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    So basically, I quit making skins around February 2017. Mainly because of all the PMC updates, and just general loss of interest.

    - I hate the PMC skinning community. Everyone is a twelve year old girl, or gay boi who makes generic teen skins. IT IS NOT the fact that im someone who didn't get attention and therefore turns to hate writing, i genuinely think that's its a really toxic place for people who either don't start off with friends, or are not interested in making generic teen

    - finally, shout-out to Rivanna who I think is the best skinner on this site & did not join the dark side of generic teen skins

  • my impression of everyone here

    " hi,,,my name is ____, im 12 years old which makes me an adult and i IdEnTiFy As bIsExUaL... payyyy attention to meee. im gayyy....i make trashy skins and somehow get 200 diamonds,,,, haha lol xD even though i just had friends here in the first place,,, i didnt gain followers they're just my irl friends. also let me tell you about my friends in my pmc bio"

    or how bout

    " My Life Is A Lie **{ Please Read Desc}** "

    you all are fake 12 year olds pretending to be be cool.

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