can download it from the official forums post, here. You will also need the previewer, which you can download
    here or here.

    You may wish to use a more advanced editor for certain effects. GIMP and are free applications that will give you access to better tools for editing.

    4. If you need help or want some tips for making nice skins, Studnicky wrote a step by step guideline for skinning. You may find it here.

    Halucid, another fantastic skin maker, recorded the entire process he goes through to make his skins, using GIMP and MCSkinEdit. You can watch the video here.


    Here is a list of the current submissions.


    Judges will be encouraged to participate, but will be disqualified from winning prizes.
  • Jam Entries

  • Jam Results

    During this jam, 1,131 entries were submitted between December 8, 2011 @ 5:00 pm UTC and December 22, 2011 @ 5:00 pm UTC.
    1,261 ratings were given to 96 finalists between December 22, 2011 @ 5:00 pm UTC and January 7, 2012 @ 5:00 pm UTC.
    The average number of ratings per entry was 13.00 and the median was 13.
    • The Great, Red Gumball Machine
      Minecraft Skin
      156.3k 40.4k 540
      coldfeets's Avatarcoldfeets 2/17/12 11:30 • posted 12/11/11 9:36
    • Ranked 1st for overall jam
      with a score of 12.923 out of 15 from 13 ratings.

      CriteriaRankedScore*Raw ScoreMax
      Creativity & Uniqueness1st4.3084.3085
      Technique & Execution2nd8.6158.61510
      Overall Score1st12.92312.92315
    • Incandescent - Contest skin
      Minecraft Skin
      7.9k 549 120
      wldscarlet's Avatarwldscarlet 12/13/11 11:48 • posted 12/10/11 6:54
    • Ranked 2nd for overall jam
      with a score of 12.462 out of 15 from 13 ratings.

      CriteriaRankedScore*Raw ScoreMax
      Creativity & Uniqueness3rd4.0774.0775
      Technique & Execution3rd8.3858.38510
      Overall Score2nd12.46212.46215
    • Christmas Nutcracker
      Minecraft Skin
      3.3k 241 41
      Neekingtime's AvatarNeekingtime 12/18/11 5:28 • posted 12/8/11 2:56
    • Ranked 3rd for overall jam
      with a score of 12.423 out of 15 from 13 ratings.

      CriteriaRankedScore*Raw ScoreMax
      Creativity & Uniqueness20th3.5773.5775
      Technique & Execution1st8.8468.84610
      Overall Score3rd12.42312.42315
    • Tropical Island
      Minecraft Skin
      6k 777 107
      Blender's AvatarBlender 5/29/12 10:18 • posted 12/17/11 3:33
    • Ranked 4th for overall jam
      with a score of 11.769 out of 15 from 13 ratings.

      CriteriaRankedScore*Raw ScoreMax
      Creativity & Uniqueness12th3.7693.7695
      Technique & Execution4th8.0008.00010
      Overall Score4th11.76911.76915
    • Renegade Watercooler! (Contest Skin)
      Minecraft Skin
      3.2k 221 26
      stugace's Avatarstugace 12/8/11 2:34
    • Ranked 5th for overall jam
      with a score of 11.769 out of 15 from 13 ratings.

      CriteriaRankedScore*Raw ScoreMax
      Creativity & Uniqueness4th4.0774.0775
      Technique & Execution6th7.6927.69210
      Overall Score5th11.76911.76915
    • Inside a smoker's packet - Contest Skin
      Minecraft Skin
      1.4k 20 39
      quickysky's Avatarquickysky 12/21/11 3:52
    • Ranked 6th for overall jam
      with a score of 11.692 out of 15 from 13 ratings.

      CriteriaRankedScore*Raw ScoreMax
      Creativity & Uniqueness5th4.0774.0775
      Technique & Execution8th7.6157.61510
      Overall Score6th11.69211.69215
    • Fireplace [7th In Contest] With Chimney and XMAS Ornaments
      Minecraft Skin
      2.1k 101 26
      Sneeze7's AvatarSneeze7 12/13/11 8:58 • posted 12/12/11 3:33
    • Ranked 7th for overall jam
      with a score of 11.500 out of 15 from 13 ratings.

      CriteriaRankedScore*Raw ScoreMax
      Creativity & Uniqueness8th3.8853.8855
      Technique & Execution7th7.6157.61510
      Overall Score7th11.50011.50015
    • The Grandfather Clock [contest entry]
      Minecraft Skin
      2.3k 294 34
      fantasyhound's Avatarfantasyhound 12/8/11 12:52
    • Ranked 8th for overall jam
      with a score of 11.462 out of 15 from 13 ratings.

      CriteriaRankedScore*Raw ScoreMax
      Creativity & Uniqueness19th3.6153.6155
      Technique & Execution5th7.8467.84610
      Overall Score8th11.46211.46215
    • Sneaker (Gumshoe) - Contest Entry
      Minecraft Skin
      1.4k 57 53
      Elijah_Blu's AvatarElijah_Blu 12/10/11 5:02
    • Ranked 9th for overall jam
      with a score of 11.346 out of 15 from 13 ratings.

      CriteriaRankedScore*Raw ScoreMax
      Creativity & Uniqueness2nd4.1154.1155
      Technique & Execution12th7.2317.23110
      Overall Score9th11.34611.34615
    • My Guitar {Contest Skin}
      Minecraft Skin
      3.1k 205 20
      Enmah's AvatarEnmah 12/11/11 8:07 • posted 12/10/11 2:19
    • Ranked 10th for overall jam
      with a score of 11.038 out of 15 from 13 ratings.

      CriteriaRankedScore*Raw ScoreMax
      Creativity & Uniqueness14th3.7313.7315
      Technique & Execution10th7.3087.30810
      Overall Score10th11.03811.03815